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  • Dr. R K Thomas, Founder

    Dr. R K Thomas, Founder

  • Undertaking Penetration testing for all is the need of the hour to solve security threats and be on relatively better footing. Offense is the best defence I picked up while serving in the Defense forces. Penetration testing is a series of activities under taken to identify and exploit security vulnerabilities. It helps confirm the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the security measures that have been implemented. Our methodology of penetration testing includes three phases: test preparation, test and test analysis. The test phase involves information gathering, vulnerability analysis, and vulnerability exploit.

  • Technopilot: A Train of Security Solutions

Need for a Safe Haven for Businesses

By: Emmanuel Christi Das, Editor

Accelerated digital innovation is a double-edged sword that cuts

Cyber Security: One of The Most Important Infrastructures in A Company

By: Harish Kohli, MD and President, Acer India

The dawn of this age is a testament to the digital revolution that

10 Most Recommended Cyber Security Solution Providers - 2019

The Faster the Better: Why Effective Cybersecurity Management Depends on Rapid Response to Threats

By: Jaipal Kolapurath, Regional Head (India-West), Paladion Networks

Prevention is better than cure." Two decades ago, the cybersecurity domain diligently


Organizations need to mandate investments to upgrade their security

By: Mehdihasan Naqvi, Head IT, Otis India

Companies need to have a broader view of security to create a management


Securing Global Crown Jewel Applications

By: Shankha Mukherjee, VP - Global Application Delivery, Schneider Electric

One of the key things that are on every CIO's daily agenda is cyber-security.


Secure Your Digital Space

By: Chander Sharma, Head IT, Accutest Research Laboratories

The study found that most APAC organizations


A Digital Journey - Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social and Security

By: Kapil Mahajan, CIO, Safexpress

It's a known fact now that the Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social and Security


Security Strategy is Now Part of Tech Strategy and Not an Afterthought

By: Vikas Arora, Chief Transformation Officer, IBM India & South Asia

IBM recently announced a study conducted in association with


Benefits of having a Security Operations Centre

By: Dr. Makarand Sawant, Senior General Manager - IT, Deepak Fertilisers And Petrochemicals Corporation

Cybersecurity is the protection of internet-connected systems, including hardware, software

  • 10 Most Recommended Cyber Security Solution Providers - 2019

    Technologists, security analysts, and risk managers commit themselves daily in measures and strategies that are required to obliterate cyber threats and shield the IT infrastructure from potential cyber attacks. The digital transformation of the global business model has drawn a compelling impact over the type of services they provide to the customer, but at the same time has accelerated the apprehension over the increasing cyber threats. In the global scenario, the data breach numbers have been skyrocketing and pushing enterprises to renew their cyber security protection across numerous business dimensions. The enterprise spending on cyber security products and services in India is estimated at INR 11,500 crore during 2018, which is an increase of 12.5 percent from 2017. The Indian government has put regulations at desk to mandate deployment of IT security for data, and is anticipated to ascend the demand of cyber security across industry verticals. India’s cyber security market for product and services are estimated to project a growth of USD 35 billion by 2025. Indian business ecosystem has been witnessing the rapid adoption of cloud and IoT technologies parallel to the emerging networking trends like Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization. This is making enterprises more to worry about the complexities pertaining in the data security, IT and network infrastructure, and security regulation and compliance. Some of the key enterprise security product segments constitute integrated risk management software which is currently exhibiting a growth rate of 26.6 percent, data security with 12.4 percent, infrastructure protection with 11.7 percent, identity and access management having 10.9 percent, and network security equipment with 10.3 percent. The demand for organizations to stay alert, understand the risk profile, and remain proactive with the defence has received greater attention. Therefore, a distinguished panel consisting of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts including CIO Insider’s editorial team have evaluated the top companies in this bubble and shortlisted the ones that have set benchmarks in the way corporate treat and manage people. We present to you “10 Most Recommended Cyber Security Solution Providers”.

10 Most Recommended Cyber Security Solution Providers - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AAA Technologies AAA Technologies Anjay Agarwal, Chairman & Managing Director A provider of auditing and consulting services in the area such as IS Audit, Information Security, IT Assurance & Compliance and IT Governance.
Briskinfosec Technology and Consulting: Robust IT Security Backed by Decade Old Expertise Briskinfosec Arulselvar Thomas, Founder & Director Offers security services through SAP security testing, CRM security testing, Cybersecurity, API Security, Secure Code Review, Information Security Consultant, and IoT Security.
Genext Business Solution: Eliminating Cyber Attacks through VAPT Processes Genext Business Solution Prakash Tiwari, Business Head Enables Network Gate Way Level Security, End Point Security, Software Solutions, and Surveillance Solution.
Gigamon Gigamon Sachi Sambandan, Sr. VP, R&D Provides network visibility & analytics for digital apps and services across physical, virtual & cloud infrastructure.
Hicube Infosec Hicube Infosec Mukesh Choudhary, Founder & CEO Delivers services around Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing, Online Malware Scanner, Information Security Trainings, and Cyber Crime Consultancy.
HumanFirewall: Catering Path-Breaking Cyber Security and Information Security Innovations HumanFirewall Ankush Johar, Director A full-service network & security integration and engineering firm,providing complete infrastructure security solutions for commercial and government clients of all sizes.
RAS Infotech: Empowering Businesses to Identify and Address Next Generation Cyber Threats RAS Infotech Shams Islam, Country Manager Renders complete Network Security & Network Management solutions and information security management products.
Secugenius: Cyber Security as a Solution and Service Secugenius Dr. Vaibhav Adhlakha, Co-Founder An IT Risk Assessment and Digital Security Services provider, focusing on cybercrime, data protection and security risks.
Skybox Security: Shielding Business Data Using Visibility and Context Skybox Security Rahul Arora, Regional Director – India & SAARC Facilitates Security Analytics, Firewall Auditing, Network Auditing, Threat Intelligence Management, Attack Surface Visibility, Vulnerability Assessment & Management, and Attack Simulation.
TechnoPilot: A Train Of Security Solutions TechnoPilot Dr. R K Thomas, Founder A provider of IT security services that include penetration testing and network security for small business.

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