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CONSYST Technologies: Catering Quality Engineering & Technology Solutions that Exceed Customer Expectations

Jasir Sabri,Managing Director

Jasir Sabri

Managing Director

CONSYST Technologies is a multinational technology system integration company offering engineering and technology solutions for customers in Asia, Middle-East and Africa. The company is specialized in engineering design, development, manufacturing and commissioning of Industry 4.0 Systems, Industrial Automation and Power Control Systems.

Sailing through his mission of driving sustainability through the right use of technology, Jasir Sabri, the Managing Director of the company, briefs us about the solutions which facilitate improvement of efficiency & productivity, reduce costs and downtime.

In conversation with Jasir Sabri, Managing Director, CONSYST Technologies

As most organizations have started upgrading themselves to align with the Industry 4.0, how is CONSYST Technologies’ engagement in the industrial IoT helping firms thrive in their markets, especially during these testing times?
CONSYST has been serving customers in India and abroad since 2009. We started as an automation and control system integrator for Industry 3.0, crafting solutions for process manufacturing industries, food & beverages, and power & water utilities. Due to our associations with customers and suppliers from across the globe, we found that there are opportunities where we can add value by transforming ourselves into an Industry 4.0 solution

provider. We believe that the situation we are now in will accelerate the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies further, and more and more companies will forcibly choose to improve their digital self so that they exist in the post-covid era.

Furthermore, CONSYST has also been in the remote monitoring business since 2013, utilizing the advancements in internet and communication infrastructure including mobile internet and cloud computing services. The company has helped many customers in India and abroad to improve their visibility into the operations of remote and distributed assets. We believe that post-covid could be an even bigger opportunity as more and more companies are looking for remote monitoring solutions due to travel restrictions and to ensure business continuity.

At CONSYST, we use the power of edge, onpremises computing, and cloud computing to provide the right mix

The concept of big data, high level of automation, and AI-first approach are gaining moment since they underpin the core values of industrial IoT. Tell us about the products offered by CONSYST Technologies in fulfilling such needs and achieving business insights?
CONSYST has partnered with world-class companies in industrial IoT to provide our customers with the right solutions. As a system integration company, we are more focused on solving customer’s specific business problems rather than building our own product. Our expertise lies in identifying problems and architecting the most suitable and cost-effective solutions utilizing the best-in-class products from multiple vendors. We are totally brand agnostic (vendor agnostic), which means we do not promote any specific brand and promote all their product lines. Rather, we choose the best product or service that can solve a

customer’s specific problem in the most efficient way.

Moreover, many industrial companies are looking for a complete on-premise solution to satisfy their needs. At the same time, companies with distributed assets look for cloud deployments to solve their problems. At CONSYST, we use the power of edge, onpremises computing, and cloud computing to provide the right mix. We also suggest hybrid models to some customers in specific cases. Additionally, there are cases when we need to teach some ML models on cloud by flooding it with data and running the model on a small form factor edge computing platform for better time response and cost reduction.

Share a success story about one of your implementations that has earned reputation for the company?
One of the most exciting projects we have done was with a diary plant. This plant had cases of faulty product being fed into the supply chain, and customers were raising complaints about the same. As part of solving these issues, data was collected onto an on-premise Industrial IoT platform and analysed. If the result of analysis showed chances of product quality compromise, the system will stop the ERP from issuing a gate pass to the carrier supplying the material to customer until the product is manually tested for a second time and the issues are cleared by a higher level official.

What is the future roadmap of the company in the years ahead?
As it’s very clear from the news that comes out, all businesses across the world are disrupted by this pandemic that has spread across. Earlier, we were targeting 20 percent of our revenues specifically from Industry 4.0 solutions and the remaining 80 percent was expected from conventional control system solutions. But the new world post-covid has given us a realisation to change this strategy. We will focus more on Industry 4.0 technologies and our new target is to secure 40 percent of our revenues from this stream, which is double of our previous plan. We will invest more into the required manpower, developing solutions and frameworks to increase the pace of our project deployments.

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