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Knowledge Lens: Helping Clients Ascend Their Digital Transformation Journey

Sudheesh Narayanan,Founder and CEO

Sudheesh Narayanan

Founder and CEO

The Indian Manufacturing segment is at a stage of rapid digital transformation. Most of the manufacturing units today are still based on the industrial revolution that happened back in the late 1990s. This is where Knowledge Lens comes into the picture with their extensive range of expertise in areas pertaining to Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Engineering, Secured IT- OT integrations, and much more. Sudheesh Narayanan – CEO of Knowledge Lens further elaborates on their plethora of solutions and products in the Industry 4.0 domain in the conversation below.

In conversation with Sudheesh Narayanan, Chief Executive Officer, Knowledge Lens.

As most organizations have started upgrading themselves to align with Industry 4.0, how does Knowledge Lens’ engagement in Industrial IoT help firms thrive in their markets?
At present, there is a huge potential in the Indian manufacturing stage to bring-in Cost Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance using Digitization. The first aspect in terms of the digitization that is happening in the plants is to digitize the manual data entry processes. One of the key solutions that we do for our clients is giving them a flexible cGMP and 21-CFR compliant Electronic Logbook for Equipment Maintenance, Cleaning & Validation, Batch Manufacturing Records and others. This is the first step towards digitization for them.

The second most important aspect is

efficiency improvement by implementing Overall Equipment Efficiency program or implementing Remote Web SCADA for remote control and management. Knowledge Lens helps our customer in enhancing their efficiency through a structured digitization journey and predictive maintenance to reduce downtime and losses.

The third critical aspect is the security of the data as we integrate IT-OT systems and also take these data to Clouds as required. Our unique Digital Data Diode enables such secured IT-OT Integrations. Security is one of the prominent concerns for our customers, and hence our unique solution helps in the same.

Our domain expertise, technology expertise and our process expertise create a unique value proposition for our clients

Tell us about the products offered by Knowledge Lens in fulfilling digital transformation needs and achieving business insights?
iLens (Intelligent Lens) is our state-of-the-art product in Industrial IoT. iLens brings a next generation Industrial IoT Platform that combines the unique capabilities of seamless connectivity to Plant Machinery/Equipment’s, secured data diode based integration of IT and OT Technologies, Remote Web SCADA for remote monitoring, Electronic Log for digitalization and a comprehensive self-service AI driven dashboard and analytics. The product gives our clients end-to-end capabilities for their digital transformation of the shop floor.

The concept of Big Data, high level of automation, and AI-first approach are gaining momentum since they underpin the core values of industrial IoT. Tell us about your expertise in various technologies and how it serves the needs of customers.

The foundation for our success in Industrial IoT is due to our deep expertise in IT-OT integration. Our unique blend of understanding the IT-OT security challenges, deep expertise in Data Engineering, Hardware manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence gives us a very good competitive advantage. Machine Intelligence, AI and Big Data are our core capabilities. Our domain expertise, technology expertise and our process expertise create a unique value proposition for our clients. For implementing Industrial IoT, understanding the shop floor challenges and also understanding the plant automation space is critical.

Share a success story about one of your implementations that has earned reputation for the company?
There are multiple instances where we were able add significant value to our customers. One of the recent case study has been from an electronic manufacturing line, where we predicted the machine failures proactively, thus reducing the wastage during to machine’s nozzle deviations. For another Pharmaceutical company, we auto-discovered critical parameters that enhance the batch yield. For another manufacturing firm, we were able to bring-in a complete Digital Twin model of their entire manufacturing line, enabling them for remote troubleshooting and analytics.

What is the future road map envisioned for Knowledge Lens in the coming times?
From a product features perspective, we are bringing-in the Digital Twin for manufacturing Industry, where there will be complete visibility and predictability of Manufacturing. Apart from this, we are looking for AI based Batch Yield Prediction and Batch yields enhancements.

From the business perspective, we are looking to be the key partner in transforming the small and medium scale manufacturing companies on their digitization journey, empowering them with AI and latest technologies in Industrial IoT.

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Knowledge Lens: Helping Clients Ascend Their Digital Transformation Journey