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GAVS Technologies: Leveraging AI, ML and Predictive Analytics to Drive Digital Transformation

Balaji Uppili,Chief Customer Success Officer

Balaji Uppili

Chief Customer Success Officer

GAVS is a privately held IT services provider with focus on AI-led Managed Services and Digital Transformation. They concentrate their efforts on building solutions that not only meet today’s requirements but also help the customers be better prepared for the future. They have a global presence with an offshore development and support center in Chennai, India, and customer support teams in the US, UK, UAE, and Oman. They are also expanding to new cities like Bengaluru and Hyderabad in India.

In conversation with Balaji Uppili, Chief Customer Success Officer, GAVS Technologies

The global cloud computing market is growing tremendously, thanks to the exploding need for digital transformation. What is the kind of role that GAVS is playing in this exponentially growing market?
GAVS serves various industry verticals especially Healthcare, Banking & Financial Services, Manufacturing and Media & Publishing, in their digital trans-formation journey. We offer services and solutions aligned with technology trends to enable enterprises leverage futuristic technologies like DevOps, Smart Machines, Cloud, IoT, Predictive Analytics, Managed Infrastructure Services, and Security services.

A Digital Transformation Company or a solutions provider in a digital transformation space needs to have a solution that supports growth. At GAVS, we have the following solutions – Cloud Assessment and Consulting Services, Cloud Migration, and Zero Incident Framework (ZIF). If we talk about Cloud Assessment and Consulting services, it helps customers evaluate cloud as part of their IT delivery strategy, identify applications that can be migrated to the cloud, and assess the ideal target operating systems, processes, and technologies that are required for using the cloud. And for Cloud Migration, we have two broad solutions.

One is a cloud migration office which has 8 pillars. It controls a set of templates and frameworks to be able to migrate various types of workloads from on-premise to the cloud. Cloud migration is not always a technology driven initiative. It also includes cultural change, and our framework addresses that as well. The other solution is called zIrrus, a cloud orchestration platform,

which lets users discover their existing application capabilities to understand where they stand. It lets them migrate to the cloud of their choice, giving them the command.

It helps reduce time to market. Lastly, Zero Incident Framework (ZIF), which is our proprietary platform that can support and manage the workloads as well as solutions and business processes on the cloud. It can assure zero data loss and zero downtime during the migration. It is of utmost significance to be pro-active about IT operations especially in a hybrid environment. ZIF can monitor cloud components in real-time and identify the vulnerabilities and impending issues of an enterprise. The combination of our framework and tools dramatically reduces the time to move to the cloud.

Digital transformation has become the new normal. What is GAVS’ USP that differentiates the company from the rest of the competitors?
We aim to enable IT deliver high performing systems that support digital transformation within the enterprise. We have ZIF which is an AI-based TechOps plat-form that enables proactive detection and remediation of incidents helping organizations drive towards a Zero Incident Enterprise.

Our platform provides the ability to discover, monitor, predict and automate the operations in an enterprise. The traditional monitoring and event correlation tools are rule-based, dependent on underlying CMDB and contextual information of the enterprise. ZIF uses pattern-based event correlation with no dependency on CMDB making it a self-intelligent platform. It reduces overall IT costs and capital expenses, increases service availability by 99+%, and improves overall user experience. But most importantly, our broad USPs are that our platform is seamless, frictionless, and can be used by anybody.

Tell us about your portfolio of products and the technology framework that are involved.
GAVS is uniquely positioned to help organizations transform their business operating and technology models in the digital era. Our ability to leverage new age technologies has a deep impact on the way enterprises do business in a dynamic technology landscape. Our products serve the entire gamut of IT infrastructure technology and applications services, application development and integration, management and consulting services.

ZIF enables proactive detection and remediation of incidents helping organizations drive towards a Zero Incident Enterprise. Some business outcomes delivered by ZIF are minimum 60% reduction in capital expenses for enterprises investing in discovery or monitoring or automation or AIOps tools, at least 60% reduction in overall IT cost, by proactive incident reduction/elimination and remediation, real time discovery of assets and

relationships helps in faster resolution by 60%, in-creases service availability by 99+%, reduces MTTR on incidents by a minimum of 60%, and improves overall user experience.

zDesk is an AI-integrated, ‘all-inclusive’ VDI solution. There are no third-party vendors and/or software providers required. This alters how you are engaging with the VDI solution. It is a customizable platform. There is a zDesk flavor exclusively focused on the healthcare portfolio.

It is also the industry’s only in memory VDI solution – run on RAM for exceptional performance and user experience. zDesk ensures 40% increase in end-user productivity and cumulative year-on-year cost savings.
zIrrus, is our cloud orchestration platform, which lets users discover their existing application capabilities to understand where they stand. It lets them mi-grate to the cloud of their choice, giving them the command. It offers seamless migration with zero downtime and zero data loss.

Today, organizations are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks that are designed to cripple their business which has led to the adoption of Threat Management. How is GAVS ensuring customers withstand disruptive cyber incidents?
GAVS with its wide range of Cyber Security Solutions, helps clients manage risk and build an effective cyber defense. GAVS also leverages its global alliances with technology leaders in the areas of IAM, Endpoint Security, Cyber Defense, and so on. We adhere to some of the world's leading frameworks in addition to compliance requirements to ISO 27000 or HIPAA. We conduct VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) for our customers.

We have introduced DevSecOps, which is scanning and capturing potential vulnerabilities even before applications and services are rolled out. We have continuous adherence to newer frameworks like CARTA from Gartner. This is an integrated practice with our solutions and services that have helped our customers to be secured from threats and vulnerabilities. We have also been trying to bring in AI into our security services and have signed up with some partners that can help us get there.

What future have you conceived for GAVS in the years to come?
We want to be known as an AI organization. The objective is to bring AI into every field of operation – be it cyber security, cloud, app development, testing along with certain domains like healthcare, BFS, and manufacturing. We have partnered with IIT Madras and we wish to continuously push ourselves to deliver leading-edge solutions using AI. A company involved in AI, ML, Analytics, Automation, and being able to build IP to differentiate our technology and solutions is our future roadmap and vision.

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