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Business Octane: Establishing The New Paradigm of Large Scale Human Collaborations

Sanjay Bansal Chairman & MD,Chairman & MD

A decade ago, IT oracle Bill Gates predicted saying people will move around carrying small devices in their pockets and will be able to do electronic business anytime and anywhere. He was clearly talking about present day smart phones. People have truly started using smart phones round the clock and prefer doing business via their devices anytime and anywhere. This was one IT revolution that changed every household lifestyle. Something of a similar scale has been cooking in the way people from different location connect over a meeting. Today, videoconferencing is almost as good as meeting face-to-face, and video has gotten smarter. To understand the marvel that the new videoconferencing models have ushered in, we need to get to know what Gurgaon based Business Octane has introduced in this domain. Cutting through the mainstream idea of a videoconference and the bringing in the latest dynamics of video collaboration, Business Octane has developed and launched world-class Telepresence and video collaboration systems. More particularly, the company is a super-specialist in the domain in ultra immersive video collaboration and collaborative learning.

Business Octane has pioneered a whole new set of paradigms of business interactions over video which are not only 5 to 20 times more effective than ordinary Video Teleconferences but also give life size experience for the first time that was never ever felt before. With its extraordinary crystal clear picture quality and smooth audio, the company has built solutions that make the participants at other end seem to be present in the same room.

Business Octane introduced an ultra immersive and immersive ‘collaboration in a box solutions’. This super-specialist empowers organizations to make their video meetings 400 percent more immersive by having participants appear 4 times bigger. This Ultra-Immersive video collaboration is easily implementable with an amazing value. CollaboratorHUBMAX is one of the collaboration-in-a-box solutions, along with CollaboratorSTARMAX. The solution is redefining the creation of meeting spaces across an enterprise. Also, the system allows a building block to get Dynamic TeleAllPresence, which is better than face-to-face multiple location meetings & Multiple Continuous Presence for seeing a larger number of participants. Dynamic TeleAllPresence is Business Octane’s patented video meeting mode that allows all participants at all locations to see each other on left and right screens while watching the speaking participant life-like life-size on centre screen, thereby making the attendee feel like he/she is sitting right across the table. This mode allows the attendee to connect up to 32 locations and 480 participants simultaneously. CollaboratorHUBMAX is an all in one turnkey solution rendering unprecedented power to every meeting room in order to make it more productive and result-oriented. It is engineered to be implemented in any meeting room, open work space or executive cabin, with minimal civil modification.

Huddle Room Meetings will never be the Same
AltraEZMeet is the prime entry of Business Octane’s offerings for transforming huddle rooms into high-quality video & audio collaboration. It is a state of the art audio, video and local meeting experience setup that includes electronic whiteboard, annotation & interactive presentation (wired & wirelessly) in local meetings or local trainings coupled with presentation annotation and whiteboard explanation in video meetings or video trainings.

Moreover, AltraEZMeet gives the only hybrid unified conferencing phone that besides facilitating 14 kHz HD audio, also allows IP, soft calling and PBX calls, thereby ensuring an awe-striking audio conferencing experience.

A Teleporter of Sorts
Collaborator COMMANDMAX is a senior management teleporter of sorts. The solution allows the senior management of an organization to make a virtual business travel to any part of the world. More sophisticated than explained, Collaborator COMMANDMAX is a powerful, media rich, Ultra-Immersive Video collaboration system that gives remarkable high definition studio quality video, life size images, and spatial audio: thereby making the experience as good as physical presence. This solution enables multi location meetings for up to 48 locations and 720 participants simultaneously. Leaving nothing to imagination, Business Octane has dedicated 20,000 square feet area for Executive Experience Centres at 6 major locations (Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune). “We want the C suites to experience the wonders we have built at our experience centres and know them in first-hand”, says Sanjay Bansal, Chairman & MD, Business Octane.

Business Octane introduced an ultra immersive and immersive ‘collaboration in a box solutions’

Passionate Difference to Customers (PTDC) is the philosophy that drives Business Octane, making huge difference to customers’ business. Having served industry giants like Vedanta Group, TVS Motors, Indigo, General Electric (GE). Business Octane has made a dent in the traditional ways of human collaboration and brought about a revolution of change and advancement.

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Business Octane: Establishing The New Paradigm Of Large Scale Human Collaboration