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  • Manivasagan  Ramamoorthy, Founder & CEO

    Manivasagan Ramamoorthy, Founder & CEO

  • The constant research and relentless innovations by the global tech giants are driving the adoption of advanced technologies across the industry verticals, such as automotive, healthcare, retail, finance, and manufacturing. However, considering the past two decades, technology has always been an aspect of doing business across the industries, but AI has brought technology at the center of the organizations. Customer success and consumer delight are solely connected to any organization’s success. When organizations and Institutions can guarantee 24x7 customer support through AI powered Mediums to their customers that is when the magic happens. In a nutshell, while we are already into the 2021 decade, AI is no more a cherry on the cake. It has become a cake by itself. Food Security is one of the basic needs for a nation, in fact for the entire world. According to UNIndia, there are nearly 195 million undernourished people in India, which is a quarter of the world's hunger burden.

  • Vyazhan Technologies: Going Beyond The Rules Made For Startups

The AI-First Everything!

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

While people have turned to the internet for anything and everything, the machines are now reading, interpreting and learning. The enterprise realm is reaping a new world of benefits, owing thanks to a robust startup ecosystem revolving around Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learni

Quantum Computing & AI for Financial Industry

By: Utpal Chakraborty, Head of AI, YES Bank & AI Researcher

The struggle for financial technologies to deal with humongous multidimensional complex data to be interpreted at real-time is still on, although we have been able to address it to some extent. A ray of hope with lots

10 Most Recommended AI Startups - 2021

AI Driven IA - What the Crystal Ball Beholds

By: Dhaval Pandya, CIO & CDO, JSW Paints Private Limited

Gone are the days when terminologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Neural networks, Machine Learning etc. all were restricted to closed conclaves of Hi-tech labs.


The Unconscious Bias

By: Manuj Desai, Technology Leader & Author

I was recently asked to author an article on how leaders should manage their high performers. I wanted to step back and author a generic article which just doesn't talk about organizations but in general creates a message for parents, teachers, organizations; relating t


IOT-Powered Digitalization of Water Utilities, Enabling Outcome Driven & Efficient Systems

By: Supriyo Das, Vice President, Wipro Technology

Availability and quality of water is a critical factor for the sustainability and resilience of any city. Typical problems in any water utility today are


Becoming Future-Ready by Mainstreaming the Right Technology Skills

By: Jayanta Banerjee, Group CIO, Tata Steel

One of the better outcomes of the pandemic has been the greater appreciation of the role of technology in our lives and how with the support of technology we managed to maintain some semblance of normalcy during the past 10


Designing a Digital Roadmap for the Future Remote Workforce

By: Aditya Arora, CEO, Teleperformance India

Digital transformation is not a new priority for business leaders, but COVID-19 has made it more imperative, as businesses were forced to raise their digital maturity score years ahead of projections.

  • 10 Most Recommended AI Startups - 2021

    Artificial Intelligence has become a technological norm for businesses and organizations across the globe. Although its operations may sound complex to picture, AI has produced results that confirm its capabilities when it comes to improvising, reducing human labor and simplifying complex data. Further, the smartphones have become common platforms to deploy AI regardless of industry, whether it’s in the form of voice assistants, smart monitoring and control, personalized shopping experience or warehouse management apps. According to Statista, the report indicates that the number of artificial intelligence start-up companies that have been acquired from 2010 to 2019, shows that the acquisitions have grown steadily every year since 2010, peaking in 2019 at 231. Coming to the market revenue of AI on a global basis is expected to amplify from around five billion U.S dollars in 2015 to a little over 125 billion in 2025. Well, the pandemic being a tailwind, these numbers are expected to explode. Delving deeper into the AI startups ecosystem and by deciphering the latest trends, CIO Insider has come up with a list of ‘10 Most Recommended AI Startups - 2021’. The list comprises companies that have shown immense proficiency in their operations, improved customer engagements using AI, been building integrated solutions and in turn have been significantly driving the industry’s growth. The following list (in alphabetical order) has undergone strict scrutiny by a panel of experts that include industry veterans & subject matter experts, CMOs, CEOs, analysts, and the CIO Insider editorial team.

10 Most Recommended AI Startups - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
CloudSight Technologies: Changing the Entire Healthcare Paradigm using Technology CloudSight Technologies Madhusudan D, Founder & CEO A proficient entity passionate about delivering seamless AI-powered patient centric solutions, including unique features like FHIR API Convertor, AI-ML Engine, and FHIR Prediction Bundle that promote predictive healthcare.
Datacouch: Pioneers Of Bleeding Edge Technologies Data Couch Bhavuk Chawla, Founder Provides Consulting, Training and Staff Augmentation Services in latest technologies in various domains including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud, Big Data and DevOps
FASSTER by Vyazhan Technologies FASSTER by Vyazhan Technologies Manivasagan Ramamoorthy & Gokul Medasani, Co-Founders An award winning startup and the developer of agri-tech app M-Velanmai, which was developed in collaboration with Tamil Nadu Agriculture University
Innovius Global Consultants: Forging Cutting-Edge AI Solutions through a Consultative Approach Innovius Global Consultants Prasad Velpula, CEO & Director An organization with strong ethics and commitments and provides innovative AI based solutions, especially to the healthcare domain
Neoastra: A Gamut of Human-like Capabilities for Digitally Advanced Business Ecosystem Neoastra Prashanth Venkataswamy, Krishna Kumar, & Ganesh Banda, Co-Founders A visual intelligence company providing solutions powered by innovation in machine learning and AI and driven by the cause, 'connectivity for all'
Radome Technologies and Services: Fuelling Business Growth with Advanced AI and ML Solutions RadomeTech Nagendra Prasad Kumble, Founder & Director Specializes in Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Enterprise Solutions, Supply Chain and Logistics
RADSSOON RADSSOON Sundar Balamurugan, CEO Service provider in the sector of information & technology, web designing, mobile application, game development, and electronics & communication
Simplibot: Leveraging Advanced Conversational Platform for Intuitive User Experience SimpliBot Himanshu Saxena, Co-Founder A young and innovative company on a mission to empower the business with conversational excellence through customized chatbots and conversational AI services
Smartail: Redefining the Education System via Analysis based Learning Smartail Swaminathan Ganesan & Aslam Sherieff, Co-Founders An AI based EdTech start-up focusing on building solutions using technologies such as NLP, OCR, Deep learning and solving some of niche pain point in education segment
VisionBot VisionBot Amit Chakraborty & Santhosh Nair, Co-Founders Revolutionizing the retail industry by giving priceless business sense to the visual data junk and thus helping businesses analyze their visual content to derive powerful insights and trends

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