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Freight Deck: Orchestrating the Logistic Operation with Digital Transformation


The supply chain has been a hot topic on the minds of executives. Regardless of their respective industry, significant resources and technology have been invested to improve logistics and transportation solutions. As a result, businesses have experienced better day-to-day operations and are honing their attention on their core business. The confident leap of freight and logistics workforce engages technology to unlock growth and profitability in a challenging sector.

Freight Deck is a Collaborative TMS platform that enables all the stakeholders in the logistics value chain to come together on a common platform and function as a singular entity with the united purpose of providing efficient logistics at the best cost. Freight Deck brings structure and efficiency to the logistics operations of well-run organizations and to the logistics industry at large, which are otherwise disorganized and fragmented due to the transfer of its inefficiencies and incompetent traits. CIO Insider engages an exclusive interview with Ashok Krishna Bhat, a subject matter expert when it comes to logistics and transportation in the Indian market who has built logistics contracts for the biggest business houses in the country over the past decade.

In conversation with Ashok Krishna Bhat, Founder, Freight Deck.

The Logistics Industry has already started the reviving process. Where is Freight Deck positioned as a technology providers in the current logistic industry?
Freight Deck enables a digital transformation for the various stakeholders in the logistic value chain. The industry is driven heavily by manual and disjointed processes, multiple systems are unable to talk to each other, so execution of the logistic is a very big task. Issues arises in terms of cost and efficiency that gets lost because of the poorly connected people system, basically it is a one value chain working very fragmentally and Freight Deck is bringing them together making

it possible for all of them to work with high level of efficiency.

What essentially happens is there are choose operations and niche operations supply chain team, so the new definition of supply chain is becoming more and more competitive advantage that the companies wants to have over each other. Freight Deck adds value for the sake of those greater efficiencies and competitive advantage. We operate in the entire procure to pay of logistics, starting with ensuring them with right set of vendors, contracts, planning and optimization of dispatches to the best possible level, further ensuring operation that are efficient having the right amount of visibility. The other processes that today might be paper driven and manual driven which is prone to errors and mistakes are the things that we optimize.

Freight Deck enables a digital transformation for the various stakeholders in the logistic value chain

A reliable logistic service can boost business’ value and help in maintaining a positive public image. Tell us about the user experience provided by your platform. What are the features incorporated and how well have you leveraged the advantage of technology?
There is a wide nature of users, you have everyone from using leading supply chain professionals who are very well educated and have best of the skills to people like warehouses with mediocre level of skills to uneducated drivers, so there is a huge range of users. From a user experience perspective, a lot of work has gone ensuring with right kind of experience provided in terms of convenient or having the appropriate information. We have worked on different interfaces utilizing tools like watsapp, mechanism which might be very user friendly. This

is something that we are doing from the user perspective.

You need to have a system that can learn adapt and take care of needs where you can’t have human intervene at every point. We are cloud based multi Tenant Company where we use a lot of underlining mathematical modeling as well as specific used cases of AI and ML which is deployed for the big requirements. It is fundamental that the way we structure our ground which is more forward looking and ensuring future ready at all times.

Ashok Krishna Bhat,Founder

What are Freight Deck’s future plans? Which are the areas that you are going to invest in?
We have seen a pretty big flux in the industry post COVID, digital transformation industry was already headed in a direction but companies are more in need to be efficient remotely ensuring that their operation are running at a more efficient manner, so our focus would be to close out on this particular cycle itself that is on one side. Today, the entire game has become hugely impacted by the technology it is not just about infrastructure. Having vehicles or warehouse running your infrastructure effectively with technology is very important. We are helping the stake holders improving their capability thereby lifting overall efficiency in the system. The bulk of the market in India is all smaller unorganized players and they cannot afford to have internal tech team or system that can help them operation efficiently, providing solution to those people is what we see prominently in the future.

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