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  • Shyam Mamidi, Chief of Products & Solutions and CEO ­AsiaPac

    Shyam Mamidi, Chief of Products & Solutions and CEO ­AsiaPac

  • Natsoft is positioning itself as the System Integrator amongst the ecosystem of solutions and partners we work with. Natsoft had moved to Cost Optimization and Revenue enhancement solutions ­ both being the most frequently discussed topics of almost every single company. We also worked to strengthen remote work solutions from the beginning of the pandemic and today leveraging our secured collaboration solutions to bring secured and optimal ways of working from home and anywhere to access clients' environments ­ a need of the hour. Natsoft believes that technology has been immensely helpful to contain what could have been a much larger impact vis-à-vis what the Spanish flu had caused. Natsoft built the IoT based sustainability solutions to work with companies

  • Natsoft Corporation: Designed By Clients, Programmed By Employees & Built By Passion

Answer to Your Pandemic Problems Lies in IT

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

The sudden acceleration of the IT industry during the pandemic was a blessing in disguise. As a result, today, anything and everything IT has a lucrative market. But don't be mistaken; the IT services organizations can't take it for granted. Making this mushrooming mark

The Invisible Risk to Supply Chain and Why It is a Top Security Priority

By: Shrikant Shitole, VP (India & SAARC), FireEye, Inc

The COVID-19 situation has again renewed focus on supply chain management. While India comprises a reliable supply-chain network (SCN) that is strongly connected through modern communication and technology, supply chain resilience will soon become the

10 Most Recommended IT Services Providers - 2021

Seamless compliance is the Need of the Hour to Avoid Penalization

By: Neelesh Kripalani, Chief Technology Officer, Clover Infotech

With an unprecedented number of people starting to work on a remote or work from model, the phishing and ransomware attacks were increased drastically across the globe; by 11 percent and six percent respectively in the yesteryear, and the instances of Misrepresentation increased by 15


Why Omnichannel Engagement Can be a Game-Changer for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

By: Harsha Solanki, Managing Director ­- India, Infobip

There are two facts that every market-er worth their salt today must know: (i) the modern customer has an in-creased affinity for the digital medium and (ii) they are more willing to experiment with different conventional and new-


Quantum Computing & AI for Financial Industry

By: Utpal Chakraborty, Head of AI, YES Bank & AI Researcher

The struggle for financial technologies to deal with humongous multidimensional complex data to be interpreted at real-time is still on, al-though we have been able to address it to some extent. A ray of hope with lots of promises glittering at distance is the Quantum Computers. Quant


Rule the Data Democracy with an Intelligent Marketing Suite

By: Raahul Seshadri, Director of Engineering, WebEngage

Herb Kelleher, the founder of Southwest Airlines, once said, "I tell my employees that we're in the service business, and it's incidental that we fly airplanes." Instead, he attributed the success of his business to exceptional customer service. Incidenta


Becoming Future-Ready by Mainstreaming the Right Technology Skills

By: Jayanta Banerjee, Group CIO, Tata Steel

One of the better outcomes of the pandemic has been the greater appreciation of the role of technology in our lives and how with the support of technology we managed to maintain some semblance of normalcy during the past 10 months. The compulsion to work from home pushed millions acro


Composability at the Core Drives Innovation at the Edge

By: Kuntal Shah, Director -­ Engineering, Avaya

Shifting consumer and employee values over the past year have created an impetus for organizations to change how they do business.According to The Life and Work Beyond 2020 study commissioned by Avaya, 71 percent of consumers claim that customer service problems now negatively impact

  • 10 Most Recommended IT Services Providers - 2021

    Over time, the thirst for technology has expanded, leading to the growth of demand for information technology and has made IT an integral part of any organization. The popularity of the cloud and the rising concern to automate business processes are key factors that drive the demand for IT. Accordingly, a latest report by the business research company indicates that the IT market is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 6.6 percent from $7850.57 billion in 2020 to $8370.95 billion in 2021. Given the fact that organizations globally are deploying remote-working and work-from-home modules, the market is estimated to reach $11866.34 billion in 2025, growing at a CAGR of nine percent. For years, IT services providers' expertise has helped run organizations efficiently by proving how software-as-a-service (SaaS) and other IT software solutions can save money by lowering costs, decreasing risk, and simplifying updates. This in turn has helped organizations to improve relationships with customers. However, covid-19 has pushed them beyond their limits, demanding specialized IT knowledge and execution capabilities to solve sophisticated business problems. These technologies and services account for assessing infrastructure needs, recommendation of technology and services, implementation of technology, training, consistent technological maintenance and support. Considering the existing pandemic driven scenario, CIO Insider has compiled a list of the '10 Most Recommended IT Services Providers - 2021'. The organizations incorporated in the list have demonstrated exceptional operational proficiency, improved client relationships, implemented integrated solutions, and contributed significantly to the success of many companies. A panel of professionals, comprising industry veterans and subject matter experts, CMOs, CEOs, analysts, and the CIO Insider editorial team, reviewed the following list (in alphabetical order).

10 Most Recommended IT Services Providers - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
3pillar Global 3pillar Global Scott Varho, SVP- Product Development Builds expertise around SaaS, iOS, Android, information services, security, .NET, QA & Testing, and mission critical applications
Clarion Technologies Clarion Technologies Ankur Agarwal, Co-Founder & CEO A service provider of content management systems, application maintenance, mobility, quality assurance, rich internet applications, software testing services, and information security
Confianz Globa Confianz Globa Anoop Menon, President & CEO Facilitates Odoo Implementation, mobile app development, web app development, and outsourced product development
Endive Software Endive Software Ajay Goyal, CEO Delivers services that include web responsive design, Search Engine Optimisation, and Testing & QA
GAVS Technologies: Leveraging AI, ML and Predictive Analytics to Drive Digital Transformation GAVS Technologies Balaji Uppili, Chief Customer Success Officer GAVS is focused on AI-led digital transformation services. GAVS’ IP led solution, Zero Incident Framework is an AIOps solution that enables organizations to trend towards a Zero Incident Enterprise
ideas2it Technologies ideas2it Technologies Murali Vivekanandan, Founder Provides services around mobile applications, chatbot, data science, internet of things, IIOT, blockchain, and machine learning
LRS Services: Setting New Benchmarks in IT Services Commitment LRS Services Rajeev Sharma, Founder An expert with Integrity as the cornerstone of its balanced services, delivers a blend of document-driven and metric-driven quality services with the flexibility to react, adapt and change
Magneto IT Solutions Magneto IT Solutions Ronak Meghani, Director Specializes in iOS 8 apps development, android apps development, word press, digital marketing, iPhone apps development, angularJS, and Laravel
Natsoft Corporation: Designed By Clients, Programmed By Employees & Built By Passion Natsoft Corporation Shyam Mamidi, Chief of Products & Solutions and CEO - AsiaPac A boutique technology company headquartered in the US with presence in India, Australia, and Singapore, offering IT Solutions, Services, Products and dedicated Business Process Management services
Qutrix Solution Qutrix Solution Vijay Koteeswaran, Founder & Director Provides product test automation, end-to-end testing, performance & benchmark, data center products, server platform, and IT services

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