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CMS Computers: Towards A SmartNation

Anil Menon,CEO

Recent dramatic advances in technology havemoulded our expectations as citizens and clients. To compete in this environment, CIO’s, IT managers and Government look out foran innovative partner who foresees technology changes and can integrate generations of technology with flexibility and quality. This calls for a fundamentally unique method of delivering services, application software and systems integration. With a talented workforce leveraging Analytics, Big Data, Cloud, Security, IoT and Bots, CMS Computers has been living up to these expectations, geared to help clients and the Government transform to a Digital business.

Headquartered in Mumbai, CMS Computers Limited is a Systems Integrator with specialized practices in IT and IoT. Innovation being the agen da, CMS Computers builds top notch products and services and integrates the same with heteroge nous technologies helping CIO’s, CxO’s and City administrators to connect technology with their flexible organization, seamlessly helping clients across complexities of traditional infrastructure, digital business. This makes them a very tal infrastructure and generations of software and hardware.

The company was founded as Computer Maintenance and Services Company in 1976. With visible penetration of CMS deployments in several government bodies, CMS Computers Limited is a pioneer and leader in the Indian ICT industry. The company has over 4000 employees spread across 100 locations in India, adding value to every industry through its products, services and offerings. Over the last 40 years, the organization has played an integral role in helping clients succeed through many economic cycles by providing expertise and experience in delivering governance services, transportation & traffic solutions, energy management solutions, surveillance & workforce management, broadcasting solutions as well as software services aligning technology with client businesses.

From the Ground Level Requirements of a Smart City
With the country’s urbanization journey gaining momentum, India has two options for Smart City development: greenfield and brownfield. The former involves building a new city ground up, while the latter means retrofitting existing city structures with Smart devices, which is a relatively less expensive option. In either case, remodeling of the utility sector with smart devices is assured. Besides, the sheer magnitude, unplanned growth and a lack of IT usage has a thrust on public utilities in transport, water, electricity, health, and education etc.CMS is helping build the early initiatives of Government around Smart Cities and Smart Electricity grids leveraging the power of IT. CMS’ Energy Meters, GridLogik Energy Management Software and communication technologies help reduce power theft and bring more accountability and transparency to the Energy Grid. CMS Computer's Energy software platform, Gridlogik, is the company’s flagship offering for the Energy sector. The platform is complemented by several analytical applications harnessing Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. These help identify efficiency drivers, making it easy to forecast, track energy consumption, resolve energy problems quickly as well as help integrate renewables into the energy grid.

Integrated Traffic Management systems, Sensors and City Management software help City administrators take quick decisions to make cities 'livable'and generate additional revenue streams. "Shoring up Public Finances is very important for City administrators and Utility leaders to succeed", mentions Anil Menon, CEO, CMS Computers Limited. By leveraging Data Science and Artificial intelligence algorithms, CMS Computers Limited helps bring Insights, transparency, and efficiency generating revenue streams and optimizing costs. With over 300 projects spanning 80 cities under its wings, CMS’s Traffic and Transportation Solutions has set a benchmark for Intelligent Traffic Systems in the country. Living up to that name,the company works through ground zero

serving municipal corporations and the police across cities.

For over a decade, CMS Computers Limited has been providing turnkey solutions covering design, development of customized ABT(Availability Based Tariff),EMS (Energy Management Solutions),and EEBS (Electronic Energy Billing System) systems with advanced IT enabled energy data collection capabilities for power management at the generation, distribution and the consumer side. With advances in smart grid deployments, CMS Computers Limited has heavily invested in the same targeting distribution companies and consuming organizations.

CMS Computers is a pioneer in eGovernance and has a 25+ year track record of executing successful eGovernance projects across the country

As India rapidly grows as an economy,the needs of its citizens are evolving ever more rapidly. Government recognizes it and is creating an environment for ease of doing business, bringing in efficiency to public services and transparency to governance leveraging innovation and technology. Services being digitalized, records digitized and the opening up of data clearly herald the shift to accountability and distributed governance. This shift in eGovernance is championed by CMS Computers and combined with technological, societal, economic,and demographic changes catalyze an evolution in the delivery of public services.

The key Minimal Energy Losses for Maximum Energy Sustainability
CMS has a long and successful experience in energy metering & Energy Management, AMI, PLM and DMS applications. This smart city enabler offers a hybrid communication technology based Smart Grid solution that is adaptive, predictive, integrated and optimized. These solutions are backed by deep analytics, automation and management capabilities. A typical Smart Grid requires the integrated management of all resources: Demand, Distribution, Generation, across utilities, providers and consumers. CMS Computers Limited provides integration of information and control technologies, allowing shared real time access between multiple systems. The solution helps in improving utility finances, brings transparency to billing processes as well as help Distribution companies gain control of the connected load.

More so,the integrated solution delivers great RoI by integrated distribution management, allowing differential tariffs based on usage timings,improves use of existing grid assets to reduce grid congestion and bottlenecks, increase s adoption on alternate energy sources leading to reduced carbon emissions, preempts or mitigates power outages by using realtime information and maximizes return on metering investments by providing end to end visibility eliminating theft and reducing outages.

Impeccable eGovernance Models
Recognizing transparency in Government as an integral part of economic development in the country, government think tank, NitiAayog, in the draft of its three year action plan, has suggested a number of actionable points for the Centre and the states to facilitate this facet of transformation. eGovernance being the fulcrum of it all. CMS Computers is a pioneer in eGovernance and has a 25+ year track record of executing successful eGovernance projects across the country. "As a pioneer in eGovernance domain, we have partnered the Government across generations of technology, pricing models, PPP constructs, as well as several aspects of service delivery and governance”, says Anil. Ensuring global standards in eGovernance delivery, CMS Computers Limited is certified CMMI Level 5 for Software development, ISO 20000 for service delivery and ISO 27001 for security across the Information Value Chain. CMS Computers works with various government agencies and standard bodies supporting government policy on open standards, metadata and data standards, biometric data standards, RFID access standards, in teroperability guidelines for Digital Certificates, Quality Assurance Framework and Information Security framework and guidelines. However, citizen participation and collaboration in Governance is crucial for successful program implementation and lower costs of deployment. Under the National eGovernance Plan(NeGP) and now under Digital India,CMS Computers Limited operates Citizen Service Centres (CSCs)that are ICT enabled front end service delivery points. All

these combined serves as a holistic hub for a variety of Government to Citizen(G2C)and Business to Citizen (B2C)services related to most government departments and several end consumer facing private organizations.

For the People
The Citizen services Centres (CSC) as well as the Urban Integrated Centres that CMS Computers run act as a one stop shop for a variety of Government to Citizen(G2C),Government to Business (G2B)and Business to Citizen (B2C) services. These centres are related to transport authorities, municipal corporations, utility companies, Consum er companies, banks and financial institutions, security agencies and government departments. Particularly, the CSC Network caters to private sector services in the areas of agriculture, health, education, entertainment, FMCG products, banking, insurance, pension, and utility payments, etc. Through CMS Computers’ chain of Integrated Citizen Service Centers(ICSCs)and multiple delivery channels like electronic kiosks,mobile phones and the Internet, citizens now have access to every Government service anytime and anywhere, irrespective of the jurisdiction, department or agency. This flexibility of access helps the economy to grow mani fold right up to the villages.

Furthermore, the IT capabilities, extensive reach and expertise in operations that CMS Computers have gathered over the toiling years has now been helping authorities to fast track the banking revolution in India. The company has partnered with state govern ments, UIDAI, banks and insurance companies to support their IT and security infrastructure while facilitating financial services in rural areas as well. Fueling governments financial inclusion policies as well as Citizen ID services, CMS Computers builds robust processes for Banking and Insurance Services, Jan Dhan Yojana, KYC, Transactions and DBT. The organization’s Village Level Entrepreneurs(VLEs)act as business correspondent agents for various banks, provide engagement and enrolment of citizens, document verification and biometric authentication.

Making Cities Smarter
Long term sustainable economic development cannot happen unless Indian cities are livable and serve as a magnet for high value commerce. Government has realized leveraging technology is an accelerator for growth to aid urbanization. CMS is well aligned to Government's vision of Smart Cities, building a Digital infrastructure connecting people, objects and organizations leveraging the power of Network, IoT devices, Social Media and Analytics. CMS solutions include Area Traffic Control Systems, Signals, Variable Message Signs for Traffic Management, Surveillance solutions to make cities safer, Public Safety applications like Emergency Call Boxes, Parking & Waste Management solutions to help make the city cleaner as well as City wide Dashboards for Integration & Collaboration. Citizen engagement is a fundamental cornerstone of smart city and CMS leverages Cloud, Social Media Analytics and Portals/Content Engines to facilitate communities.

CMS Computers has over four decades of unparalleled record of innovation, indigenous R&D, technology integration as well as support services. With a pan India presence across over 100+ locations, CMS Computers is a full service IT and IoT player with the industry’s best competence in various technologies and platforms. With every era changing, time and again, CMS Computers Limited anticipated the transformative opportunities offered by dynamic and economically disruptive high end technologies. “We envision huge synergies between mobility, Big Data and IoT leading the way to simplify lives, enhance user experience and solve real world issues”, asserts the CEO.

CMS Computers Limited has a firm and significant focus on Digi tal India, Smart Cities and Smart Grid; priority goals confirming India's elevation as an economic super power with strong human development indices.

Starting Right at the Core
For the marquee Mumbai Area Traffic Control (ATC) project, CMS Computers Limited leveraged IoT and Big Data to improve the traffic conditions in India's financial capital. With over 68 kilometers of fully ducted network, 800 video detectors, 2000 signal poles, 500 cantilever poles and scores of traffic controllers and CCTV cameras,the Mumbai ATC project has undoubtedly been one of the best examples of an Intelligent Transportation System. Using a system of centrally controlled traffic signals and real time data collected through sensors and detectors, CMS Computers Limited has played a role in keeping the city running.

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CMS Computers: Towards A Smart Nation