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Datawise: The Brand Promise of Insights, Intelligence, and Infinity

Vinay Kumar , CEO

Business analytics is fast becoming the lifeblood of IT. Big data, machine learning, deep learning, data science the range of technologies and techniques for analyzing vast volumes of data is changing at a rapid pace. Typically, to gain deep insights into customer behavior, systems performance, and new revenue opportunities, a business analytics strategy should be clearly focused and on target. Datawise, a Hyderabad based company, involved in various aspects of business analytics, has created many product suites to address distinct aspects of customer experience, customer engagement, and customer satisfaction. Datawise has ushered in the era of simplified data management, enabling organizations to unleash the full value of their data for competitive advantage. The organization already has built a strong partner ecosystem and further aims to expand it. With the increase in adoption of digital transformation initiatives across industries, requirements are also likely to multiply Datawise’ business analytics products enable customers to monetize their data to accelerate profitable business outcomes.

The primary focus of Datawise has always been on solving real business problems through business analytics and Platform-as-a-Service(PaaS)while

implementing latest technologies in their solutions. More so, this business analytics player has been adding several other attributes to their portfolio including text analytics, voice analytics, and video analytics etc.

Datawise' business analytics products enable customers to monetize their data to accelerate profitable business outcomes

Besides,generating insight on passive data, Datawise integrates stored data sets with Passive, Active and Public data sets. This allows generating meaningful insights which can turn into profitable business outcomes, predicting next best actions and increasing ROIs. In a competitive world, external bench marking has become increasingly important over internal bench marking. While internal bench marking is easily available with most of the enterprises, finding external benchmarking depends upon two things i.e. capability, and accuracy. Developing various bench marking like credit bench marking, and consumer bench marking engagements with many esteemed clients, Datawise has opened up multiple possibilities for developing competitive advantages for companies.

Excelling in Organized Data Collection
The success of market research is contingent on the integrity and relevance of the data. And to a high degree, the quality of the data depends on the methods of data collection used. Datawise has an exclusive product for field data collection, called DATTAB. Besides real-time data collection, the product also enables transmission, transformation, and simplification, which significantly enhances client's agility. The ability of DATTAB to rapidly

collect and address data requirements is critical to being able to respond effectively to market needs.

DATTAB’s cost-effective solution also provides for drag and drop customizable reports based on real-time field data. Further, DATTAB can also help in geotagging, and captures metadata, a business can perform further analytics. DATTAB has now been successfully deployed for more than 80 client engagements world wide, and every deployment has demonstrated its competencies. Datawise's PaaS platform(Satis ACTual)enhances customer experience(CX) management and equips enterprises with actionable insights to drive right customer strategies.

“There is an urgent need to dejargonise the industry. It is more important now than ever before because industry is moving into a mature phase and therefore the need to establish steady state process.

The industry is increasingly moving away from the traditional services model to the self-service model. The industry,therefore, has to move from people heavy to product sophisticated mode. Datawise is already on that path”,conveys Vinay.

Currently, Datawise offers its services to clients in 23 countries all across the world and has a vision to grow as a business analytics solution provider space. Having expertise in several verticals such as eGovernance, Aviation, banking and Financial Services, Healthcare, IT,the company intends to be seen as the First Choice of the analytics industry. Over the past two years, Datawise has set up a scorching pace of growth, at more than doubling every year. "With a strong product focus, we shall continue to provide actionable insights to support business decisions", adds Vinay Kumar, CEO, Datawise.

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