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Business Brio: Driving Business Excellence through Data Science

Gautam Banerjee,, Founder & MD

Gautam Banerjee,

Founder & MD

Industries currently are undergoing reindustrialization to improve competitiveness. These industries recognize that Industry 4.0 will be mostly categorized using IoT and Data Science or Data Analytics. Kolkata headquartered Business Brio (a division of GBSM Consulting Private Limited) is a NASSCOM and CII member company focused on Business and Social Development Analytics for such industries. The company is involved in end to end data analytics encompassing everything from operation's excellence programs focussed on optimizing the bottom line, to data science projects focussed on top line and quantitative market research services as well. Business Brio is the recipient of NASSCOM Analytics Innovation award for the year 2015 and has been short-listed by RedHerring as the finalist in top 100 Asia Companies in 2017.

Enterprises today are in constant pressure of improving profit margins by correlating and aggregating data that got piled up over years through ERP/CRM/SCM implementations. The company specializes on the advanced statistical and computing algorithms like machine learning, forecasting methods for verticals like telecom, BFSI, retail, utilities, transportation, infrastructure, energy, core manufacturing, government and social sectors. Business Brio frequently goes into partnerships with premier research institutes of the country namely-IIT and Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) for exploring research based solutions for niche problems from the industry. The

afore mentioned NASSCOM accolade in analytics is the recognition for a research project that Business Brio embarked with ISI to predict wind energy for a Dutch company where the general methods of forecasting failed.

Being an exceptional, adaptive, and purpose-driven framework, it fits the dynamic nature of the service operations’ discipline

Seamless Excellence in Operation
Business Brio's OMP framework is a combination of approaches, parameters and tools that help develop and operate scalable efficient and agile business operations thereby delivering immediate and long-lasting value. Being an exceptional, adaptive, and purpose-driven framework, it fits the dynamic nature of the service operations’ discipline. In a venture driving operations excellence through data analytics, Business Brio was entrusted with a project by one of the biggest producer of pig iron and ductile iron pipes. The company produces more than 700K tonnes of pig iron annually and was on a look out to find a solution that can optimize their bottom line of operations. Upon encounter, Business Brio equipped the producer with the relevant tools and techniques. Following that, this client was enabled with statistical controls for preventive as well as predictive models for uninterrupted operations starting from sinter plant, metal blast furnace to the centrifugal casting.

Prominent Involvements in Data Analytics Projects
As the digital world becomes more complex, leadership teams become increasingly dependent on analytics to help guide actions and decisions. This data analytics player has worked for one of the largest and fastest growing retail organization to understand the demand, feedback and the competitive perception of their brand without

market survey intervention. This was done through advance semantic algorithms for social media analytics.“We truly believe that market research,operations excellence and analytics work actually cannot work in silo for any large corporate”, illustrates Gautam Banerjee, Founder & MD, Business Brio. Business Brio's engagements in a plethora of turn key projects do not seem to end. Business brio takes pride in having been involved with one of the largest market survey opportunity in India for the steel plants in 2014-15. It had nearly 30,000 respondents across eleven steel plants of India and was executed to understand the employee satisfaction across both blue collar and white collar job profiles. This project was involved for the Prime Minister's Trophy for Steel Plants in India in that year.

Similarly, the company is performing customer analytics for the third largest telecom provider in EMEA region since 2015. This helps the clients to understand their competitive advantages, pricing models and mitigation strategies around the challenges in the market.

The success of Business Brio lies behind core management’s 60 plus years of rich experience that spans across fortune 500 companies like GE, Accenture, Infosys, AC Nielson, Ducker Research, Fidelity and the likes; across the regions of the US, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia.

Having acquired an edge in the market as a niche company in the field of data science, Business Brio emphasizes on providing engagement platforms for various brands of varying sizes across geography. For this, the organization is focused to render a customizable analytics framework that will expedite the execution timeline of such projects. Business Brio also plans to bring to the table, a unique analytics product that would exclusively cater to a particular domain and will prove to be a game changer for the current market landscape.

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