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  • Sanjay Bansal, Chairman & MD

    Sanjay Bansal, Chairman & MD

  • A decade ago, IT oracle Bill Gates predicted saying people will move around carrying small devices in their pockets and will be able to do electronic business anytime and anywhere. He was clearly talking about present day smart phones. People have truly started using smart phones round the clock and prefer doing business via their devices anytime and anywhere. This was one IT revolution that changed every household lifestyle. Something of a similar scale has been cooking in the way people from different location connect over a meeting. Today, videoconferencing is almost as good as meeting face-to-face, and video has gotten smarter. To understand the marvel that the new videoconferencing models have ushered in, we need to get to know what Gurgaon based Business Octane has introduced in this domain. Cutting through the mainstream idea of a videoconference and the bringing in the latest dynamics of video collaboration, Business Octane has developed and launched world-class Telepresence and video collaboration systems.

  • Business Octane: Establishing The New Paradigm Of Large Scale Human Collaboration

Virtual Presence is to Stir the Business Workflow

By: Emmanuel Christi Das, Editor

For decades, we were told that in the future, telephone calls would be replaced with video. We’re not quite there, but we can still see it coming. Way back in 1879, Punch, a satirical British magazine,

Putting Back-up and Disaster Recovery into Perspective

By: Sven Haubold, Territory Account Director, Arcserve

Recently Arcserve conducted a survey of customers and partners around the world. The result has shown that the key to business value is flexibility and simplicity of data backup and recovery.

10 Most Recommended Enterprise Communications Solution Providers - 2018

Evolving Telco Role Play for Enterprise Customer Engagement

By: Aditya Dhruva, VP and CTO, Mahindra Comviva

The advent of the digital era has brought about a sea change in customer behavior. Consumer today is becoming more demanding and less loyal with each passing day.


Enabling Collaboration through Enterprise Communication to Manage Change Digital Diversity – Convergence of Minds and Machines

By: Praveen Sasidharan, Partner, Deloitte India

Every industry is going through fundamental change, some faster than the others.


IT Operational Insights can Contribute Notably to Various Business Metrics

By: Raj Shekhar Joshi, Head ( IT Operations ), Idea Cellular Limited

Most well run large organizations are continuously evaluating and implementing strategies to compete in the digital era

  • 10 Most Recommended Enterprise Communications Solution Providers - 2018

    In the last decade, the Internet and mobile devices have dramatic shifted the way business is conducted. And it seems like year after year, newer and better technologies are continuously being introduced. Each new technology promises to ensure more efficient communication between customers, partners, and colleagues. Because every business has varying communication needs, we are already seeing more enterprises customising and building using APIs rather than buying off the rack. With a customised and integrated system that caters exactly to the organisation’s needs, it is possible to create a single source of truth. With employees not having to switch between multiple systems or spend time on manually interpreting data, this offers a big productivity boost as well. Unified communication has been the de facto for enterprise communication. Bringing all of the communication under one umbrella boosts efficiency and improves data-driven decision making. Now businesses are aware of that, but the entire jumble leads to no particular stand still as to which setup to choose. This is because most of the businesses don’t really understand their communication loopholes and where to plug them. Therefore, it is necessary for such businesses to seek a solution or service provider that handholds the business from ideation to delivery. Products can’t get built, employees can’t be hired, and sales deals can’t be closed unless different stakeholders can communicate within a system that supports a collaborative, integrated experience. Employees and their external stakeholders need solutions that can deliver messages reliably, in context, and with the inclusion of the participants needed to make decisions. Especially in environments that move fast and demand the involvement of stakeholders from many different locations, the right communications platform to enable teamwork and collaboration among co-workers is a critical business investment. With communication playing such an important role in the growth of a business—both in terms of brand and sales, we at CIO Insider realized, its best to list few of the most sought after enterprise communication solution vendors. Therefore, we bring to you 10 most recommended enterprise communications solution providers of 2018. We hope this list serves your business requirements to plug the holes in communication and lead to the most productive phase of your entrepreneurship.

10 Most Recommended Enterprise Communications Solution Providers - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
5th Dimension Technologies 5th Dimension Technologies Rajiv Sharma , President Designs Enterprise solutions focusing on Voice, Mobility, E-mail, Messaging and Multimedia Collaboration.
ABS India ABS India Rajesh Madan, Country Director Provides solutions in voice communication, data communication,end-toend converged systems, enterprise applications, unified communication, contact center and CTI & IVR applications.
Business Octane: Establishing The New Paradigm of Large Scale Human Collaborations Business Octane Sanjay Bansal Chairman & MD, Chairman & MD Specializes in the domain of Ultra-Immersive Video Collaboration and Collaborative learning.
iJunxion: High Quality Enterprise Collaboration Solutions iJunxion IT Services Dhananjay Saheba , CEO Expertise revolves around collaboration services, telecommunications, Audio & video Conferencing, Web Conferencing and Webcast.
Intellicon Intellicon Sameer Parekh, MD Practices capabilities in optimizing Enterprise Communication, Data Capture, AV Integration and Security Solutions.
Logitech: Video Novelties to the Masses for a Truly Digital India Logitech Sumanta Datta , MD Facilitates VC room solutions, headsets, webcams, conference cameras and video collaboration accessories.
mokSa Technologies mokSa Technologies Sunil Arora , Director Builds products inlcusing easy reports, Email retriever portal, audiocodes CDR solution, and Callbackinqueue feature.
Pinnacle Teleservices: Enabling Businesses to Reach Out to Consumers in True Sense Pinnacle Teleservices Rajesh Banerjee , Director The portfolio include customized intelligent IVR services, toll free solutions, audio call conferencing, tele-voting, in-bound & out-bound call solutions, Email services, chatbot services, and messaging solutions.
Vrindavan Telecoms: Integrating Flexible Growth of Communication and Collaboration Vrindavan Telecoms C.K.P Nair , CEO Avails Unify HiPath EPABX/KTS/ ISDN/IP/ Multimedia communication platform included wired & wireless voice, data, video and multimedia communication.
Progility Progility Anil Jain , Chairman & MD- India Offers communication infrastructure, applications & services, complex unified communications solutions, data network infrastructure for both wired and wireless, Video conferencing, surveillance systems, and AV solution.