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Greenifyi: Balancing Nature & Urban Life with Recyclable Buildings Super Fast Construction

Anish Chopra, Co-founder & CEO

Anish Chopra

Co-founder & CEO

As the world is moving towards addressing challenges concerning energy consumption and adopting smarter ways of living, smart and affordable Steel Buildings appear to be a significant contributor for the same. Building construction industry is increasingly adapting the recyclable steel technology, and at the same time these buildings can produce and consume energy at the same time. No effort against a sustained smart city initiative can succeed without tackling the energy consumption, connectivity, cost and time factors in buildings. The construction technology offered by Delhi NCR headquartered organization Greenifyi Technologies bolsters and optimizes resources & cost, provides you a functional building within 50 percent re to come. Greenifyi constructs smart buildings using recyclable steel that are environment friendly. Going with the notion of environment friendly construction, the company has replaced concrete buildings with Steel Building Construction Technology as a preferred choice across industries for a varied range of applications. The relatively nascent technology is finding its feet in India and its smart city initiative.

Recyclable Steel Buildings over Brick-Mortar Buildings
The rampant use of Reinforced Concrete Cement (RCC)and brickmortar

buildings has limited the construction industry to rigidly view and myth that these RCC and brickmortar structures are the best, whereas the reality is that huge time & financing cost is involved in it while the environment features are often neglected. Greenifyi with its transformational business expertise puts in dedicated efforts to build 'environment responsive' infrastructure that can easily integrate with the existing infrastructure while ensuring reduced productlife cost. Greenifyi offers a huge time and cost reduction in its steel constructions that in turn brings down the overall infrastructure cost, while acheiving a much better finishing of buildings. This primary concern is addressed in smart cities initiative and other sectors as well.

Greenifyi with its transformational business expertise puts in dedicated efforts to build ‘environment-Responsive’ infrastructure

Steel buildings are precursory to stimulate smart city that ushers epic triple possibilities of saving time,money and environment. Greenifyi with all these physical qualities of steel and innovation in construction and building, is prefabricating turnkey solutions without limiting designs and flexibility of clients requirements. The exact point of reducing the cost appears when recyclable steel is used for construction to provide super fast, light & super strong buildings with increased energy efficiency that can be again recycled without any loss of strength. Greenifyi provides the right price point for faster solution thereby reducing 20-25 percent of the overall cost of construction during the complete lifecycle of the building.

Another vital factor of smart building lies in integrating the existing infrastructure with newer steel buildings. Every IT com¬pany needs smarter solutions to construct smart offices and other infrastructures. In turn, several sectors using services of these IT companies integrate their IT infrastructure solutions seamlessly by using Greenifyi's building construction technology compared to concrete structures. The sustainability, integration and energy optimization, all are considered while designing these infrastructures on the principal of sustainability for the next 80-100 years.

Energy Responsive Infrastructure
Greenifyi’s unparalleled whole-life cost reduction technology significantly rises the pedestal of recycled steel buildings for inbudget, superior quality, and reduced construction time. These features significantly benefit all the city stakeholders and benefactors. The sustainability factor is raised by few degrees with increased balance of urbanization and environment compliant infrastructures where NetZero Buildings generate energy as much as they consume. These smart buildings are not 'offgrid'. Instead, they compensate for their energy consumption by creating an equal or greater amount of clean energy and feed that back into the grid. This feature is seeing a huge surge for its ease of being managed by businesses and is being increasingly opted as an option. Many companies are embracing this trend. Admittedly, sustainability certification is sometimes sought as a badge of good green behavior, but most companies choose green solutions for reasons other than attaining a transient image boost. Businesses understand the long term value of sustainable practices. Quite simply, green investment is good for the bottom line.

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