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Diatoz: Future-Proofing Lives with A-to-Z Digital Solutions

Monuranjan Borgohain,Founder & CEO

Something besides the high-end technology frameworks that takes a technology company beyond the margins of normality is the impact they create in the market. Maneuvering futuristic technologies to create such a socio-economic impact is DIATOZ Solutions Private Limited, an MSME registered under the government of India. With three business lines – services, products and consulting – DIATOZ is disrupting IT industry in India with a wide range of solutions like ezenotes, e2ehiring, salver, patapet, airpetgo, hectocommerce, ezevision, real-estate automation first-of-its-kind agricultural market place, and many more.

Founded by Monuranjan Borgohain (CEO), DIATOZ within a couple of years of inception has come a long way. With a 75 people strong talented workforce, the company has been contributing to Digital India initiatives with its range of digital solutions. DIATOZ’s impressive portfolio in the fields of agriculture, education, hiring, pet care, AI/ML and real-estate is all set to concoct a revolution by progressively impacting the daily lives of billions of common people.

In conversation with Monuranjan Borgohain, Founder & CEO, DIATOZ

The contribution of agriculture to the GVA has decreased from 18.2 percent in 2014-15 to 16.5 percent in 2019-20. Where are you positioned in the agrotech industry, which endeavors to make the lives easier for the stakeholders?
Our mission is to provide farmers & dealers with every possible avenue to digitally-sell their Agricultural products & services via internet on time with intact quality across India. This not only helps them to save time & money and feel happy, but also provides benefits to the end-consumers, merchants, and the economy as a whole.

Our mobile platform, Agro-Market place

is a digital marketplace for agriculture. As a part of MVP 1.0, it enables suppliers and distributors to handle their B2B trading seamlessly, so that they can focus more on increasing productivity and growth. As a part of MVP 2.0, it will enable retailers and farmers directly participating in buying and selling of their Agro products. We aim to bring agricultural products sourcing for B2B & B2C segments at fingertips, which will help them track innovations & products and also find suppliers next door to facilitate an informed purchase decision.

While such a robust, vast platform, it’s imperative to provide the stakeholders with a holistic & overwhelming experience. What is the kind of experience that DIATOZ is offering?
The digital transformation is imperative for all businesses from small to large enterprises. While offering digital transformation, we focus on commercializing businesses and driving Customer Experience for them. DIATOZ digitally transforms your business activities, processes, and models to fully leverage the digital technologies and their accelerating impact on the people in a planned way, with present & future changes in mind and to deliver value to the end-customers.

DIATOZ is primarily blessed with exciting and challenging projects in diversified business domains

The mere presence of a business over the internet or cloud doesn’t mean digital ‘transformation’. DIATOZ believes that digital transformation should help businesses to outreach end-customers, increase brand value and, most importantly, be a platform that is highly scalable with ease amidst the dynamic technology trends. For this to happen, we first understand the business, their core values, and end-customers and what ‘digital’ means to them, which will eventually help us achieve successful transformation in the right direction.

What is the kind of technology framework and backend infrastructure that we are referring to?
Our Core Engineering Services team focuses on Software Development driven by Agile, Domain Design and Test-Driven Principles to ensure 100 percent requirement satisfaction and to guarantee control over project management. We follow process

automation including Dev-Ops Operation, CI/CD release management, and end-to-end QA automation. Over the last two years, we have built many reusable software components raging from security & auditing modules to mobile app reusable components, cloud native components, bot framework, and AI recognition pipeline. These frameworks help us deliver quality products and software comparatively faster than others. This is why our solutions boast of diversified technology stack, high volume data processing, fast search, and extensive scale on demand.

Could you elucidate one of the challenging implementations that you have done in the recent past?
DIATOZ is primarily blessed with exciting and challenging projects in diversified business domains like micro-finance, construction, retail, social networking, IoT and AI/ML to name few. One such exciting and challenging deployment was done for a construction giant. We implemented a first-of-its-kind solution for the construction engineering major – ‘Partner Portal’ – across their different divisions within 10 just months. Partner Portal is a onestop-shop for all requirements of a partner, ranging from Registration & On boarding to Partner Empanelment, Contract Insight, and Partner Performance Evaluation. In addition to features like state of the art Chatbot with support for four languages, the robust integration with ERP solution also enables the partners to view and participate in e-BID/e-Auction at ease. In brief, it fulfills all pursuits of a partner.

What is the future road map of DIATOZ and what are the innovations that your company is currently working on?
We wish to grow as a brand where DIATOZ becomes the synonym of quality, reliability and trusted digital products and services. We also wish to generate employment for 10000 people by the end of 2023, alongside the plans for global expansion and going public.

Besides AgroMarketplace, we currently are also working on a few interesting and unique product lines, including EZENOTES – a futuristic simplified study material sharing platform, EZEVISION – a traffic analytics platform, HectoCommerce – a marketplace for multiple markets, AIRPETGO – a platform catering to pet sitters & pet owners, e2eHiring – a redefined, smart solution for end-to-end hiring needs, and Salver – a restaurant bot for ordering your food online.

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