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Cloud Connect Communications: Enabling Enterprise Communication by Regulating Cloud

Vidhu Nautiyal,Chief Product Officer

Vidhu Nautiyal

Chief Product Officer

CloudConnect Communications is a DOT licensed Virtual Network Operator (VNO), based out of New Delhi, that is dedicated to offer comprehensive and mobile first Business Communication Systems which include PBX system, Business IP phone service, and Unified Service and Collaboration for small businesses. CloudConnect enables firms to ‘communicate faster, and collaborate smarter’ within an ecosystem using Cloud Based Voice Platform. Vidhu Nautiyal, Chief Product Officer at CloudConnect shares how the company work towards to transform the way enterprises communicate and collaborate.

In conversation with Vidhu Nautiyal, Chief Product Officer, CloudConnect Communications

Consumers now have more choice over which communication channel to use, and enterprises are starting to feel increased pressure to leverage new tools in order to provide a high level of customer service. What kind of products and services does CloudConnect Communications offer to clients to make best use of their resources?

Today, enterprises are not looking at standalone communication, collaboration, and workflow automation tools. They are not only looking for one-stop-shop but also one-stop-solution. Business communications are not only meant for simple interactions, rather they should enable businesses to

deliver truly delightful experiences. That meant for simple interactions, rather they should enable businesses to deliver truly delightful experiences. That is the reason why our mission statement is ‘Communicate Smarter and Collaborate faster’. Cloud Connect’s services which include Unified Communications, Cloud PBX, Work Flow Automation,and Programmable Communications via APIs along with other VAS are designed to meet the increasingly complex needs of today’s business communication. One of our offering,‘Mobile PBX+’,is an UCaaS solution which is simple to use, manage, and monitor business communication. It is a complete suite of all-in-one solution encompassing calls, chats, and collaboration, specifically designed to make enterprise communication effortless. Our full stack solution is backed by rock solid network architecture and a team of experts who provides efficient customer service.

CloudConnect enables firms to ‘communicate faster, and collaborate smarter’ within an ecosystem using Cloud Based Voice Platform

In an age where choices are plenty and customer loyalty is unheard of, a good customer experience goes a long way in building stickiness. How does CloudConnect Communications deal with these challenges?

Customer retention is vital in sustaining a healthy business in an age when your competitors are just a click away. There is great reward for delivering good customer experience. It is evident that every business relation typically starts with shared values, and we at Cloud Connect ensure delivery of our core values along the host of services for developing customer relationships.

When your customers feel comfortable, they are more inclined to remain with you. Also, when it comes to effective customer service, small changes and personalization can have a big impact.

We believe in making our customer feel that they have made the right choice both immediately before and after their purchase. Caring is the most powerful marketing strategy and we want to keep this as our basics.

Share us one of your successful implementations that has earned significant recognition in the industry.

Being a startup, it was a challenge to build a good reputation about the company. We implemented our solution in Roam1 Telecom, an international SIM cards provider, where we had successfully transformed their entire communications from wires to wireless. By moving away from wired solution to a cloud based mobile first solution, they have increased their productivity to a new level. The solution has provided them the flexibility and mobility for their employees, and all this with a carrier grade secured enterprise communication.

Where is the company headed in the years to come? Is there any future innovation goals planned for the company?

In the coming years, we are planning to grow ourselves as a company/startup,which would be dedicatedly working towards communication needs of small and medium enterprises, and transforming the same with new innovations. Our future innovation goal is an integrated UCaaS and CPaaS solution for small enterprises, so that they can avail a one click solution for an integrated workflow automation and communication suite. To this end, we will integrate with most of the leading workflow automation products as well as provide customers with integration tools for their custom built solutions.

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