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InteliTix Solutions: End-to-End Blockchain Solutions from Concept to Development

Satish Salivati,Director

Headquartered in Chennai, InteliTix is a Blockchain and HR tech solutions company. An early mover in the blockchain space, the company offers end to end blockchain solutions covering Consulting, Blockchain development, ICO smart contracts, and Blockchain training for clients across the globe. Further, the director of the company will describe how the company in a short span of time started working with companies across industry segments and geographies.

In conversation with Satish Salivati, Co-founder and CEO, InteliTix Solutions

As an early mover in the Blockchain space, what are your service offerings and key differentiators?

InteliTix develops Blockchain solutions for businesses across the globe. Our primary aim is to support clients at every step of their blockchain journey; right from case assessment and prototyping, to developing Proofs-of-Concept, Testnet piloting and end-to-end implementation of Blockchain solutions. Additionally, we have strong development and integration capabilities across different Blockchain protocols. This helps in the quick deployment of customized solutions and inter-operability across the blockchain network. So basically, we leverage the power of blockchain to help one create solutions where data is easily accessible and reliable. This, in turn, helps us to ensure that transactions among stakeholders are verifiable and traceable, thereby enabling an ecosystem of trust with suppliers, partners, and customers.

Tell us about some interesting Blockchain projects you have worked on?
As an organization, our focus is to add value to our clients’ businesses through blockchain technology. We have done various projects across industry segments and worked closely with clients to provide solutions specific to their needs. We are now working on a project with NABARD’s MABIF (NABARD Madurai Agri Business Incubation Forum), MABIF is a joint initiative of NABARD and TNAU. We are working with them to create a Blockchain -enabled supply chain system for tracking and tracing agricultural produce.

The system called ‘agritrac’ is being deployed first to track and trace organic produce from the farmer to the customer. This project is giving us the opportunity to work with multiple stakeholders in the agri supply chain in India.

InteliTix provides end-to-end Blockchain solutions including Blockchain consulting, solution design, development and deployment

Recently we worked on a certification board on Blockchain for PoS machines. So, whenever a bank buys the POS machine it has to go through a lot of certifications from different entities for security reasons. We, at InteliTix, have created a Blockchain system which brings them all in one platform without them worrying about trust, information security and data leaks. We have developed a solution for bill discounting too. The product is called ‘BillChain’ and it enables invoice discounting with a safe, transparent and immutable system that prevents multi-financing. We have also designed a decentralized identity management system called 1ID, a Blockchain based system to communicate Personal Identification Information (PII) between individuals and institutions. This solution ensures ownership and control of personal information of users is in their hands

and helps them share information on a need-to-know basis. This solution can be used by banks and other institutions for eKYC requirements.

Essentially, InteliTix provides end-to-end Blockchain solutions including Blockchain consulting, solution design, development and deployment. We also offer Blockchain certificate courses and work with corporates and Educational Institutions to train students in Blockchain.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the agritrac system that you are working on?
Organic farming is becoming very popular in India today. Understanding the origin and confirming whether the product is actually organic or not is very challenging for retailers and end customers. We have devised a system that helps track and trace the complete journey from farm to fork. We call this system, agritrac. We are working with multiple stakeholders including, Farmer Producing Organizations, Certification agencies, NGOs, Compliance and domain experts and partner with NABARD’s MABIF to bring all stakeholders in one permissioned blockchain. With this solution, it becames easy for agri business companies to convince their customers that their agricultural products are organic and safe.

Blockchain technology is evolving on a daily basis. It becomes essential for Blockchain companies to foresee the future with regards to the trends in the market. What future roadmap has InteliTix planned for the years ahead?
InteliTix has seen a lot of growth in the last 18 months and is now planning to expand in India and overseas. To start off our global expansion plans, we have signed a MoU with a Malaysian government agency to offer Blockchain training, projects and setting up of a Center of Excellence in the ASEAN region. We are also expanding in the MENA region with a MoU in Bahrain. Additionally, we are also working on other products in Blockchain like Screenout- a Blockchain-enabled Digital employee background verification system and a unified loyalty system. We aspire to be a global blockchain company of repute in the next few years.

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