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Galaxe Solutions: IT Solutions for Better Healthcare

SandipanGangopadhyay,President & COO


President & COO

In the ever-evolving world of IT and business, the ability to move rapidly and efficiently toward competitive differentiation while keeping up with or ahead of the pace of change drives a continuing need for IT transformation. This is truer today for the world of healthcare. A market that involves many players, each with their own unique problem and potential solution, healthcare faces the threat of new entrants into their market, antiquated infrastructure, and outdated technologies. What was previously gated by high entry costs is now very enticing to organizations that can leverage technology in unique and new ways to deliver a superior customer service experience to the end user.

Solutions that utilize concepts such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Blockchain are no longer concepts of 'the future' but available now and poised to deliver a wide range of solutions.

The pharma industry is struggling with a slow moving inventory and antiquated supply chain. One way to move beyond this constraint is to delivery MEIO (multi-echelon inventory optimization) through the implementation of machine learning technologies - AI driven predictive advance determination of inventory levels at a drug level, at a given location and at any point in time. “Regulating the supply of a given medication or a medical device would

be managed at a granular level to reduce the loss of products for reasons such as expiration dates, seasonal and unseasonal events”, explains Dheeraj Misra,Senior Executive Vice President and CTO, GalaxE.

In addition, the 'fail fast'approach to development is challenging to implement in this highly regulated industry. A big factor in high drug prices in United States is the time and effort it takes to develop GxP compliant systems that are used in processes such as manufacturing. FDA comprehensively regulates the process for validating GxP systems. Concepts of precertification, DevOps including CI/CD (Continuous Integration /Continuous Delivery) can be leveraged to enable CV (Continuous Verification and Validation).

Blockchain for EMR
Health plans and providers have a big opportunity and a challenge of big data. Ultimately, the success of providers at different points of care depends heavily on the quality of patient and benefits information available and the timeliness of same; however, fragmented information on individual patient care is maintained in disparate systems. The healthcare eco-system possesses a tremendous opportunity to fully integrate information available at various points of care. Implementation of Blockchain for EMR with the goal of providing a consolidated 360 degree view will revolutionize the industry. If we can treat all data sources from various organizations (Payers, PBMs, Providers, Pharmas) as blocks in the chain, accuracy, on demand availability and AI predictions can become the new way of providing highly effective healthcare.

Machine Learning for PBMs
With the introduction of new players in the industry such as large wholesalers and online providers driving massive change and desire for transparency, PBMs face a real challenge in the reinvention and maintenance of their value proposition towards the betterment of patients’ health and wellness. Solutions in this space will include end-to-end flow of value leveraging the use of advanced analytics and machine learning leading to a streamlined supply chain, starting with just-in-time manufacturing of small batch personalized medicine delivered directly to patient with minimal intermediaries and overheads.

Voice Technologies for Patients
Health providers need to focus on lowering cost, increasing personalized

and timely attention to patients, and alignment with the next generation of patients and around the clock availability. By leveraging voice technologies, which will soon be a mainstay in homes around the globe, providers are easily available to patients and can provide the level of personal care the next generation demands.

These are just a few of the problems and potential solutions in healthcare today. Since its inception, GalaxE remains dedicated to advancing the benefits of technology. As the company continues that legacy and look to the future, a focus on business enablement through agile, cost efficient and effective integration of people, process and technology anchors GalaxE’s success. “We revolutionize change in the costs of doing business that transform companies and their ability to leap beyond the competition”, says Sandipan Gangopadhyay, President and COO, GalaxE Solutions.

Dheeraj Misra,Senior Executive Vice President & CTO

GalaxE Solutions(GalaxE)specializes in the design and deployment of healthcare business processes and supporting systems and has implemented transformational technology for leaders in the healthcare industry and across the Fortune 500. A recognized technology innovator in the healthcare industry with 27+ years of experience, GalaxE’s technology touches more than 90 percent of the population in the United States with solutions touching every point in the healthcare value chain from payers, providers, and PBMs to pharma,life sciences manufacturers and therapeutic commercialization.

With 12 locations worldwide,GalaxE employs 1,500+ consultants with healthcare expertise serving clients around the globe.

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Galaxe Solutions: IT Solutions for Better Healthcare