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HappSales: Deciphering Complexities & Enabling Frugal Digital Transformation

Navin Nair,Founder & CEO

Navin Nair

Founder & CEO

“Happiness is the highest good and is realized through the practice of virtue.” These powerful words by Aristotle that aesthetically echo the simple philosophy of making people around happy have been the game changer for HappSales – a Bangalore-based digital transformation solutions provider, while pursuing its mission to infuse happiness into business execution through user-centric innovations. HappSales constantly strives to succeed on its mission by committing equally to all its customers, every one of its employees, and partners. While its integrated Account Management CRM platform, intelligent Mobile App powered by conversational-AI, and frugal-transformation delivery methodology differentiate the company on the delivery front, it’s the ability to build long-term sustainable partnerships with all the stakeholders that has helped HappSales to create its own niche. CIO Insider engages the company’s founder & CEO, Navin Nair, in an interactive session.

In conversation with Navin Nair, Founder & CEO, HappSales

It is often said that CRM software is now the biggest software market in the world. What is the role played by HappSales in the current CRM industry?
Yes, that’s right. CRM is not only the biggest, but also the fastest growing software market. Something that our market experience taught us is the fact that organizations can orchestrate profitable growth only if they address the complete lifecycle around Account management. We, at HappSales, focus on end-to-end Account Management & Execution. Our framework is based on our obsession with business outcome and actual execution to drive velocity across sales, post-sales and receivables.

Your experience in sales & accounts management spans across two-decades and world-class organizations like SAP, SAS, Avaya, & HCL. What were the takeaways and how are you making a difference through HappSales?
I have personally witnessed that customer-facing teams more often than not find conventional CRM systems cumbersome, time-consuming, and ineffective for their day-to-day operations, which in turn hamper their productivity and performance. Only less than 30 percent of valuable customer intelligence actually makes it into these systems, making them eventually depend on complex excel sheets that lead to huge inefficiencies in their business.

We founded HappSales to eliminate this complexity through a novel approach and in turn help companies drive frugal transformation across customer-facing operations. It all stems from our underlying philosophy – if the teams are happier, business will prosper!

Tell us about your approach that eliminates the complexity of businesses.
We do three things differently. Firstly, we deliver an integrated and comprehensive account management platform focused on execution and velocity that progressively impacts outcomes across all three business drivers – revenue, profitability and cashflow. Our service modules include installed-base management, warranty & AMC management, service visit scheduling, and on time repairs along with digitized service templates. Our customers also use HappSales for receivables management as well as to reduce daily sales outstanding (DSO), schedule & assign collection activities, and much more.

It all stems from our underlying philosophy – if the teams are happier, business will prosper!

Secondly, we leverage cutting-edge technologies (like conversational-AI / NLP) to empower customer-facing teams with intelligent mobile app powered by personal assistants and that keep end-users at the epicenter of our strategy. Our mobile-first strategy helps to extraordinarily simplify usage,

adoption and efficiency – the key ingredients for any successful rollout. It enables them anything from easy information capture using voice to business card scanning, GPS-enabled customer location capture, reminders & alerts for effective execution, and collaboration among teams that eliminates delays.

Another USP is our frugal-transformation based delivery methodology that exempts organizations from costly, time-consuming, cumbersome, and risky projects, which are typically associated with the conventional software implementations.

What is the scope of transformation we are looking at? Could you elucidate it through a case study?
Recently, we deployed HappSales at a leading manufacturing company from the packaging industry. Having a large team serving thousands of businesses across the world, they had tried few options in the past. With our execution, they now savor significant competitive advantage and benefits across Sales, Profitability and Cash-flow. They have become a data-driven organization and their newly acquired capability to accurately measure and improve metrics like sales velocity, rolling four-quarter pipeline, conversion rate, and sales cycle among others is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to the sales teams being empowered with unparalleled customer intelligence to help them sell better, the company now gets increased repeat orders by tracking consumption and proactively engaging with the customers. The enhanced customer satisfaction levels and improved profitability made them a real ‘Happ(y)’ client.

What is HappSales’ future roadmap? What are the technologies that you are going to invest in?
The organizations are increasingly realizing the inevitability of automation to drive profitable growth and competitive advantage. We are committed to provide a frugal option to drive transformation without the need for complex, expensive and risky longdrawn projects. As a part of our roadmap, we will continue to make investments in disruptive technologies like Machine Learning, NLP and Big Data. We have aggressive growth plans ahead of us and aspire to be the leading CRM provider in India, and also expand to other geographies as well.

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