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CloudSight Technologies: Changing the Entire Healthcare Paradigm using Technology

Madhusudan D,Founder & CEO

Madhusudan D

Founder & CEO

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has given a complete makeover to several industries and companies across the globe. Since AI has a broad spectrum of use-cases - from self-driving cars to telemedicine - it comes as no surprise that many companies adopt AI into their line of work. A Bangalore-based enterprise IT solutions provider, CloudSight Technologies is a company that focuses on building innovative enterprise solutions by heavily leveraging futuristic technologies. The company specializes in determining the right combination of technologies for any business from the existing and emerging technologies and helping to drive change in client’s businesses and processes by providing a greater degree of flexibility and measurable value and results. Madhusudan D, CEO and Founder, shares his insights on the technology realm as well as the company through CIO Insider.

In conversation with Madhusudan D, Founder & CEO, CloudSight Technologies

Enlighten us about your ‘Touching Billion Lives’ solution. What are the latest technologies that you have incorporated in it?
‘Touching Billion Lives’ is an AI driven smart patient-care management solution that is being developed by CloudSight Technologies to enable accessibility and equality of health services across the continuum of patient-centered care for all ages, removing interoperability barriers using FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources).

FHIR is a solution that builds on existing HL7 and CDA (Clinical Document Architecture) standards that simplifies implementation and usability. We came up with the term ‘Touching Billion Lives’, so that the patient could relate on a personal level.

We stored the medical data and converted it into actionable insights using the AI-ML model and thus uncovering patterns and trends to enable personalized patient care.

What makes CloudSight standout amongst other competitors? Shed light on FHIR as well.
Be it AI, big data analytics or digital transformation, our team of experts is here to provide tangible solutions and actionable insights to businesses that change the way they operate. It is our ‘Think different and deliver difference’ mantra that sets us apart from other competitors.

We stored the medical data and converted it into actionable insights using the AI-ML model and thus uncovering patterns and trends to enable personalized patient care.

Currently, healthcare organizations’ enthusiasm pertains to acquiring futuristic, innovative and cost-effective solutions for making the most out of their data, which makes FHIR the perfect solution. Our company bundles those requirements into FHIR which then helps healthcare organizations to store their output as an API. This enables us to visualize as per their standards and ultimately lead to the betterment of their data.

Give an account of how AI Pathway Care serves beneficial in healthcare.
AI Care Pathway is an AI driven patient centric care solution that helps simplify workflow of care managers, engages healthcare consumers, improves quality & patient care, and promotes wellness & preventive care.

Built for AI predictions on the pipeline, it produces accuracy on how many people are healthy or unhealthy depending on the kind of algorithm used. Another thing it does is that it predicts if the patient is going to be unhealthy and this was possible through our AI Care Pathway. It also picks up patterns to render recommendations based on the already existing data.

Describe the major challenges that you came across while building such sophisticated solutions for the healthcare sector
Hospitals in general have their own EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and each one maintains their own standards. There’s no common standard that everybody follows. Since there is no common standard existing, we had to integrate the data coming from different hospitals and make them interoperable.

Our next challenge was to change the entire patient treatment paradigm, in which doctors used olden ways of clinical investigation, where patients with mild issues had to undergo numerous, costly diagnostic procedures. Our aim was to shift the process, which was solely based on clinical expertise, to clinical data base, and in turn we help patients save time and cost.

What is the future roadmap set for CloudSight? What are the areas that you plan to invest in?
Many businesses today are under intense pressure to transform digitally as their legacy applications are stifling their growth.

CloudSight sees this opportunity to help them with complete digital transformation and modernizing their operations and business as well. Be it any requirement starting from cloud hosting or hardware needs, we make sure that they don’t need to knock another door.

Our company will advise on the technology/platform and develop a digital ecosystem that will integrate with their work force and business processes. Our pathway is defined, so we plan to pitch into the Blockchain, AI/ML and security areas. So that’s our roadmap.

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