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Endless Robotics: Introducing the Intelligent Norm in Decorative Painting

Srikar Reddy, Co-founder & CEO

Srikar Reddy

Co-founder & CEO

A look at the development of robot technology in the last ten years allows a comparison of several key parameters and reveals clearly how the versatility of the machines has improved. Imagine, the industrial paint job robots miniaturized to finish the same task with equal accuracy inside your house. Hyderabad headquartered, Endless Robotics is an early stage automation startup focused on developing robotic solutions for the decorative painting industry. To put simply; Endless Robotics works on ceaseless R&D to make robots that can paint buildings. Endless Robotics' automation proposal in a Product-As-A-Service model is solving the increasingly problematic issue of unavailability of skilled construction labor.

One such automation marvel, probably a one-of-a-kind machine thought, designed and brought to reality is WALT. WALT is the world’s first automatic interior wall painting robot that is made in India. It is packaged into an end-to-end service that provides a one-stop solution for painting and finishing works for builders, real estate developers and construction firms. Since its invention, WALT has been enabling the creation of a new ecosystem around the domain of decorative painting. This has led to transform the painter from an unskilled blue-collar labor to a sophisticated technician, far more productive and efficient.

Introducing WALT
“Delays in completion, RERA, Affordable housing and PMAY are strong reasons

which make the timing of such an innovative solution key”, informs Srikar Reddy, Co-founder, and CEO, Endless Robotics.WALT is flexible to changing heights and is designed to work through harsh construction environments. It executes the ideal process of spray paint to ensure that the finish on the wall is of the highest quality with minimal wastage of material. WALT is programmed to work wirelessly through a tablet device. With a complete suite of controls for the operator to choose from, the wonder machine requires the operator to do only so much as to simply scan the interiors with the tablet. The rest is taken care of by their algorithms that reconstruct the 3D model. WALT, rather the algorithm is intelligent enough to skip non-paintable areas on a wall (windows, switchboards, beams, and doors etc.),as indicated by the operator in the 3D scan. WALT corrects itself from any external disturbance caused by moving on a rough surface or accidental shove or push. The machine has a high endurance to work round the clock in order to increase the rate of completion of projects that are far behind schedule. While it can handle any composition of primer and paint in the market, WALT has numerous safety features built-in for the environment, people and itself. To a great extent, ER is on the path to becoming one of the largest proponents of robotics to solve archaic and chronic problems plaguing the human and capital resources in construction and infrastructure sectors.

WALT has been enabling the creation of a new ecosystem around the domain of decorative painting

"We are not just offering a product but a complete service that works with existing on-site teams handling paint", says Srikar. Endless Robotics offers thorough training, support, hotline and frequent customer success programs to ensure that their WALT users maximize their benefits. Endless

Robotics has a vision for the changing needs of the market and has accommodated for addressing specific requirements of customers in the design of WALT.

Endless Capabilities
Endless Robotics’ capabilities in mobile robotics and computer vision serve as a platform for stakeholders to discuss, elaborate, brainstorm and partner in developing solutions for the problems they face on site”,says Puneeth,Co-founder and CTO, Endless Robotics. ER's product offering for decorative painting takes care of a problem that takes up almost 5 percent of time and money involved in a multi-trillion dollar industry. Essentially, Puneeth with his team at Endless Robotics is upskilling the depleting workforce and upgrading their tools to deliver multi-fold productivity in their work.

ER's R&D efforts span multiple aspects of computer vision, software development, embedded electronics, and mechanical design. The company works on highly focused verticals encompassing engineers from diverse backgrounds to accouche robust platforms that are eventually integrated to form complete solutions for the market. Puneeth envisions Endless Robotics to build products and solutions that help global workforce in solving tasks that are hazardous, menial and exhaustive in an efficient and safe manner. "We believe, humans have immense capabilities and that they should not be bogged down with lowvalue jobs", says Puneeth.

Having constantly evaluated the possible pain-points to be solved, Endless Robotics is now looking down the barrel of problems associated with exterior painting, glass cleaning, and highrise maintenance activities. The subsystems that ER is building in the years to come have immense potential in being integrated for a lot of different use cases in construction, facility management, building maintenance, energy and infrastructure.

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