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  • Sudheesh Narayanan, Founder & CEO

    Sudheesh Narayanan, Founder & CEO

  • At present, there is a huge potential in the Indian manufacturing stage to bring-in Cost Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance using Digitization. The first aspect in terms of the digitization that is happening in the plants is to digitize the manual data entry processes. One of the key solutions that we do for our clients is giving them a flexible cGMP and 21-CFR compliant Electronic Logbook for Equipment Maintenance, Cleaning & Validation, Batch Manufacturing Records and others. This is the first step towards digitization for them. The second most important aspect is efficiency improvement by implementing Overall Equipment Efficiency program or implementing Remote Web SCADA for remote control and management. Knowledge Lens helps our customer in enhancing their efficiency through a structured digitization journey and predictive maintenance to reduce downtime and losses.

  • Knowledge Lens: Helping Clients Ascend Their Digital Transformation Journey

It's Time India Pounce On Industry 4.0

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Assistant Editor

Now, when we look at it, isn't it mesmerizing the way IoT has made inroads into Industrial applicability? From having remained as just a futuristic concept for so long to transforming the way industries look at connectivity and

Convergence Of Automation, IoT & AI-ML Helping CXOs To Accelerate Digital Transformation

By: Akilur Rahman, CTO, ABB

Automation of production, whether a discrete, continuous or hybrid process, has been evolving since

Top 10 Industrial IoT Solutions Providers - 2020

How Is IoT Reshaping And Transforming The Automobile Industry?

By: Achin Sharma, Heading - Global IT Applications, Royal Enfield

Internet of Things (IoT) - the popular buzzword refers to the billions of devices that are physically located around


A Smart City May Become Smarter By Using Artificial Intelligence

By: Puneet Agarwal, Director, Grant Thorton India

A city can be smarter by using data, technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to create efficiencies, improve sustainability, create economic development, and enhance quality of


How IoT Can Improve India's Agricultural Production & Food Security

By: Rishi Mohan Bhatnagar, President, Aeris Communications

By 2050, the world's population is set to be a third larger than it is today, reaching 9.7 billion people, the United


Technology For Tomorrow: How Technology Has Evolved The Automobile Sector

By: Raghav Belavadi, Founder & CEO, HYPE

The age-old phrase `Change is constant' is extremely apt when it comes to changes in


Robotic Process Automation In Manufacturing Industry: A Revolution

By: Jagdip Kumar, Head-IT, Cosmo Films Limited

In today's time, the speed with accuracy is the mantra for any successful organization. Most of the manufacturing

  • Top 10 Industrial IoT Solutions Providers - 2020

    The worldwide Industrial IoT Market size is expected to hit$118,413.63 million by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 8.83 percent. The industry is largely driven by the technological advancements in semiconductor segment, expanded utilization of cloud computing, standardization of IPv6, and robust influx into IoT related R&D exercises from governments the world over. As India is thriving, the Industries conveying IoT frameworks is highly poised to see expanded productivity, decrease in ecological effect, and better decision making prowess. With a sky-rocketing digitization and automation curve, the Indian IoT environment comprises a different set of stakeholders, including hardware sellers, software application vendors, network operators, and system integrators. Some of the key divisions driving the industry are transportation and logistics, utilities, manufacturing, and automotive. Additionally, the divisions such as healthcare, retail, and agriculture are also expected to make significant progress in IoT adoption. While the organizations expect IoT to expand automation and hence improve productivity, customers expect a holistic improvement in terms of the overall experience and satisfaction. The industrial revolution 4.0 has high expectations on the segment, aiming smart manufacturing and more connected processes. The IoT, however, is creating, and will probably keep on creating, massive opportunities for both industry and consumers, not without its share of challenges. CIO Insider's recognized board of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, examiners, and the publication group have organized a list of the best organizations under the index: `Top 10 Industrial IoT Solutions Providers ­ 2020.

Top 10 Industrial IoT Solutions Providers - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Apar Innosys LLP Apar Innosys LLP Senthil Kumar, Founder A global provider of comprehensive cutting-edge technology and business solutions, including IoT & Artificial Intelligence, that help clients bring the future of work to life
CONSYST Technologies: Catering Quality Engineering & Technology Solutions that Exceed Customer Expectations CONSYST Technologies Jasir Sabri, Managing Director Service providers of Industry 4.0 Solutions, Industrial Automation and Power Control Systems for Water and Power Utilities, Renewable Energy, Food and Beverage, Chemical Process & Manufacturing Industries
Efftronics Efftronics Anvesh Dasari, Vice President Catering to demanding projects such as Railway Signalling, Buildings, Cities and many more with smart solutions, including IoT Solutions
Global Channel Resources Global Channel Resources Tony Tsao, Founder, Chairman & CEO Offering SaaS-based IoT solutions and Networking Infrastructure to online B2B marketplace
iRam Technologies iRam Technologies Vishal Mehra, Co-Founder & VP Offering customized IoT solutions, encrusting domains such as Telecom, retail, Home Automation, Precision Farming, and many more
Knowledge Lens: Helping Clients Ascend Their Digital Transformation Journey Knowledge Lens Sudheesh Narayanan, Founder and CEO A leading product technology company focused on accelerating and transforming businesses through wide-scale expertise in AI and IoT domains
LEANworx Technologies: Helps you Discover Hidden Profits in your shop floor LEANworx Technologies D. Srihari, Director Industry 4.0 system for accurate and timely data on production quantity and efficiency, improves decision making, OEE and profits dramatically
R Tag Solutions R Tag Solutions Rakesh M Patil, Founder Delivers state-of-the-art IoT technology to provide operations management solutions across the industry segments
SmartinfoLogiks SmartinfoLogiks Kshyana Prava, CEO & Co-Founder Focuses on delivering IoT, Bigdata & Analytics, Server virtualization, Cloud Computing, and IT Consultation
Technoriya eTechnologies Technoriya eTechnologies Neeraj Kumar, CEO Offering smart industrial IoT solutions, while its core competency also includes projects consulting & implementation

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