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Amnex Infotechnologies: Cross-Domain Visualization with Data Science, IoT and Communication

Tapan Gosaliya,Co-founder & Director

Tapan Gosaliya

Co-founder & Director

The rapid transformation of industrialization, from production to data and digitization is shifting the dynamics amongst AI, and IoT. Individually, neither AI nor IoT are an industry within themselves. Yet when combined, these hold huge potential to alter the future landscape of industrialization. The amount of data being mined and rapid growth of connected devices and technologies continue to expand. Analyzing within the deluge of performing and non performing data is best handled by AI and ML. Headquartered in Ahmadabad, Amnex (erstwhile Infinium Solutionz), a tech product organization utilizes IoT, AI, communication network and data science enabled with IoT for cross-domain visualization. Working on the fact that intelligence is natural which needs channelizing through logic, mathematics and trends, Amnex improves its solutions based on Natural Intelligence. The company has a four layered Natural Intelligence building where data acquisition and census on the ground makes the first layer. The second layer is to establish an efficient, quick and secure communication for data analytics. The third layer identifies and utilizes the furnished data into proper channels. Amnex’s data management identifies the data trend in executable manner and the products improvise the algorithms by themselves. The last layer handles dissemination of information to government agencies and private sectors through web applications and mobile applications. The company engages with its client on a long term basis with mobility, GIS and IoT

products in three major domains..

Reducing the Technological Gap
Starting 10 years ago and focusing primarily in oil and gas sector, manufacturing, Amnex realigned itself to urban solutions, Mining, Marines and GIS solutions making IoT as the harbinger. Amnex’s urban solutions comprise public transportation, smart parking, waste management, street lighting, and adaptive traffic controls. Engaging with many municipalities and other stakeholders, Amnex offers solutions to various cities with master system integrators.

Amnex’s data management identifies the data trend in executable manner and the products improvise the algorithms by themselves

Under mining, Amnex has a two layered solution for this sector. The first is governance layer in mining sector that works in tandem with state and central government to enhance policy implementation and bring transparency at every level.The second layer is to work with lease holders of miners in India and abroad to improve productivity. Amnex with its inpremise and cloud solutions connect people of different departments and improve the data operation and monitor excavation, planning, safety, fuel management at remot locations. Incurring major cost implications in equipments, mining sectors need effective digging strategies, best planning and proper knowledge of digging localities. These are generally planned through advanced software that scan huge isolated mining space and gather data which are basically difficult to monitor. Fuel and human management are some of the other core areas where data analytics save cost and increase safety. “A failed technology is a sunk cost that is averted with various IoT sensors, automation and real time location system in RLTS”, says Tapan Gosaliya, Director and Founder, Amnex. With its RTLS program Real Time Location

System; any asset is tracked within a localized or open area. ML improves the asset tracking at an accuracy of 2m. The RFID based inventory management system is integrated on SAP at the backend.

For marine sector, Amnex proffers yet another two layered solution. The solution brings in e-governance in ports, helping policy makers, operators and the structure in itself. The second layer brings in automation at various operations of ports. Finally, the GIS solutions cut across different verticals.

Amnex brings in customized solutions using GIS, LIDAR, Re¬mote Sensing, and Drones. The 3D BIM model of Amnex uses GIS for advanced capabilities in BIM area. Unlike in past, where data was shared with engineering team and planners, the recent systematic sharing in a 3-D layer channelizes vast data in an advanced way.

Leveraging IoT in Agriculture
Amnex’s four layered IoT,communication technology, data science and visualization assists sectors across various domains. In agriculture, the introduction of various key government Insurance schemes has resulted in mismanagement due to lack of authentic proof to be claimed by the farmers. Non-existence of any full proof data storage and scientific claims have made Remote sensing, automation and analytics becoming vital to help release compensation at the earliest. Amnex generates data from primary and secondary sources. The primary sources are high resolution satellite images working with ISRO(India),Canadian and American space companies to generate bulk data. Primary data source also comprises of weather data, agriculture input and seeding data. Where as secondary data source is the historical data generated using various mobile apps and collaboration with farmers. The quantum and quality of crops to be grown and the type of crop to be grown strengthens the vision of GoI initiative of doubling farmer income by 2022. In all these capacities, Amnex is all set to incorporate IoT as its background with sensors to track assets along with solutions in major sectors.

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