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Doyen Infosolutions: Leveraging Technology to Enable Smooth Functioning of Businesses

  Vikram Jain,    Director

Vikram Jain


The Global Cyber Security Market size is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 13.4 percent from 2021 to 2029, from $139.77 billion to $376.32 billion. The industry is being driven by new online e-Commerce platforms as well as the advent of critical technologies like cloud security, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT). For major industry rivals, developing internet security solutions based on AI platforms is a high focus. Doyen Infosolutions, established in 2004, is a top-tier global provider of IT services and solutions with a specialization in enhancing business productivitythrough client IT initiatives. By using the ideal combination of skills, procedures, and technologies, we enable this and gain a competitive edge. Our clients' operations are managed more profitably and efficiently by utilising our solutions.

We engaged in one-on-one interaction with Vikram Jain, Director, Doyen Infosolutions. Here's the highlights.

Tell us how DOYEN Infosolutions is currently positioned in the IT services domain.
There are two main lines of business that DOYEN Infosolutions focuses on. First, there is the Software Services, which include Enterprise Application Integration, End-to-End Application Management, and Software Development, all of which fall under various Technology Practices. Second, enterprise IT security and cybersecurity options that include complete solutions

for endpoint, data, network, risk & compliance, and identity/ access management. We are collaborating as strategic partners with top manufacturers of nextgeneration cybersecurity products to put their solutions into practice and provide ongoing support for large businesses.

What is the kind of value proposition delivered through your Services portfolio?
Our Core Value Proposition centres on a thorough understanding of cybersecurity issues which enables us to ensure that customer security implementations follow best practises established not only by the solution used but also by those set out by the industry. Additionally, providing customers with market available nextgeneration demands and solutions that can assist them streamline their cybersecurity counter measure landscape. By recommending right integration and orchestration options to enhance automation in incident response, we also assist customers in leveraging already installed systems. Additionally, we put a lot of effort into developing a deeper knowledge of cybersecurity risks, and our consulting methodology focuses on decreasing the cyberattack surface and working more at the solution level. We are in a good position to serve as an end-to-end cybersecurity partner to our strategic clients because we are a partner working on the end-to-end cyber environment and working with significant organisations. Lastly, assisting clients in achieving Business Outcomes and not only ouput.

What are the challenges you often solve through your services/solutions for clients?
Simply expressed, our primary challenges revolve around managing cybersecurity risk. We can reduce cybersecurity risk through our numerous solution offerings, which include end-to-end data, network risk and compliance, identity and access management. Second, we assist in establishing the Zero Trust Framework,

which is a requirement across several sectors. To do this, we implement several solutions in client environments. Additionally, we assist in enhancing data security, which is a core competency for us. The practice includes deploying solutions for preventing data leakage as well as managing and maintaining these solutions. Finally we evaluate and improve the performance of their current IT security controls.

Tell us about some of the cyber security projects you have undertaken to safeguard your clients'IT assets?
Doyen has been a vanguard in introducing solutions that are market leaders. We were early adopters of effective data classification for important BFSI and non-BFSI clients. Doyen was the first to propose best practices for the implementation of Micro Segmentation systems, enabling businesses to employ Breach Attack simulation platforms to assess and improve their security posture. We have successfully implemented Device Visibility, Control and Orchestration solutions(NAC) for a few very large customers and implemented Data Centre Security solutions to prevent the lateral movement of threats with the aid of Nexgen Micro Segmentation.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for DOYEN Infosolutions? Where is it headed for the next five years?
Primarily, we want to be leaders in the cybersecurity domain given our expertise in the rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape. With our deep understand-ing of the cybersecurity landscape, we have been able to very successful implementations for various large enterprises. We aspire to be the go-to credible, customercentric company in this space offering expert services in the different verticals of Cybersecurity. Starting from India in the Initial phases we were successful in establishing a presence overseas in the Middle East and Europe as well. We further hope to expand in more countries in the near future.

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