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Datacouch: Pioneers Of Bleeding Edge Technologies

Bhavuk Chawla,Founder

The digital world is being increasingly dominated by emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud, Big Data, and DevOps to name a few. In such a scenario, it becomes vitally important for Business Enterprises to get their professional workforce well-acquainted with these new age technologies, in order to keep growing in this highly competitive world of business. DataCouch is an established global training, staffing & consultation provider that offers a wide array of talent development, and skill enhancement programs across major cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Scalable Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation, among many others.

Established in the year 2016, DataCouch is composed of a team of highly competent and experienced facilitators, consultants, architects and data scientists, carrying pragmatic experience in multiple domains. Over the years, the professional company has already trained 10000+ participants in in-person sessions, and a similar number of participants via online courses. Today, DataCouch is a proud and long-standing partner of some of the most prominent MNCs in the world like Confluent, DeepCognition and trusted by some of the biggest names in the market which includes the likes of Adobe, Axiata, Pluralsight, Salesforce, and many more.

Recently, CIOInsiderIndia Magazine got an opportunity to get in touch with Bhavuk Chawla, Founder - DataCouch. The Industry 4.0 veteran, brining over 17 years of deep professional experience across multiple domains of emerging tech, walked us through some of the operational aspects of his venture, DataCouch.

In conversation with Bhavuk Chawla, Founder, DataCouch

India’s talent pool is diverse and dense. Nonetheless, it still has room for improvement when it comes to the professional and technical skills for industries today. How is DataCouch positioned to cater to the rising need for the right skills?
The DataCouch Team is nimble and adaptable to advancement in bleeding edge technologies. We evolve our consultants and courses as per the current trends required by the industry. We strongly believe in sharing knowledge and contributing to society;

therefore, we regularly host online meetups. One of our meetup groups has more than 3000 participants. We also have a YouTube channel through which we share a few interesting videos and recordings of our meetup sessions.

Share with us in detail about the courses offered by DataCouch. Also, tell us how is DataCouch helping business professionals to reap the benefits of the new-age technologies.
We are an official partner of Confluent Kafka; we deliver all the courses from Confluent. Also, we deliver courses in latest technologies including Snowflake, Basic to Advanced Machine Learning, Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, Building Data Pipelines using Big Data Technologies and Artificial Intelligence related courses for various audiences. We have many Google certified official instructors onboard who are well versed with new technologies being developed by Google.

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DataCouch has transformed many teams in various organizations which were working in traditional technologies to the latest ones. DataCouch has been providing guidance and preaching best practices to implement these technologies in the right manner. We have also been invited by Google to lead Machine Learning Bootcamp for 100+ participants in their Singapore office. DataCouch has been involved in conducting multi-week bootcamp programs to transform Java Engineers to Big Data Engineers, Conventional Software Engineers into Data Scientists in various organizations including Sapient, Salesforce, and Adobe to name a few. The measurable impact of these boot Camps was very much evident as the participants coming from even non-data backgrounds could solve Kaggle problems on their own and they were ready to contribute to their day to day projects in these latest technologies.

Walk us through the team of experts and instructors that has propelled the successful growth of DataCouch?
Our instructors have been recognized as Elite Instructors by various companies including Cloudera and Pluralsight. These are global level recognitions that we received from time to time. This is all driven by our Clients’ feedback for the knowledge sharing sessions conducted by our instructors across the globe. Our instructors are well qualified with a lot of hands-on experience working in various projects. We continuously upskill our instructors to ensure that we have all the relevant

skills and certifications in latest technologies. Our instructors are among top few people globally who have acquired Professional Google certifications including Data Engineer and Machine Learning Engineer in the beta phase itself.

We have delivered training for many Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft (Bangalore and Abu Dhabi), Starbucks Coffee (Seattle), Adobe (India and EMEA etc.), Google (Singapore), and many more.

How do you see the demand for bleeding edge technologies growing in the foreseeable future? And, how is DataCouch taking advantage of the opportunities that has presented itself in the emerging tech domain?
According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2020, the workforces are automating faster than expected by displacing 85 million jobs in the next five years. It is being said that, In 2025 analytical thinking, creativity, and flexibility will be among the most sought-after skills and the most competitive businesses will focus on upgrading their workers’ skills. Because of these swift changes, there is a gap generated between conventional technologies and bleeding edge technologies, due to which 79% companies would fire their employees which would have only conventional skills with them.

DataCouch is the bridge to fill this technological gap. We provide guidance and preach the best practices to adopt the new technologies. We assist professionals to master these bleeding edge technologies, so that they could cope with this Digital Transformation caused by the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Not just sustain their jobs but excel at their work as well.

“Our goal is to continue to deliver high quality training to professionals on the bleeding edge technologies”

Please highlight about Staff Augmentation Services provided by DataCouch.
Our consultants have firsthand experience working with the latest technologies. These expert consultants complement/supplement our client teams in our Staff Augmentation model. We have been doing the Staff Augmentation for clients across various geographies, providing them Architecture consultancy, optimizing their business processes and propelling the implementation of their projects.

Where is the company headed in the years to come? What are your future innovation goals?
Our goal is to continue to deliver high quality training to professionals on the bleeding edge technologies. We now have our own e-learning platform (elearning. where anyone can buy these self-paced courses on some of these technologies. Soon, our office will be operational in CP67, Mohali which is the prime location in the entire tricity region of Mohali, Chandigarh and Panchkula.

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