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  • SudhirJaiswal, President & CEO

    SudhirJaiswal, President & CEO

  • If there is any industry that has significantly faced the brunt of the lockdown as a result of the pandemic, it's the supply chain industry. COVID-19 will have a lasting influence on the Global Supply Chain Networks. Consumer behaviour towards supply chain will change forever; they would look for more contact less delivery, show more sensitivity towards the origin of product, prefer lesser human involvement and possibly need for higher level of trust and transparency in the elements of SCM. On the demand side, the pandemic has expedited the digital future as there are more people shopping online. In addition to this SCM & logistics companies would face financial constraints and possible down-sizing or consolidation of operations. So, to support the increasingly dynamic demand with smaller teams, they would be looking towards technological solutions to help them do more with less.

  • ESSPL: Manifesting New Depths in Supply Chain Efficiency

Editor's Column

The Most Awaited Tech-Revolution Is Finally Happening In Logistics

By: Pradeep Tewari, Head Logistics - Petchem Operations at Reliance Industries Ltd

Time to Weld Broken Chains with Technology

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

The technology world time-travelled into the future in 2020, going years ahead of the original upgradation schedules. No one would have imagined that the services from healthcare to education will be delivered in a complete virtual fashion

AI is No Magic: Four Steps to Get Your Organization Started on its AI Journey

By: Sandeep Alur, Director, Microsoft Technology Center, Microsoft India

For decades, artificial intelligence (AI) has demonstrated its heartbeat via the predictive power it possesses and the profound impact it can have on society. As with any emerging technology, AI went through its phase of hype

10 Most Recommended Freight Management, SCM & Logistics Solutions Providers - 2021

The AI Promise for Indian Real Estate

By: Abhinav Aggarwal, Head - IT, Mahindra Lifespaces

Just like the way the internet changed the world in the last 20 years, AI & ML are no longer buzzwords, and will change the way the world functions in the coming two decades. Organizations with the foresight and patience to adopt AI & ML could emerge as front runners.


Silver Lining for Shifting Homes During Covid Times

By: Anjani Kumar Agarwal, CEO, Agarwal Packers & Movers, DRS Group

Everything turned on its head with the Covid-19 outbreak, followed by the lockdown that dealt a major blow to businesses across industries. The survival instincts of the movers & packers segment were also put to the ultimate test.


Emerging Trends in Fruits & Vegetables Supply Chain & Marketing

By: Mihir Mohanta, General Manager - Supply Chain, Mother Dairy

For years, the Indian fruit & vegetable supply system was changing incrementally in a small way. How-ever, with the onset of Covid-19, it got an unusual boost albeit unplanned. Issues like border restrictions, restricted trading within


CIO Lifecycle in the Modern Era

By: Anil Ranjan, Sr.Practice Lead & Sr. Solution Architech, Inspirisys Solution Ltd

Head-IT/CIO/CISO is so prestigious position as it's not easy to reach there, but once you are there, it's your skill, Networking, Office Politics, company performance, and some other factors like your time devotion for company.


Security at the Initial Level

By: Ashok Tiwari, Head IT Operations, Varroc Lighting Systems India

The way security breaches are happening, we must think of a solution which could support a robust IT Security solution. In the Covid19 situations, the number of remote and roaming employees working has increased tremendously


Designing a Digital Roadmap for the Future Remote Workforce

By: Aditya Arora, CEO, Teleperformance India

Digital transformation is not a new priority for business leaders, but COVID-19 has made it more imperative, as businesses were forced to raise their digital maturity score years ahead of projections.

  • 10 Most Recommended Freight Management, SCM & Logistics Solutions Providers - 2021

    Till March 2020, the logistics sector in India was growing 10.5 percent annually and was expected to reach US$ 215 billion by the end of the year (according to data from IBEF). And then the pandemic happened! Indian logistics industry faced multifarious challenges amid its own countrywide lockdown, labor shortages, cargo capacity challenges, a manufacturing slowdown, order delays & stuck shipments, and demand & supply shocks being a few among them. Our GDP is at its lowest in six years because of the COVID-19 standstill adversely affecting consumption and investment in the Indian economy. The transmission of supply chain management and logistics industry from offline to online was the only way forward and it triggered a swift execution as it became a matter of survival. Bespoke logistics players as well as the largest logistics divisions have increasingly started consuming top-notch technologies such as Blockchain, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to enhance operational efficiency and optimize cost and time. This has played a crucial role in the revival of the industry. The time couldn’t be any better to recognize a bunch of organizations in the sector that are endeavoring to take Indian logistics & SCM industry past the adversities of the pandemic. CIO Insider has come up with a list of ‘10 Most Recommended Freight Management, SCM & Logistics Solutions Providers - 2021’, which comprises companies that have significantly flexed their innovative muscles to drive technology towards making the logistics industry more transparent, optimized, automated and predictive of the future trends. The following list has undergone strict scrutiny by a panel of experts that include industry veterans & subject matter experts, CMOs, CEOs, analysts, and the CIO Insider editorial team.

10 Most Recommended Freight Management, SCM & Logistics Solutions Providers - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Gaea Global Technologies: Successfully Deploying SCM Solutions against the Biggest of Challenges Gaea Global Technologies Amin Sikander, Co-Founder & President Engineering enterprise solutions for the most challenging project management and supply chain problems in every industry
Freightlinks India Freightlinks India Kalpesh Sony, Director Providing specific solutions to Technology, Consumer durable, Manufacturing and Automotive sectors with a legacy of more than 72 years
ESSPL: Manifesting New Depths in Supply Chain Efficiency ESSPL Sudhir Jaiswal, President & CEO Has a proven track record in designing and building supply chain Visibility and Control Tower applications critical for shipment monitoring and exception handling
ezTruck Logistics ezTruck Logistics Kali Rath, Founder A fast and easy Mini Truck booking platform, providing services such as lorry transport, professional house moving and office moving
Freight Deck: Orchestrating the Logistic Operation with Digital Transformation Freight Deck Ashok Krishna Bhat, Founder a Collaborative TMS platform that enables all the stakeholders in the logistics value chain to come together on a common platform and function as a singular entity with the united purpose of providing efficient logistics at the best cost
KnowledgeCrop Consulting: Ameliorating Business Operations via Superior Body of Knowledge KnowledgeCrop Consulting CS Gupta, Director & CEO With domain expertise in different areas like ERP & SCM solutions & consulting, KnowledgeCrop delivers solutions that ensure exceptional customer experience and business efficacy
SimplyFI Softech India SimplyFI Softech India Viswanadh Akella, Founder & CEO Leading digital transformation company that offers a gamut of solutions and products to various industrial sectors using cutting edge Blockchain technology
E Nnovation Life Sciences E Nnovation Life Sciences Anuj Singh, Founder & Director A group venture of e-nnovation BioDiscovery Private Limited, e-nnovation is one of the fastest growing technology startups in the country, offering technology, services & solutions for Biotechnology & Healthcare sectors
Mojro Technologies Mojro Technologies Kishan Aswath, CEO Aiding businesses to leverage the advantage of AI to automate logistics operations
RapiDel RapiDel Anshul Talokar & Atul Kambli, Co-Founders RapiDel's solutions for different segments are devised based on an integrated technology platform having the provision of virtual hubs that enable delivering reliable, effective services