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iJunxion: High Quality Enterprise Collaboration Solutions

Dhananjay Saheba ,CEO

Technology has changed how employees connect, communicate and collaborate in extraordinary ways. Furthermore, globalization has led to enterprises spanning the entire globe. Mumbai headquartered iJunxion IT Services has been enabling the enormous cultural shift within organizations through their high quality conferencing services. Excellent voice quality, high availability, round-the-clock customer service, and customized billing to meet accounting requirements are all strong attributes of their offerings. Most conferences on iJunxion’s system are internal company meetings which are self-regulated. There are instances however where customers organize large, town hall meetings with several hundred participants. Here, the interactions between the speakers and the audience are moderated by iJunxion’s operations team to ensure an orderly, high quality meeting.
“At the end of the day telecom is a ‘utility’, i.e. access to telecom is a fundamental human right just like water supply, electricity, transport, etc.

Furthermore, for enterprises especially, telecom is mission critical. Therefore, it should work flawlessly all the time”, explains Dhananjay Saheba, CEO, iJunxion. Telecom connectivity on iJunxion’s platform is catered by some of India's leading and most experienced service providers ensuring best-in-class voice quality and reach around the world.

iJunxion’s service is accessible from all kinds of devices, thereby making team-wide communications across the world fast and easy

Advanced features like automated email notifications with integrated calendar invite, automated call-back, and web-based management access, are part of iJunxion’s service. By providing a high quality, very reliable service, iJunxion minimizes the need for the customer to revisit his/her procurement decision, thus reducing the churn. Besides, as mobile focused collaboration solutions are being adopted more now than ever before, the new trend is to provide all services and more in easy to use mobile and desktop apps.

iJunxion’s service is accessible from all kinds of devices, thereby making team-wide communications across the world fast and easy and save customers

significant amounts of time and money. The company has just launched an app that provides access to iJunxion’s service at a single inexpensive rate from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the app provides free one-on-one communications worldwide between users and is also integrated with the telecom network enabling users to make and receive calls inexpensively to/ from anywhere in the world. The app thus brings huge cost efficiencies and uniformity to enterprise communications worldwide.

A Case of Delivering Shortest Fulfillment Time
One of iJunxion’s reputed and large customers decided to evaluate multiple service providers. The outgoing customer service emails are automated in iJunxion’s service, making it near impossible to use a program to correlate incoming service requests (email, phone call, chat etc.) with outgoing responses. iJunxion’s study showed that in the previous month over 500 requests from the customer were handled. For over 98 percent of the requests, as well as their average response time for all requests, from first incoming request to final response was under 5 minutes. This particular client required that every conference had an associated ‘project code’. Delays were generally caused when such information was missing and the service provider had to get back to the customer before completing the service request. The longest fulfillment time was about 30 minutes.

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