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'Datametica: Big Data, Expertise, Experience,

Parashuram Bastawade - Associate Director Delivery, Anand Deshpande - Associate Director Delivery,Deepak Badhani - Head Delivery & Niraj Kumar - CTO

A customer-facing retail giant somewhere in the US posed a very unique and challenging requirement. The firm wanted to convert the voice calls recorded at the customer service desk to text and then perform sentiment analytics on that text. Datametica, the Pune headquartered Big Data ace-class player built a speech-to-text engine for the client to capture the sentiment of the conversation in the data. Datametica team analyzed the unstructured business data generated from their Customer Service Desk, including chats, emails and voice calls and evaluated a solution to capture the sentiment of the conversation in the data in terms of anger, sadness, fear, surprise, trust, anticipation, disgust and joy.

Data and information are increasing rapidly; the growth rate of the information is already humongous and soon to become unpredictable. Modelling and visualizing is one of the major aspects of analytics and so to match pace with the present growth rate of data, one really needs to understand the intricacies of it as a whole. At this juncture, Datametica has achieved par excellence in Big Data architecture, Advanced Analytics and Big Data Operations. Practising their specialization amongst global organizations, Datametica provides a fast and reliable integration of Hadoop and related technologies into enterprise operations. This is purely credited to the Datametica team that is composed of highly experienced Hadoop, noSQL and Spark solutions architects, engineers, Big Data and Open Source veterans. Datametica is a unique team of passionate data players helping organizations bring order to the Data chaos and derive Deep Science Insights in an automated manner. With decades of experience in the data space, this organization’s leadership board works closely with clients to drive innovation, operate the business and deliver as per their needs. Evident from testimonials by reputed clients, Datametica is recognized throughout the world as a knowledgeable team with one of the most mature and reliable architecture and implementation methods. The company in focus is attributed as the original pioneer of the enterprise data hub/lake concept, dated back to more than 8 years. The unique strength lies in the ability to identify the right use cases with a long-term vision. To catalyze this, Datametica is in possession of strong products engineering studio around Big Data technologies and Analytics.

The objective aligns to open significant opportunities for individuals who engage in forward-thinking, innovative, and ready to take smart & calculated risks to gain professional experience in product engineering quickly.

Datametica Services
Modern Governed Data Platform: Integrate all Enterprise Data (Structured + Un Structured Data Sources) in a clean canonically structured Single Point of Truth for consumption by all users and analytics systems.

Legacy Data Migration: Methodically and automatically migrate to highly scalable, future proof platforms and architecture on Cloud and on-premise

Data Science and Advanced Analytics: Unlock any size or type of data into dynamic, deep learning actions. Deep insights and actions in any level of complexity. Develop, deploy and run self-learning models,complex relational and non-relational data types and near real time solutions. Some of Data Science capabilities are:
• Optical Character Recognition Engine using machine learning
• Language Models for regional languages using complex graphical processing models
• Analytics and metadata extraction from speech/video, text and image data
• Custom Automated Speech Recognition Engine

The deep penetration of the Internet of Things(IoT)and Big Data in the global business environment has raised the need for smart Business

Analytics(BA)systems. Data is now compared to the universe in context to the scope of expansion it holds. That being the case, Niraj Kumar, CTO, Datametica explains; pulling insight from the expanding torrent of information is now a major challenge for any organization. With the increasing need of up-o-the-minute insights about every aspect of the business, Datametica’s clients have a frequent requirement of boosting efficiencies in deriving analytics from the available incoming and historical data. By tapping into customer views, analyzing data from multiple sources and enabling executives to explore data in imaginative ways, data science & Analytics turns information into a powerful business tool.

Datametica is a unique team of passionate data players helping organizations bring order to the Data chaos and derive Deep Science Insights in an automated manner

Datametica is also creating a self-service Business Intelligence platform, where users can perform analytics(digital,text, image, video etc.)on their own and gain insights via custom dashboards. Besides, Datametica has a dedicated umbrella of Data Analytical specialties needed for Data-Driven Business Optimization. The company has built a vast array of Data Science & Advanced Analytics Solutions spanning from Customer 360 and Recommendation Engines to Cross Sell analytics and Delinquency Management.

Attributes that are Game Changers
“We are confident that we have the scale, expertise, experience, flexibility and cultural alignment to better understand the overall business and IT imperatives than our competitors”,says Parashuram Bastawade, Associate Director Delivery, Datametica. And there are enough crucial parameters to the company, justifying Anil's statement. Listed few are-

Production Experience: Datametica has been consistent with robust, scalable, high performance framework solutions derived from the extensive experience in delivery of end-to-end services. The company has worked across industries to administer best practices/innovative solutions. Datametica catalyzes the unification of data science and business acumen for organizations. The company has forever stuck to the mantra of enabling clients to 'see the invisible'. “We prefer to be called 'Data Doctor's as we know the pulse of data and have championed the art of treating it to make it constructive and astute for strategic decision making”,adds Niraj.

Innovation/Improvement Focus: Datametica is constantly investing in a team of Data Scientists dedicated to ideation, innovation and exploration in the data management space to enhance our client's overall performance while helping them foster innovation within their own organizations. Our team is focused in driving pragmatic and results-driven technology thought leadership and innovation in all facets of data management.

High-Caliber Workforce/Integrated Talent Management: Datametica understands that the ever evolving complex data world requires a high-caliber workforce whose size and skill set can quickly change as per requirement. Therefore, this Data Doctor has been constantly developing a steady source of skilled resources that can funnel into their client's requirements.

Center of Excellence(CoE): The CoE at Datametica offers a combo of value creation, automation and process orchestration. It incorporates best practices in personalization and collaboration. It has a strong repository of Standardized and 'Ready to deploy' models and frameworks for complex, large scale engagements. The primary objective of this CoE is to ensure delivery of high quality application services to the customers, nurture technology champions at different levels of operations within an engagement for effectiveness, efficiency and compliance. The company's deep domain know how invested in the CoE has enabled clients to leverage the best practices and bring in added advantage based on their experience.

Home-grown Accelerators: Datametica has developed a suite of accelerators to speed up time to market and reduce risk of delivering solutions. These accelerators are deployed in client engagements to provide robust and quality solutions. We have an in house

lab for incubating competency on solution accelerators to minimize the total amount of effort and cost spent by an organization.

Datametica offers a time tested approach for accelerated development through Reusable Component repository,leveraging reference architecture, best practices, coding standards, technology framework and tools. The company’s suite of accelerators improves time-to-market, reduces risk in solution delivery, and minimizes the effort and cost.

Another client of repute, a fashion retail giant in America having 650 stores around the country were driven by highly competitive market conditions and needed to plan and design data life cycle. The client intended to establish a scalable and customizable Customer Data Platform within its own infrastructure. The objective was to reduce the total cost of ownership while gaining complete control of environment and knowledge of the processes.

To address this situation, Datametica built an in-house Customer Data Warehouse (Customer 360) using Big Data Hadoop platform and setup a governance platform to support design development of future business use cases. The company took care of the following aspects in the solution-Data Integration, Customer matching, Customer Segmentation, and Deduplication.

Datametica has continued to invest in deepening their industry-specific organizational capabilities and delivery excellence. “At Datametica, we are proud to have built a culture attuned to anticipating and understanding our customers’ needs and bringing in value adds at every step of our relationship. This has helped us attain clients across different industries like Healthcare, BFSI, Retail, Communications, Manufacturing and Logistics, etc. Most of our clients are Fortune 500 companies with distinguished track records in key sectors”, explains Niraj.

With a sharp focus on technology, Datametica has been solving complex problems for its vast network of Fortune 500 clients using NextGen technologies. The organization continuously adds experienced team members with distinguished track records in eminent sectors. For the glory years ahead, Datametica has built a roadmap of working in close partnership with clients to make their businesses stronger - more productive, profitable, and capable of capturing market opportunities - and thus equally valuable. With all the advancements surrounding, Datametica's aim remains to be the Technology Partner of Choice for forward looking customers by collaboratively transforming technology into business advantage.

Key Suites
Data Migration Suite: An automated discovery technology revealing a holistic view of data warehouse workloads, user’s activity, data pipelines, lineage and more - Suggesting agile migration sprints to rapidly deliver business value.

Components of Migration Suite:
Eagle - Intelligent and automated Data Warehouse Analysis

Raven - Workload and query converter that translates legacy SQL and other code to Open source SQL formats include data model optimization for Big Data environments

Pelican - The only continuous validation tool that validates data of any size between two separate environments without actual data

2.Data Governance (ecat):
Single platform to capture and manage Metadata, end-to-end Lineage and Data Quality across multiple data stores in both RDBMS and NoSQL databases.

Metadata Management: Analytics over Metadata and socialization across multiple data stores

Data Lineage:In-depth data flow automated capture with transformation logic through end-to-end lineage

Data Quality: Data Quality on complex business rules for large data sets

• Implementation experience across various domains

Competitive Advantage
• 25+ Accelerators for faster time to market with unique implementation capabilities
• 32+ successful Enterprise Data Lake Implementations
• 12+ Data Science & Advanced Analytics Implementations
• 8+ End-to-end fast-paced legacy modernization
• Flexible engagement Models
• Award winning Analytical models on unstructured data from Social Media

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Datametica: BigData, Expertise, Experience