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Efftronics Systems: Tapping into the Potential of Futuristic Technology

Rama Krishna Dasari,CEO

The term ‘smart city’ defines the new urban environment,one that is designed for performance through information and communication technologies. At the same time, it also requires multifaceted approach and constant innovation. Efftronics Systems has been relentlessly ideating and executing efficient and crucial smart solutions. Headquartered in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, Efftronics Systems Private Limited is an ISO 9001- 2015 certified IT company established in the year 1985 with an initial product offering called ‘Microprocessor based LED display system with different visual effects’. Record breaking that it was, the product was also the first of its kind at the time. Continuous investment in R&D activities has enabled the company to develop innovative processes, products and technologies. Ever since its inception, Efftronics has grown to a 700+ head strong organization today. The company provides end to end smart solutions. With one of the largest iot networks in India, working for Indian Railways, Efftronics has earned a feather on their cap. The organization has also been credited with 50 plus innovative solutions for a plethora of clients. At present, Efftronics is focused on four verticals - Smart Signalling,Smart Cities, Smart Buildings and iot Services.

“A smart city should be a stress buster for citizens and increase their ease of living. Rapid urbanization underscores the need for Smart Cities. At Efftronics, we draw our inspiration from the famous words of Sri Rabindranath Tagore, ‘Where mind is without fear’.

Our constant efforts, interactions with locals, stakeholders of cities, and surveys are great sources for identifying the needs. We take that as the starting point to find solutions for smart living. And this has led us to focus on four areas of expertise i.e. Smart Water,Smart Transport, Smart Environment, and Smart Energy Conservation”, elaborates Rama Krishna Dasari, CEO, Efftronics Systems.

With one of the largest IoT networks in India, working for Indian Railways, Efftronics has earned a feather on their cap

Design Thinking is the Key
Efftronics’ approach with respect to R&D is known to be focused on Design Thinking. The CEO explains that this is to understand the end customer needs through empathy. Evidently, the approach has helped Efftronics in developing solutions which over the years has successfully met the customer needs. Vijayawada city witnessed huge traffic congestions at some point of time for a lengthy stretch of 7 kilometres. Efftronics, through design thinking approach suggested few changes to the traffic department which included road design, replacement of traffic signals and similar other infrastructural realignments. Remarkably, this recalibration improved the traffic speeds by 20 percent.

Driven by the growing global population, depleting water resources and the resulting need for energy efficient and responsive water infrastructure that reduces non-revenue water losses, Efftronics has taken some serious measures towards the water utility domain. The company has installed various sensors throughout the water distribution system from treatment plant to reservoir. As part of these advancements, Efftronics has deployed level and flow sensors for quantity, chlorine analyzers for quality, and

energy and pressure sensors for understanding efficiency of the pumps and motors. All these sensors are connected to Efftronics’iot edge devices. Through GPRS these devices connect to the central command center where the Efftronics engineers build extensive analytics by understanding the water domain.“Today,our solution has resulted in bringing unaccounted for Water(UFW)from 32 percent to 8 percent within 15 days of installation”, informs Dasari.

Having held the baton of digital signage in India since 2000, Efftronics’ R&D in leds has led the company to dig deeper into lighting solutions. Efftronics designs sturdy industrial quality LED lamps with a luminous efficacy of more than 120 lumen per watt. Efftronics’ smart street lighting features being, focused lighting (with built in lenses), app based (ios and android)control for dimming(to save power), provision of reports & analytics and energy monitoring. Since energy conservation measures are one of the most contrasted areas of Efftronics, there are several solutions for Smart Buildings (Building Management Solution). These on point solutions are meant to integrate 26 services into one grid for energy saving and close monitoring of equipment, usage and wastage. By bringing all systems into one platform, energy wastage is minimized and single control through dashboard is ensured. Taking innovation a notch up,this technology player has designed an in-house DC power pack, which is a combination of solar power, battery and controls. The capacity is to serve lighting and fan needs of a small home completely, with an ROI in four months.

Efftronics has works underway to build Integrated Command control centre. This undertaking aims to bring in inter linkages between all departments in the city with more usecases. Moreover, Efftronics’ Smart Water Solution developed for Vijayawada Municipality, brought down the unaccounted for water from 32 percent to 8 percent within few days of installation. Driven by a commitment to identify, create and deliver value, Efftronics is set to make major strides in the smart city water and transport domain.

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