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Genext Business Solution: Eliminating Cyber Attacks through VAPT Processes

Prakash Tiwari,Business Head

Prakash Tiwari

Business Head

Genext is an enterprises security authorized partner that gives complete range of solutions in cyber security domain. The company headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu offers endpoint security services where they run the tool on to the systems as well as networks, thereby enhancing the overall business functions and stimulating their progress. Prakash Tiwari, Business Head of Genext gives an overview on how Genext caters its services in the cyber security domain.

In conversation with Prakash Tiwari, Business Head, Genext

Big IT firms and infrastructure vendors have joined hands together and working hard to counter the cyber threats. Security ensuring products are outdated for their unsatisfactory efforts to mitigate unknown threats. Tell us how Genext is positioned in this crucial market?
Genext has been in the market for the past five and half years. We deal with all kinds of SMEs in diverse markets including ITITES, Industrial & Manufacturing Sector, Banking Sector and BFSI. We are a partnered member of FortiGate solution of Fortinet and a global partner of Nemesis Security Service of Canada. By offering end-to-end security solution on the security front and cloud solution, we take care of assured backup and storage solution. Genext exercise services on VAPT and endpoint security solution, and study the business IT atmosphere. Genext ensures to cater solutions that secure

enterprises’ atmosphere from phishing and other cyber tracking.

Layered security has become a standard procedure for preventing the current generation of security attacks. How do you deploy network gateway security measures to block potential threats?
When we approach organizations with a solution, insights on the previous case studies are provided along with solutions to make them aware of the situation. After running a vulnerability assessment test, we generate an audit report that is shared with the organization. Furthermore, if necessary we suggest double layer security that clubs endpoint security and gateway level security. Every enterprise customer has a firewall, in which we give a walkthrough on how to tune, manage and be proactive with the firewall activities. Genext has a team of 9 members, each well versed and certified in VA. We send our engineers to different organizations in order to study and find solutions to their cyber security atmosphere for the challenges they face.

Genext exercise services on VAPT and endpoint security solution, and study the business IT atmosphere

In every part of an organisational function, IoT plays a significant role. Newer technological adaptations need updated solutions for issues associated with it. How does Genext bring innovations to mitigate new issues?
The most common type of cyber attacks happening today is engineered through phishing, drive-by attack, password attack, and man-in-the-middle attack. The primary level solution what we provide is VA that could avoid any kind of Ransomware attack in the customer network. We ask clients to make sure that their employees do not

access any open source Wi-Fi which can be a possible vulnerable access point. Not just alarming them, but why it should not be used, how to stop it, and how it can be resolved are also explained to the clients.

Kindly share one of your implementation stories where Genext has helped an organization in overcoming the cyber attack successfully.
One of our clients who are into an industrial sector as well as hotel industry was recently hit by Ransomware. The cyber criminal tracked the mail ID of one of their customers and sent an email with an infected file to the organization’s IT manager directly. The IT manager unfortunately opened the file without being aware that it is a threat file. As soon as he opened the file, the complete data/information from the servers was captured by the Ransomware. We ran a VA and gave an endpoint security solution. Likewise, Genext equips organizations with a complete solution through various services like endpoint security, VA/VM, or DLP activity.

The cyber security domain has become ever competitive, and what future does Genext behold in the same?
We are working to bring a single solution for the customers that include DLP, VA and VM clubbed together in order to give them a single license, in a way they can access a one-stop solution for everything regarding cyber security. We are trying to become the most favourable company for complete cyber security solutions in India.

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