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Avaya: Redefining of Experience of Business Communications

Vishal Agrawal ,Managing Director - India & SAARC

Vishal Agrawal

Managing Director - India & SAARC

California based Avaya builds open, converged and innovative solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration in the cloud, on premises or a hybrid of both. The India lead for Avaya gives a walk through about the industry and Avaya’s positioning at large.

In conversation with Vishal Agrawal, Managing Director-India & SAARC, Avaya

As communication and the workplace as we know it continues to transform, there’s more to empowering your workforce than giving them a desk phone and a headset. Tell us how Avaya is doing things differently.
We have been a turnkey enabler in both, Unified Communication and Contact Center space. But over the last few years, the whole domain has literally transformed. The adoption of digital channels has sky rocketed significantly with mobility becoming the norm. Unified Communication or Telephony has transformed into collaboration. Call centers have moved into becoming experience centers. The team work has turned more towards intelligent communications. Technologies are no more a matter of respective adoption, but have now evolved into consumerization. This implies, now, consumers decide how they want to consume or utilize any technology. We are at the crux of this very interesting shape shift in the technology world, wherein we are leading the pact to help transform the customers’ journey. about how you make the communication mode more pervasive, intelligent,

seamless, customizable according to customers’ specific business requirements and also pay heed to the price point. And this is how we’re serving a plethora of market segments with varying requisites and leading the transformation.

The adoption of digital channels has skyrocketed significantly with mobility becoming the norm

In terms of the technologies introduced in this industry, how has employee collaboration changed over the years?
It’s a very interesting and pertinent question. If the employee collaboration is in discussion, it is crucial to throw light on the factors that drive its collaboration transformation. First factor is defined by whether the employee that a firm hires plays well socially or personally to stay connected and work. Second factor is defined by the infrastructure availability in terms of the connectivity or network coverage. Third factor involves the organization’s ingenuity to have transformed the business over the years and the fourth and most important factor is how the organizations evolve and emerge to introduce new products and solution to the market to cater to the various needs of diverse industries. With rapid advancements in the lifestyle of people catalyzed by technology, a lot of channels got picked up like Internet, social media, 4G etc. For organizations looking towards enabling mobility for the workforce, it became a prerequisite to establish a corporate experience similar to the mobile workforce’s personal or social experience.

What kind of solutions and services Avaya has been offering at every phase of the changing business requirements?
We have a cloud based complete collaboration solution which can allow you to collaborate within the organization and externally as well. We have very sophisticated collaboration

solutions on premise too. The kind of devices which we have launched in the market is extremely sophisticated but very easy to implement, install and make it operative. For instance, the one which we have launched recently is a collaboration unit, which is a Huddle room solution compatible on television or any other display unit. Being an android based application, it can collaborate with any back end application, empowering user to convert any normal room to a conference room in 3-4 minutes. That is the kind of instant digital transformation we are bringing in for organizations world wide. Our whole collaboration platform on cloud, and the whole devices ecosystem, both are very cost effective and are easy to manage and sustain. This surely makes us lead the pack. More so, we are constantly working to design our solutions capable of getting up & running within a day. Thus, we’re in a position to introduce few very radical transformative changes in the collaboration space.

What is the strategy for future and what promises in terms of advanced collaboration tools can your clients bargain on in the near future?
We have great expectations from the Indian market, and therefore our key focus in terms of geography would be India. This includes laying strategies for growth enablement, enhancing the channel ecosystem and increasing the sales workforce in India. I think there's a great opportunity and there is a lot of transformation, due in the government sector, BFSI segment, eCommerce, and BPO. I think we will continue to drive and lead these transformations. We also believe in the startup culture of India. It has a great potential in terms of innovation and therefore, we intend to partner with them. Though young & small organizations, they're highly technology savvy and I think with Avaya’s unique product solution and a backing of strong stability of products and leading innovation at a price point that they need, such startups gain a very formidable opportunity to grow in the market. That's the way I see, let’s just say, it an exciting time for us.

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