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Shailendra Sinhasane, CEO

Unlike other forms of communication, the ubiquity of mobile technology offers exciting solutions to the new-era of digitally empowered patients and consumers, who now seek ‘anywhere and anytime’ diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of their health conditions. In today’s rapidly changing healthcare IT landscape, providers desperately require to pay heed to the mobility needs of today's ‘always-on’ tech savvy patients. Besides, driven by the excellent online customer experiences they have had with services in other industries, healthcare consumers now have a similar expectation for healthcare related services.

Headquartered in Houston, USA with an office in India, Mobisoft Infotech provides custom technology development services and solutions for both healthcare providers and startups to build digital health solutions that can drive both patient and business outcomes. Startups, specializing in this domain, have moved away from traditional healthcare delivery models to asset light and technology based platforms for patients and healthcare providers. By leveraging mobile and cloud technologies, Mobisoft has been building and scaling healthcare technology products for digital healthcare startups. While at the same time, the company has been enabling healthcare organizations and providers to improve patient outcomes and experience with new age health IT solutions.

Testifying Healthcare Expertise
Mobisoft has built 25+ custom healthcare solutions over the years for

both healthcare startups and providers and helped them successfully achieve their business goals. At the helm of existing technology needs and priorities of evolving healthcare providers, more than anything, healthcare providers are required to address the digital requirements demanded by health policy or by consumers and other stakeholders. Mobisoft has a HIPAA certified development team, proficient at building healthcare software solutions that can meet the stringent regulatory standards for patient health information (PHI) and network security.

Hands-on experience with complex EHR integrations for Epic and Cerner using Redox Engine and FHIR has helped Mobisoft to enable faster and cost-effective deployment of new software solutions that work seamlessly with the existing healthcare IT software and infrastructure.

By leveraging mobile and cloud technologies, Mobisoft has been building and scaling healthcare technology products for digital healthcare startups

Mobisoft infotech can leverage expertise and knowledge about CDA file formats to facilitate secure and seamless data sharing using EHR integrations and mobile based patient record management.

Mobisoft offers telehealth solutions that seamlessly connect healthcare providers with patients(like MyHouseCall), empower employees to avail better health care plans with employer and provider partnerships and a lot more.

Seremedi’s integrated mobile patient care platform ‘Carescriptions’ is Mobisoft’s exemplar of a collaborative connected care management solution that leverages mobile technology. Mobisoft partnered with Seremedi to develop Carescriptions - a mobile care

coordination solution that enables remote care management for high-risk patients and connects patients and their caregivers to the care team during the most critical points of care. Mobisoft’s engagement led Seremedi to recently get shortlisted for Cedars Sinai’s accelerator program, followed by winning a contract.

Mobisoft’s patient engagement solutions improve patient involvement in their care programs, make them proactive in their treatment and enable providers to deliver better health outcomes.

An excellent example of Mobisoft's role as a healthcare startup enabler and technology partner is Khushi Baby. Khushi Baby has built a low-cost NFC chip-enabled pendant solution to provide useful, actionable insights for health officials to achieve better vaccination program outcomes. For this innovative use of wearable technology for healthcare, Khushi Baby received several accolades. The most notable and recent award is the first position in the recently organized Johnson & Johnson GenH Challenge, winning grand prize of USD 250,000.

Moreover, Mobisoft is bringing Actionable Analytics and agility in patient experiences by building custom analytics engine into healthcare solutions to securely collect, store and analyze data for meaningful and actionable insights. The objective is that such insights enable early diagnosis, better treatment, and improved clinical decision making. For even better analysis, Mobisoft facilitates data integration across multiple sources and brings it together on a single platform. TxEDO and the aforementioned Khushi Baby are two of the star projects that the company is exercising on with regards to the same. TxEDO is a platform to assist clinicians with better pharma/drug resources related analytics thereby directly leading to enhanced patient education.

“We strongly believe that digital, mHealth and cloud will be the key differentiator between a successful and an unsuccessful healthcare provider of the future”, says Shailendra Sinhasane, CEO, Mobisoft.

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