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Asti Infotech: Serving Diverse Customer Needs based on Machine-to-Machine Communication

Sunity Choudhary,Co-founder & COO

Sunity Choudhary

Co-founder & COO

As smart city has become a global phenomenon, there has been increasing deployment of intelligent networks of sensors to connect with smart cities in order to derive insights on traffic information and road safety conditions. Organizations often encounter complexities while developing sustainable and flexible smart city mobility solutions within the existing infrastructure. Based out of Bangalore, Asti Infotech Private Limited offers business solutions integrating GPS, RFID, Bluetooth and NFC technologies. The organization’s customizable solutions are keen towards meeting the diverse requirements of multifarious business industries such as transportation, education, insurance, retail, and banking etc. The company has delivered highly valuable products with remarkable user experience backed by a knowledgeable and dedicated team.

The proliferation of mobile technology in transportation has immensely affected the modern commuting trends, especially in taxi industry and corporate transport. The penetration of mobile devices has drastically changed the way users interact with devices giving them access to more travel options and real-time status. Speculating this, Asti Infotech facilitates effective fleet management solution that ensures timely and accurate information on fleet operation. The company's Asti Fleet Management (AFM) tool is designed for

corporate providing transportation to its employees. The platform renders vehicle location tracking, fuel & speed management, roster planning and route optimization using latest technology in a single dashboard. Asti Fleet Management(AFM) enables detailed real-time information for intelligent fleet management thereby assuring convenience for transport managers.

Committed to innovate and encourage new ideas, the Asti team endeavours to drive in better customer experience, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency

In addition to this, the solution provides access to information related to the employee who uses cab at odd hours while enabling driver management and employee safety measures. With its alarm and panic feature, the user can notify transport admin and emergency contacts, followed by sending GPS co-ordinates for immediate action. The need for secured, timely and efficient cab booking facility has become a mandate and has changed the dynamics of safety for commuters. Hence, one can put a request if he/she is entitled to and can track the office transport’s present wait location. On parallel, this solution makes sure that the escort has boarded and whether it is in alignment with the mandate.

All the Tagged Data in Real Time
As vehicle detection plays a crucial role in providing secure transportation, with its proven expertise in tool tracking, Asti Infotech exploits Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to keep a track of fleet movement. Given the conflicts between the commuters and cab drivers, the RFID scanners read tags embedded in the I-cards records the entry time and GPS location. The

RFID tags automatically inform the corporate admin whether the employee has boarded or deboarded thus resolving a major setback associated with safety. “This makes the overall process sophisticated while making it more secure by avoiding misuse of corporate transport” adds Sunity Choudhary, Co-founder & COO, Asti Infotech.

With this enhanced level of connectivity, fleet operators need to harness data in real time in order to optimize operations. They look forward to a solution that manages control, track and improve traffic congestion through traffic monitoring and offer other transportation efficiencies. For this, the operators need to store data that becomes invaluable to future fleet performances. In order to meet these requisites, Asti stores the real time data in database to develop any kind of analytics on usage that can further help plan better for enhanced employee satisfaction. As explained by Sunity, the RFID deployment in the healthcare industry has brought in efficiencies of functions such as improved utilization of valuable resources, enhanced patient care and optimized workflow. While embedding RFID chip to track doctor’s time spent and their movement within the premises, the solution eliminates human dependencies thereby boosting visibility to increase efficiency and productivity.

Committed to innovate and encourage new ideas, the Asti team endeavours to drive in better customer experience,reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. Asti Infotech puts RFID and GPS technology to its best use and integrates similar APIs to make office commute shorter, safer and secured. The organization intends to extend its offerings to government transport thereby assuring enhanced visibility and transparency. Leveraging its domain expertise in RFID and GPS technology, Asti Infotech works towards providing an advanced ecosystem for the development of new mobility services.

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