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KnowledgeCrop Consulting: Ameliorating Business Operations via Superior Body of Knowledge

CS Gupta,Director & CEO

CS Gupta

Director & CEO

Supply chain management provides better visibility and real-time analytical platform which manages the flow of the product and information across the supply chain network. Further, the business environment in present times has become very complicated. The level of competition is increasing. So are the expectations of customers. This makes it essential that businesses use their resources efficiently. This is possible only through the integration of technology with business operations. These technology trends not only help in reducing the wastage of resources but also help modernizing the functions, making both ERP& SCM essential for a modern-day business. There are professional ERP & SCM solutions providers to help with the requirements of the business.

KnowledgeCrop is one of the leading IT solutions & Supply Chain Consulting providers to various clients from different industry verticals. The company has domain expertise in different areas like ERP solutions (SAP and other ERP), SCM solutions & consulting and delivers solutions that ensure exceptional customer experience and business efficacy. CIO Insider engages in an exclusive chat with KnowledgeCrop’ CEO, CS Gupta.

In conversation with CS Gupta, Director & CEO, KnowlegeCrop Consulting

It’s a time when the supply chain management market is being more demanding than ever before. Where KnowledgeCrop is positioned and what makes KnowledgeCrop’s approach stand out in the market? What’s your USP?
We offer consulting services to start and grow businesses along with cutting edge technology solutions to take companies to the advanced level in the

industry in terms of both processes and systems. Over the last couple of decades, processes and systems in various businesses and industries moved from multiple dysfunctions to semi functional to integrated systems which we call as complete internally integrated ERP systems. Now this SCM phenomenon is kind of a natural extension, moving ERP systems to Supply Chain system in which enterprises are now connecting and integrating themselves to the outside world of important business partners – customers and suppliers to achieve agility, visibility and velocity to the business.

We are a knowledge Company, which is into both ERP & SCM, with a passion for innovation and delivering value to the customers. Our experienced and enthusiastic team works together with organizations globally to solve their most pressing challenges in SAP, Supply Chain and business processes.

We offer consulting services to start and grow businesses along with cutting edge technology solutions to take companies to the advanced level in the industry in terms of both processes and systems

As a solution expert, we are working with organizations to make them move towards an extended enterprise system. When we are talking about extended enterprising systems, we are primarily talking about supply chain systems. We are positioning ourselves as an SCM solution expert since we are doing consulting and solutioning based on APICS superior body of knowledge. There are hardly a few highly respected global bodies in the supply chain industry, and one of them is APICS (American Production and Inventory Control Society), which is considered a superior body of knowledge. Knowledgecrop has always focused on the APICS body of knowledge and has provided solutions and consulting based on this body of knowledge on which many of the global leaders run

their businesses. This is a kind of USP of us because we have been actually a pioneer in terms of providing consulting using this. Another thing which makes us very unique in our country is that we have mentored more than a thousand aspirant supply chain professionals using this body of knowledge.

Tell us a success story about one of your successful SAP implementations.
In our SAP implementation projects, our customers know it very well that along with SAP implementation, we also provide supply chain consulting using a superior body of knowledge into the system. In one of the organizations where we did the implementation of SAP, as far as the supply chain was concerned, there was neither a Basic MRP (material requirements planning) system nor an advanced planning system. We understood their entire pain and explained how we are going to restructure processes and implement SAP in a very professional and required manner so that the desired supply chain system works. We also faced challenges that their understanding of the supply chain system was not mature or advanced as we connect with APICS or advance manufacturing systems for technologies. We trained them while implementing and groomed them to understand the integrity and complexity of the SCM systems. The result was a successful SAP implementation, giving them the desired process framework and a running system to streamline their day to day business operations, resulting in inventory reduction, lead time reduction, increase in profitability with better control over operations and finances, better processes and overall well-structured supply chain.

What are the opportunities that you foresee and what are KnowledgeCrop’s future plans?
KnowledgeCrop Consulting seeks to deliver and promote unique solutions and services in the areas of ERP, Supply Chain and IoT. We strive to grow our business with the same enthusiasm, energy and integrity that we use to design solutions and services for our customers with sustainability and our commitment to all stakeholders. Currently, we are focusing on providing services (apart from SAP-ERP) on world class products like SAP – IBP, Kinaxis SCM suite, and o9 among others. We also use AI & ML tools for customers to innovate and collaborate better.

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