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  • Satish Mohan, Founder & CTO

    Satish Mohan, Founder & CTO

  • What if you could receive all your identity & credential data straight into a mobile wallet and you could use & re-use them across different websites to verify your identity, without the need for passwords or frustrating log-in procedures? Imagine applying for a home loan by sharing all the necessary proofs straight from your mobile phone, while your bank verifies them near-instantly. Imagine auto-filling a job application form with the identification details from Aadhar Card, address from your driving license, grades from your college, and income details from your bank - everything through your mobile. This is the future of internet economy powered Dhiway, a startup based out of Bangalore. Dhiway is building India's first digital trust platform to enable individuals and organizations to connect, share credentials, and build trust using a completely decentralized & privacy-respecting infrastructure-where literally everyone can be the center of their own web of trust.

  • Dhiway: Powering Digital Transactions With Absolute Certainty

The Hardest Times Are Behind US!

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

The year 2020 hasn't been even remotely kind to the startup ecosystem. From work from home paradigm to cash management and constantly changing

Artificial Intelligence & Automation ­ Your Recipe For Success

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and Automation are the new power couple in town. Together, they are creating a

Startups of the Year - 2020

Digital Transformation

By: Mani Mulki, CIO, Tata Capital Ltd

The Digital Landscape in India is evolving rapidly. There are tectonic shifts in Consumer behavior fuelled by rapid advancements in technology like AI / Robotics / Voice, Text,


Significance Of Sensor-Fusion Powered Computer Interfaces In Day-To-Day Life

By: Nandan Dubey, CTO, Cybernetyx

We, humans, are blessed with five senses ­ sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing with an inbuilt cross-sensory perception, which helps us in


'Customer First'; Are We Missing On This In Our Digital Delivery?

By: Asish T Karunakaran, CIO, Vidal Health

Recently I was going through a website of a large Global Auto Manufacturer to contact their nearest showroom as I was keen to


Immersive Technology Driving A Paradigm Shift In Design/Architecture Pedagogy & Learning

By: Gautam Tewari, Co-Creator, Trezi & Inspirer, Trezi Academy

The future of design learning lies in embracing immersive technology. Within the design


How It Can Liberate AI And Empower The Organization

By: Anil Kaul, CEO, Absolutdata

It's an exciting time to be a CIO. With big data maturing into artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, massive shifts in technologies, tools and solutions are taking place.

  • Startups of the Year - 2020

    With the consumer demands and VC investments dropping simultaneously, the startups ecosystems across the globe are struggling to keep their neck above water. Tech startups, however, have been manifesting better numbers compared to other segments. While the US remains the largest startups ecosystem in the world, India is at the third sport below China. When it comes to tech startups, the Indian counterparts have also been quite successful in containing the adverse effects of the pandemic. Though the restrictions brought down the capital inflow to all-time quarterly low in Q2 2020, the startup ecosystem in the country made a comeback in Q3 by attracting funding with a surge of 167 percent compared to Q2. While this implicates the revival of the ecosystem, it's an even more inspiring fact that the country saw the emergence of four unicorns during the pandemic ­ Nykaa, Razorpay, Uncademy, & Postman. A collaborative report by TiE Delhi-NCR and Zinnov says that the country's recovery seems to be faster than expected. The data shows that around 75 percent start-ups are being successful in steadying the ship, while around 30 percent of startups have explored new revenue streams. The tech startups among them, however, owe big thanks to the demand for cloud adoption, digital transformation, and cybersecurity. Recognizing the key progressions and developments in the Indian startup ecosystem, CIO Insider has come up with the `Startups of the Year - 2020. The list comprises startups that have shown immense proficiency in adapting to the new normal and finding alternative revenue streams without compromising the quality of deliverables. The following list has undergone strict scrutiny by a panel of experts that include industry veterans & subject matter experts, CMOs, CEOs, analysts, and the CIO Insider editorial team. Let's begin.

Startups of the Year - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Dhiway: Powering Digital Transactions With Absolute Certainty Dhiway Satish Mohan, Founder & CTO, Pradeep KP, Co-Founder & CEO Dhiway is building India’s first digital trust platform to enable individuals and organizations to connect, share credentials, and build trust using a completely decentralized & privacy-respecting infrastructure.
Diatoz: Future-Proofing Lives with A-to-Z Digital Solutions DIATOZ Solutions Monuranjan Borgohain, Founder & CEO An MSME disrupting IT industry in India with a wide range of solutions like real-estate automation, first of its kind agricultural market place, and many more.
EMedHub EMedHub Dr. Kumble Rajesh, Co-Founder & CIO A highly connected healthcare ecosystem developed by Svastanibhanda Medical Technologies acting a personal healthcare assistant of every stakeholder of the healthcare ecosystem.
HappSales: Deciphering Complexities & Enabling Frugal Digital Transformation HappSales Navin Nair, Founder & CEO A Bangalore-based digital transformation solutions provider offering frugal transformation through an integrated Account Management CRM platform and intelligent Mobile App powered by conversational-AI.
Olovy Olovy Arvind Prabhu, Founder A B2B e-commerce platform based model designed to enhance opportunities for all types of businesses in the technology areas by connecting consumers to vendors.
Progcap Progcap Pallavi Shrivastava, Co-Founder Offers Last Mile Financing Solutions to aid micro enterprises take their businesses to its optimum.
RadomeTech RadomeTech Nagendra Prasad Kumble, Director Specializes in Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Enterprise Solutions, Supply Chain and Logistics.
Sankey Solutions Sankey Solutions Suhas Patil, Founder A technology service provider rendering advanced software solutions, data engineering solutions and analytical solutions.
Turtledove Technologies Turtledove Technologies Felix Thattil, Co-Founder & CIO Specializes in software development, database management, website development, e-commerce website development, mobile app development, digital marketing services, and cloud services.
vBridge Hub: A Hyper-Collaboration Platform for Businesses to Stay Relevant vBridge Hub Pravin Bolar, Founder & CEO A virtual collaboration platform that connects Tech Vendors, Service Providers, and Enterprises to accelerate the technology and innovation adoption process.