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  • (L to R) Parashuram Bastawade -Associate  Director  Delivery, Anand Deshpande - Associate  Director, Delivery, Deepak Badhani - Head Delivery & Niraj Kumar - CTO, Datametica

    (L to R) Parashuram Bastawade -Associate Director Delivery, Anand Deshpande - Associate Director, Delivery, Deepak Badhani - Head Delivery & Niraj Kumar - CTO, Datametica

  • A customer-facing retail giant somewhere in the US posed a very unique and challenging requirement. The firm wanted to convert the voice calls recorded at the customer service desk to text and then perform sentiment analytics on that text. Datametica, the Pune headquartered Big Data ace-class player built a speech-to-text engine for the client to capture the sentiment of the conversation in the data. Datametica team analyzed the unstructured business data generated from their Customer Service Desk, including chats, emails and voice calls and evaluated a solution to capture the sentiment of the conversation in the data in terms of anger, sadness, fear, surprise, trust, anticipation, disgust and joy. Data and information are increasing rapidly; the growth rate of the information is already humongous and soon to become unpredictable. Modelling and visualizing is one of the major aspects of analytics and so to match pace with the present growth rate of data, one really needs to understand the intricacies of it as a whole. At this juncture, Datametica has achieved par excellence in Big Data architecture, Advanced Analytics and Big Data Operations. Practising their specialization amongst global organizations, Datametica provides a fast and reliable integration of Hadoop and related technologies into enterprise operations.

  • Datametica: BigData, Expertise, Experience

The Hype is Over

By: Emanuel Christi Das, Editor

Long before computers (as we know them today) were commonplace, the idea that we were creating an ever- expanding body of knowledge ripe for analysis was popular in academia. Although it might be easy to forget,

Big Data Analytics - Connected Cars and Digital Automotive

By: Vishal Sinha, President & CIO, TranzLease Holdings (I) Pvt. Ltd

Innovation is an integral part of technology and engineering, especially in automotive industry.

10 Most Recommended Data Analytics Solution Vendors - 2018

"You May Like..." Data - Driven Customer Experience

By: Prasad Shyam, Vice President - Insights & Data Global Practice, Capgemini

Increased competition in digital marketplaces is putting high demand on companies to increase their focus on customer experience.


Capitalize Opportunities in this Era of Data Growth

By: Vishal Dhupar, Managing Director, Asia South, NVIDIA

Data volumes are soaring to unimaginable heights. The quantity of data is doubling in size every two years and by 2020, analyst firm IDC


The Data Warehouse of the Future

By: Anup Purohit, CIO, Yes Bank

In today's digital world, data is the single most valuable asset for organizations. The large number of ecosystems assimilating all this data and analyzing it to determine the hidden nuggets are a testament


The untapped value of predictive Technology and big data

By: Nikunj Jhunjhunwala, Director - Product Management, Zeotap

Data is the new oil of the digital economy of the 21st century. Just like oil in the last couple of centuries, it has immense untapped value.


Reframe Your Core Mindset Beliefs to Meet Digital-Era Demands

By: Graham Waller, CEO India Operations & Private Funds, Ascendas - Singbridge

I t's 2020. A CIO walks into a meeting and announces the company is going out of business. What happened?


How can the organization capitalize opportunities in this era of data growth?

By: Sanjay Dutt, CEO India Operations & Private Funds, Ascendas-Singbridge

In unprecedented increase in digital evolution and the rapid pace of digital trends has accelerated the volume, speed and variety in unstructured


How IT Can Liberate AI and Empower the Organization

By: Anil Kaul, CEO, Absolutdata

It's an exciting time to be a CIO. With big data maturing into artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, massive shifts in technologies, tools and solutions are taking place.

  • 10 Most Recommended Data Analytics Solution Vendors - 2018

    The Canadian Communications Professor, Marshall Mcluhan, once opined, “A point of view is a dangerous luxury when it’s substituted for insights and understanding.” Back in 1911, the line foresaw the upcoming orchestra between data and businesses, only to be realized in current times. While data became important, real data held the reigns of success in business world. For a typical Fortune 1000 company, just a 10 percent increase in data accessibility will result in more than USD 65 million additional net incomes. While retailers who leverage the full power of big data could increase their operating margins by as much as 60 percent. Currently, less than 0.5 percent of all data of an organization is ever analyzed and used that pinpoints the amount of potential to be harnessed. At the rate at which data and ability to analyze are growing, businesses of all sizes - large and small - will be using some form of data analytics to impact their business in the next few years.

    Data analytics becomes even more cardinal and très essentiel when companies are battling for a competitive advantage. The companies end up paying more price and time when businesses are unaware of missed revenue opportunities, potential cost savings and performances. The data analytics providers need to blend self-service software, make use of data to keep IT services running smoothly and use behavioral analytics technology. Sorting through many products classified as big data analytics software can make buying decision even more difficult. Simplifying this process, CIO Insider along with expert’s views has come up with a list of “10 Most Recommended Data Analytics Solution Vendors 2018”. A distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs and industry analysts has closely scrutinized these companies addressing the above features. We believe that the listing given by us will bring in a better clarity thereby enabling your businesses to take decisions that will sustain the test of time.

10 Most Recommended Data Analytics Solution Vendors - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions bridgei2i-analytics-solutions Prithvijit Roy, CEO Delivers Analytics solutions across marketing, sales, supply chain, HR and risk functions.
Business Brio: Driving Business Excellence through Data Science business-brio Gautam Banerjee,, Founder & MD Enables solutions for Analytics, Big Data, operational excellence, market research and social development research across industry verticals.
'Datametica: Big Data, Expertise, Experience, datametica Parashuram Bastawade - Associate Director Delivery, Anand Deshpande - Associate Director Delivery, Deepak Badhani - Head Delivery & Niraj Kumar - CTO Expertise revolves around Big Data, Business Intelligence, Analytics, open source technologies, Devops, legacy modernisation, data science and social media analytics.
Datawise: The Brand Promise of Insights, Intelligence, and Infinity datawise Vinay Kumar , CEO Specializes in providing products, and services to collect field data using mobility and cloud for collection, storage, dissemination and analyzing real time data.
Exadatum exadatum Abhijit Shingate , Founder & Director Develops products that solve batch and real-time uses cases to simplify the adoption of Big Data.
FuGenX Technologies  fugenx-technologies- Debashis Behera , Founder & CEO Specializes in mobile application development, game development, AI, machine learning, automation, web development and big data analytics.
Hidden Brains InfoTech hidden-brains-infotech- Vikash Chhawchharia, Chairman & CFO Avails Big Data analytics, business intelligence, information management solutions and cloud integration services.
nanobi analytics        nanobi-analytics- Deepa Rani, Director Provides businesses with analytic solutions comprising Business Intelligence, Predictive analytics, cognitive analytics and machine learning.
Software Genius: Quest of Infinite Computing Power with Predictive Analytics software-genius Raj Pofale, CEO Services include Agile application development, mobile application, Big Data & Analytics, Microsoft Technologies and UI/UX Design.
Sparx IT Solutions       sparx-it-solutions- Vikash Sharma, CEO A big data analytics company availing data science, data assortment and data warehouse augmentation solutions.

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