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Briskinfosec Technology and Consulting: Robust IT Security Backed by Decade Old Expertise

Arulselvar Thomas,Founder & Director

Arulselvar Thomas

Founder & Director

Chennai based Briskinfosec is a decade old global organization offering top notch information security services, products and compliance solutions to customers. The firm has achieved great success providing information security consulting to industry leaders, both in the Asia-Pacific region as well as in the other parts of globe. The Founder & Director, Arulselvar Thomas tell us why the firm has been able to hold up such reputation on the global level.

In conversation with Arulselvar Thomas, Founder & Director, Briskinfosec Technology Consulting (P) Ltd

The absence of proper cyber security infrastructure can lead to huge risks for both business and individuals if sensitive data about an enterprise gets leaked. How is Briskinfosec positioned in such a crucial and competitive cyber security market?
Yes! The fact that a small amount of data exposure could compromise the business of an entire enterprise and individual is absolutely true. Hence, in this digital age of fast growing and evolving cyberattacks, for securing clients data, Briskinfosec doesn’t recommend traditional cybersecurity solutions using automated tools and premium products. First, we understand our client’s requirements right from the scratch and after an in depth analysis of their needs, we devise the right and customized cybersecurity strategies and implement them for eliminating the vulnerabilities from the root channels. Apart from this, we use our indigenous security tools that adds additional layer of security depth. Also, we enlighten our clients about the right cybersecurity practices that must be followed for staying secured against the constantly evolving threats.

How does Briskinfosec bring a complete visibility to the IT infrastructure to avoid possible cyber threats from attacking?
One thing with which Briskinfosec is proud about is our steadfast growth

through intense R&D each and every day. One such lucrative output of it is our LURA security management portal that tells the complete visibility of an organization’s threat landscape. This is not meant to manage security projects alone but is also for compliance, end point security, individual staff awareness, red team and blue team assessments and much more. Deploying various security shields like Firewall, IDS and other security devices doesn’t mandatorily provide the best security. Instead, you can opt for our opulent cyber security solutions for enhancing your security shields and securing your businesses.

Briskinfosec is proud about is our steadfast growth through intense R&D each and every day

Tell us about your OSINT service that comes under cyber intelligence assessment.
All enterprises predominantly focus on improving their businesses and clients and thus are unaware or almost have no time to check the security flaws that exist in their security environment. Few organizations have their own security teams and yet, security vulnerabilities arise, with insider threats and lack of awareness being the predominant factors of it. Further, there’s a misconception among many employees of every organizations that their company isn’t hacked and their data is 100% safe. But, that’s so far from the truth as ‘no data is 100 percent secure’. And hence, to showcase the data exposure of a company, our OSINT reports come into play. They serve their beneficial purpose by indicating where and what the exposed sensitive data are, with the right POC’s. Further, we caution the respective organizations about the possible threat vectors that’re bound to strike them due to these flaws. And once when they give their nod, we start our security assessments for eliminating the vulnerabilities.

Could you please tell us about any successful implementation that has made a great impact on Briskinfosec’s reputation in the market.
Oh, yes. It’s absolutely a pleasure to share one of our intriguing security challenges with you.

Till now, Briskinfosec has performed successful security assessments for over 500+clients. Each and every experience of it is memorable and fresh even when relished now.

Amongst those, the most memorable one is the electronic security assessment done recently for a US based largest electronic manufacturer. The device tested was a RF transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx). Over 55 percent of electronic companies globally use this company’s components. That company wanted to perform security assessment on that device and decided to get a proper cybersecurity organization onboard. Surprisingly, they’d known one of our other clients and it was their positive feedback about ust that made them to approach us. Initially, we sat together, listened to their requirements and after a detailed discussion, Briskinfosec started to analyse the RF device layers in depth. When we tested the deepest layers, we figured out that there were problems even in their deepest layers and also in their critical area. Our client was initially shocked with such vulnerabilities revelation as many companies who’d done testing on this device previously reported that no flaws existed. Further, we eliminated these issues one-by-one by implementing the appropriate layered security solutions. They deeply appreciated us for our untiring efforts that we put in to make things right. From then, they’ve become one of our clients. This was truly one challenging but amazing experience on recent time.

What have you conceived for the future of Briskinfosec in the years ahead?
There’s a saying act smart in the present for a better future. In accord to it, Briskinfosec envisions a better future. To attain it, Briskinfosec regularly keeps broadening it’s horizons through active research on security issues daily, and in developing the best possible mitigation measures against such. Now, apart from security assessments, compliance and source code reviews, we’ve now progressing ahead by offering the Zero Trust Framework (ZTF) implementation and most advanced SOC security solutions for our clients. Apropos to it, we are researching on providing security solutions even for renewable energy sectors and automobile sectors (that’s currently facing a plummet) for addressing the most complicated cyberthreats. Further, we’re actively collaborating with leading Insurance companies to build proper cybersecurity insurance for every organizations economically. Last but not the least, we’re focusing in providing the right cybersecurity awareness to people with a greater commitment towards accomplishing it, in the times ahead. With this great platform I Thank all my teammates, Clients and partners for the extraordinary support and dedication.

We are dedicated to cybersecurity, not for business, but for passion.

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