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DreamzTech Solutions: Foraying into the Possibilities of Blockchain Enabled Solutions

Krish Ghosh,Founder & CTO

Krish Ghosh

Founder & CTO

DreamzTech is an enterprise solution provider with expertise in New Age Technologies such as IoT, and Blockchain. With offices in US, UK, Singapore and India (Pune), DreamzTech India runs with a team of architects, developers, programmers and marketing professionals to deliver New Age Technology services. The Founder explains how DreamzTech has ventured into multiple applications of Blockchain.

In conversation with Krish Ghosh, Founder, CMD, CTO, DreamzTech Solutions

Everyone from entrepreneurs to large corporations and even Governments are developing useful blockchain-based applications. How is DreamzTech Solutions helping business analysts to understand and transit to the new world of blockchain?

DreamzTech has developed a Blockchain CoE, where we are educating the large corporations and government entities about the benefits of Blockchain in their ecosystem. As part of our Blockchain CoE, we already added the Industry SME's from various sectors to help understand the current challenges and how to overcome those challenges with the help of Blockchain technologies. With this in mind, we have developed the frameworks and solutions over blockchain to help Business Analysts and Business Consultants understand the benefits of transition to the new world of Blockchain.

In what ways do DreamzTech Solutions’ services help different industries to implement blockchain solutions?

As part of our blockchain initiatives, we invested heavily in creating various use cases in various domains and sectors, especially in Fintech, manufacturing and healthcare. We are already providing Blockchain based solution to one of the Largest US based banks for their collateral tracking and reconciliation. Also, we have been approached for an Asset Tracking solution by one of the biggest companies in UK. We have also designed healthcare solution for US and India based companies. After using our solutions, our customers realize the difference and thereby save operational costs with faster turnaround and added security. So based on our experience, we can confidently say Blockchain is being adopted as enterprise technology in current business world.

What kind of solutions does DreamzTech avail to customers to keep pace with the changing time?
With the recent adoption of Blockchain at enterprise level there is no doubt Blockchain is going to disrupt the current way of business in almost all areas, domains and industries.

We developed Blockchain based IoT platform considering the security related challenges in traditional IoT platforms

For Example, we are already providing
Blockchain based Collateral Management and Reconciliation solution in Banking - this is already implemented for one the largest banks in USA, as I mentioned earlier. Blockchain Asset Tracking Solution is also part of our portfolio, which we have implemented for one of largest brewery rental companies in UK. We also design Blockchain based IoT Platform, Blokchain based Fleet Management Solution, and Blockchain based computerized maintenance system.

Years of delivering transformation would have admitted a number of triumphant success stories. Please tell us about one implementation story that has made an impact in DreamzTech’s reputation.

Although we have many success stories in Blockchain, however one client venture was highly successful and adopted very smoothly within a US based bank. This was the Blockchain based Collateral Management & Reconciliation system. DreamzTech developed Ethereum Solidity based smart contracts to track Secure Loan - Savings Account as collateral pledge tracking using Blockchain. This interfaced with bank collateral system & Smart contract handle events and oracles to query external services. Objective of the solution is to achieve real time collateral reconciliation, synchronization and reconciliation between blockchain network and banking internal systems to Increase efficiencies in banking processes while improving customer satisfaction. After the implementation, the customer got a Single source of Truth of collaterals and the bank was able to trace end-to-end lifecycle of Collateral. Real time collateral reconciliation, transparency & visibility to the customer of the outstanding loan balance, immutable ledger of all loan transactions pertaining to savings and CD accounts and real time alert and notification when loan fully repaid, were few of the benefits that the DreamzTech delivered.

What further innovation do you plan to include in your blockchain solution offerings?
We already made Blockchain an integral part of our offerings. We developed Blockchain based IoT platform considering the security related challenges in traditional IoT platforms. As per prediction, by 2025 there will be 25 Billion devices which will be connected to internet. So keeping these figures in mind, we have developed our IoT platform where we can offer our customers complete peace of mind.

Also we are venturing into the Healthcare domain as a potential candidate for blockchain and already implementing various use cases. Another area of focus is smart city: which includes Smart Electricity Distribution, Smart Waste Management, Smart Traffic Management, Smart Bill Board, and Smart Water Management. We are already working with few of the customers to implement these solutions.

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