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  • Dheeraj Misra & Sandipan Gangopadhyay, Senior Executive Vice President & CTO & President & COO

    Dheeraj Misra & Sandipan Gangopadhyay, Senior Executive Vice President & CTO & President & COO

  • In the ever-evolving world of IT and business, the ability to move rapidly and effi¬ciently toward competitive differentiation while keeping up with or ahead of the pace of change drives a continuing need for IT transformation. This is truer today for the world of healthcare. A market that involves many players, each with their own unique problem and potential solution, healthcare faces the threat of new entrants into their market, antiquated infrastructure, and outdated technologies. What was previously gated by high entry costs is now very enticing to organizations that can leverage technology in unique and new ways to deliver a superior customer service experience to the end user. Solutions that utilize concepts such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Blockchain are no longer concepts of ‘the future' but available now and poised to deliver a wide range of solutions. The pharma industry is struggling with a slow moving inventory and antiquated supply chain. One way to move beyond this constraint is to delivery MEIO (multi-echelon inventory optimization) through the implementation of machine learning technologies - AI driven predictive advance determination of inventory levels at a drug level, at a given location and at any point in time. "Regulating the supply of a given medication or a medical device would be managed at a granular level to reduce the loss of products for reasons such as expiration dates, seasonal and unseasonal events", explains Dheeraj Misra, Senior Executive Vice President and CTO, GalaxE.

  • Galaxe Solutions: IT Solutions for Better Healthcare

Technological Advancements in Healthcare is way Forward

By: Emmanuel Christi Das, Editor

Technological advancements are always at the forefront of the healthcare industry, consistently pushing the boundaries of practice in new and exciting directions. Both in and outside of healthcare, tech is developing

Trend Analysis in Healthcare

By: Sumit Singh, VP & CIO, Wockhardt Hospitals Ltd

Augmented Reality in Healthcare will play a very critical role in certain areas. First, that comes to mind is in the field of teaching medicine. With AR and VR, the methods to train future clinicians will see a substantial change as simulators did for the aviation industry.

 20 Most Recommended Healthcare Technology Solution Providers - 2018

The Advantages of Outsourcing For Healthcare Service Providers

By: Dr. Nitin Nag, Marketing (Symbiosis), AMP (IIMB), Regional Director (South), and Dr.Kishore Kumar, Consultant Neonatologist & Paediatrician, Cloudnine

Healthcare service delivery ecosystem is growing and is ably supported by a lot of auxiliary functions. customer expectations have forced


Technology for Impact: Solving India's Last Mile Healthcare Challenge

By: Sheetal Ranganathan, Global Head - Life Sciences and Healthcare Operations, Evalueserve

Data doesn't lie. It tells stories. The more diverse the data gets, the richer is the story - with multiple angles, and not-so-obvious connections One such story is that of the India of 2017


Data Science has the Transformative Power

By: Suresh Karanam, Group practice Head-Data & Analytics, TechMahindra

Data Science, as it is today, has evolved several notches up compared to how it was couple of decades ago. The process involved to generate insights now combined with real-time involves a much deeper business context


Healthcare and the Internet of Things

By: Geoff Feakes, Group CIO, Tunstall Healthcare Group

Healthcare is an incredibly important part of every society, and the resources that it demands continue to rise across many developed and developing countries. As traditional healthcare delivery struggles


ITSM In Healthcare

By: Aliasgar Bohari, Director IT , ZULEKHA HOSPITAL

Healthcare touches everyone More effective technology means more lives can be touched. The endgame is really about putting better controls in place so the quality of care and patient experience are enhanced.


Mobile Alerts Create Personalized Way to Improve Health Outcomes

By: Arun Rangamani, SVP & BU Head and Priyanka Rajkumar, Senior Director, Analytics Center of Excellence, SCIO Health Analytics

Mobile devices have become a life line to important information for most of us. On a daily basis we are notified about text messages from friends or family breaking news


The Future Of Diagnostics In India

By: Dr. Sushil Shah, Chairman and Founder, Metropolis Healthcare

As technology advances across spheres, the medical field too embraced the change with diagnostic laboratories constantly innovating and upgrading their mechanics. Laboratories have always been at the

  • 20 Most Recommended Healthcare Technology Solution Providers - 2018

    The complexity of healthcare platform can be fathomed by the fact that relationship management solutions are increasingly being seen as the precursor to change the healthcare sector. The care delivery standards are evolving with patients needing individual consulting. A healthcare CRM manages workflow, technology and individual needs in a streamlined fashion thereby expanding the adoption rate of CRMs by healthcare sector. A hospital is an existing hub of technology that gets naturally overburdened to integrate and harness the needs of individual patient whereas an apt healthcare IT solution product inherently functions to make the workflow and IT structure more simpler and nearer to the end users.

    With increased use of healthcare digital solutions, data compilation and data safety are few of the challenges that healthcare IT infrastructures are constantly dealing with. From vital statistics and patient information to design operating rooms for more efficient outcomes, the broad contexts of healthcare technologies are revamping this sector that has an indirect effect on patients. These, in turn, necessitate the selection of an apt Healthcare Technology Solution Provider allowing the healthcare stakeholders to redesign this segment. The stakeholders, years of experience and expert’s views are some of the other pivotal aspects on which the decisions can be made. Considering these and observing the trends as well, CIO INSIDER India has come up with a list of “20 Most Recommended Healthcare Technology Solution Providers 2018”. A distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts and the CIO INSIDER India editorial team has closely scrutinized these companies addressing the above features. We believe that the listing given by us will bring in a better clarity thereby enabling the healthcare stakeholders to take decisions that will sustain the test of time and reach to individual patient.

20 Most Recommended Healthcare Technology Solution Providers - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Agfa HealthCare agfa-healthcare Christian Reinaudo , President Provides an extensive portfolio of solutions including RIS, picture archiving & communications systems, cardiology information and image management systems.
Atlas Healthcare Software atlas-healthcare-software Bijoy Sivan, Vice President Specializes in private commercial healthcare solutions, public health solutions, medical outreach, and consulting.
Atos India atos-india Prakash Wagh, Director- Delivery The portfolio comprises life management services, information & communication system for patient engagement and value based healthcare.
Binary Spectrum binary-spectrum Ashok Kumar J.G , CEO & CTO Delivers healthcare IT management solutions that include web development services, web EMR system, healthcare billing and healthcare IT consulting services.
EXL exl Rohit Kapoor, Vice Chairman & CEO Facilitates integrated & modular solutions to the healthcare industry with capabilities to manage the clinical, financial, quality and performance issues.
Galaxe Solutions: IT Solutions for Better Healthcare galaxe-solutions SandipanGangopadhyay, President & COO Leverages technologies such as blockchain for EMR, machine learning & artificial intelligence and voice technologies for patients.
hCentive hcentive Sanjay Singh, Co-Founder & CEO Facilitates SaaS based solution to determine eligibility for Medicaid, qualified health plans with finance management and exchange solutions.
Manorama Infosolutions manorama-infosolutions Shripad Ghate , Chief Operating Officer Expertise lies in Enterprise solutions developing smart/innovative solutions, EMR/EHR, telemedicine, next generation/mobile apps, IoT connected devices/IoT solutions, and patient portals.
Meditab Software meditab-software Paragi Patel, CEO Competency lies in EMR, patient portal, practice management / billing, mobile app, HIE, offsite backup, eprescription, drug formulary and labs / diagnostics.
Mobisoft Infotech:  Your Digital Healthcare Technology Partner mobisoft-infotech Shailendra Sinhasane, CEO Delivers comprehensive suite of healthcare services across diversified healthcare industry.
Napier Healthcare Solutions napier-healthcare-solutions R Jayachandran, Chairman Designs comprehensive suite of integrated solutions to address hospital’s clinical, financial, physician and ancillary needs.
Nous Infosystems nous-infosystems Ajith J. Pillai , CEO Renders healthcare IT solutions leveraging latest technologies including digital transformation, mobility, big data, analytics and cloud computing.
nThrive nthrive Neeraj Bansal, Director A provider of patient access solutions, midrevenue cycle solutions, patient financial solutions and value-based care solutions.
Openweb Solutions: Exploring Latest Technologies to Bring the Best of Care openweb-solutions Miltan Chaudhury, Founder & CEO Avails customized software offerings comprising medical imaging solutions, Electronic Medical Record, HMS, clinical billing system, and Radiology Information System.
Optum optum Anurag Khosla, COO Enables government health agencies to provide accessible and affordable health services through advanced analytics.
Palash IVF: For an Entirely Integrated Infertility Clinic Management palash-ivf Nilesh Ingale,, Director Expertise revolves around healthcare IT, clinic management software, online patient portal, teleradiology and EMR.
ProKarma prokarma Vivek Kumar, Co-Founder & President Assists health organizations thrive by empowering risk optimization, improved care quality and cost controls.
Srishti Software Applications: Patient Centric Comprehensive & Integrated Healthcare Delivery srishti-software-applications Sundaram K.R. , VP Technology Provides patient centric integrated healthcare delivery platform that covers spectrum of patient care and healthcare provider’s requirements.
Sutherland Healthcare sutherland-healthcare Ranjit Pisharoty, Chief Operating & Delivery Officer Provides developed IT skills and analytical capabilities to help handle of wide variety of vital healthcare functions.
Zebra Technologies zebra-technologies Deep Agarwal , Regional Sales Director Offers a full suite of technologies designed for healthcare including wristband & label printers, scanners, mobile computers and software

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