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LRS Services: Setting New Benchmarks in IT Services Commitment

Rajeev Sharma,Founder

In addition to frontline COVID-Warriors from Healthcare realm and Police force, the industries like Banks and Telecom Operators have also been home to COVID-Warriors, who work without much respite to ensure the welfare of the common man. These industries, including healthcare, however, rely on a lot of hardware devices to run their operations and a malfunction in those devices could disrupt the daily life of people. Hence, the IT teams across the world who keep the operations of organizations to the lowest possible downtimes are also in fact COVID-warriors.

It’s no wonder organizations choose safer IT partners like LRS Services Pvt. Ltd., which ensures its IT services are made available round the clock and has an expert workforce that is ever prepared to rush to rescue. In the process, LRS ensures that quality services are delivered with sincerity and fairness even in the most difficult of situations, as it is a company built on unwavering integrity. Through CIO Insider, Rajeev Sharma, Founder, LRS, provides valuable insights into the company’s operations.

In conversation with Rajeev Sharma, Founder, LRS Services

What does the pandemic mean for LRS? How are you facing the current

The current situation has flipped the tables, where IT has become an essential service in terms of keeping the organizations and essential services running, wherein our company makes significant contributions. This has helped us grow significantly through-out the past year LRS is a company which has given appraisals in this year, our company who did not shred a single employee due to COVID. The pandemic was in fact a blessing in disguise for the IT industry, as a lot of industries sought our support for their variety of needs and this led to the multiple-fold growth of our company.

Eradesk is an easy-to-use cloud-based IT Helpdesk Management System along with an effective HRMS Tool which can be deployed across SMEs and largescale companies alike

What makes LRS’ intervention unique among other competitors?
Without a doubt, the use of hardware devices and IT facilities is critical for most firms in the segments like hospitals, banking, and telecommunications and any disruption in that aspect could have a significant impact on the overall functionality of such services and in turn the day to day life of people. As a result, our services, as well as our staff, are available around the clock to provide swift responses, ensuring not only that the operations run smoothly, but also that service quality is maintained. So we are responsible for companies that use technology as their backbone, where we ensure that the entire backbone functions properly, including all data

centre facilities and hardware specifications.

What are the services and solutions that you offer to your clients?
Our services primarily focus on the maintenance, system integration, IT distribution, DC migration, IT spare parts, outsourcing, corporate training and application development. Our flagship product Eradesk is an easy-to-use cloud-based IT Help-desk Management System along with an effective HRMS Tool which can be deployed across SMEs and large-scale companies alike. It also provides a range of self-services and automated functions to assist to prioritize and focus IT tickets efficiently, resolve issues faster, and ensure end-user satisfaction.

Could you enlighten us with a case study on how your services help clients improve their business operations?
The telecom services of Vodafone-Idea, which had data centers in Gujarat, were hampered by the pandemic situation, affecting the lives of millions of their users. Our employees worked round the clock tirelessly to help them run the data centers and ensure that the prepaid services run smoothly, as using cell phones is inevitable in the current situation.

What are the future investment areas that you are looking forward to? What’s LRS’ future roadmap?
Right from the start we have been planning to build more employment and we intend to do so regionally as well. We have currently distributed our services across more than 35 locations and we expect to have them take responsibility for adding at least five to ten employees per year to help expand the company's reach and overall growth. We believe that large organizations need more working hands. Also, we wish to Grow into a Multinational Company which is Global in Approach to Connect with each customer we On-Board.

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