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Inspira Enterprise: Quality Excellence Models to Put the 'Smartness' in Diverse Businesses

Dhirendra Shrivastava,Vice President

Dhirendra Shrivastava

Vice President

Smart cities are starting to change and multiply their demands with respect to the network infrastructure by leveling up the amount of communication, connectivity, user interfaces, and data analytics required. Based out of Mumbai, Inspira Enterprise is playing the quarterback in the smart city arena with its Center of Excellence in networking, unified communication, cloud, IT security and healthcare solutions. Backed by leading international quality standards such as ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2008, ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 and ISO 27001:2013 (Security Operation Center (SOC) & SOC Services), the organization adopts distinctive quality excellence model for various verticals. Being a CMMI level 3 and ITIL certified company, Inspira serves customers across government institutes (central ministries and state departments), defense, agriculture, public sector under takings, banking financial services insurance, IT/ITeS,healthcare and enterprise domains.

Inspira believes that the futuristic innovative and disruptive technologies will positively impact on its clientele’s overall business. Having developed extensive smart city solutions stack with other Center of Excellence(s),the organization has partnered with Guardtime- World’s Leading Blockchain Company(By Headcount, Revenue and Customers) that offers Keyless Signatures Infrastructure(KSI), which is a data-centric security solution for Blockchain technology. The partnership has enhanced Inspira's capability to carry out more secure, transparent, efficient and resilient smart city implementation while offering security solutions through Guardtime’s KSI technology on the blockchain.

Because Network Infrastructure and Security is the Backbone of Smart City Developments
Robust network infrastructure is

essential to achieve IT outcomes and business efficiency. At Inspira, the managed network service and secured network services offerings include; Data Centre Transformation, Switches,Routers, Wireless Connections, Server Load and Link Load Balancers, SSL VPN/Universal Access Controllers, Application Acceleration, WAN – SDWAN, iWAN, Cloud-based WAN, IP address management, network automation and analytics. The associated maintenance provisions include API integration, network lifecycle management, task-based automation, and workflow-based automation, SDN readiness assessment, and business realignment in alliance with world-renowned OEMs.

Inspira believes that the futuristic innovative and disruptive technologies will positively impact on its clientele’s overall business

“Our networking solutions expertise has given us added advantage to set up an advanced Smart City operation center. We have partnered with world-renowned OEMs to offer networking devices that are compatible and scalable in advance technological environment”, exclaims Manoj Kanodia, CEO, Inspira Enterprise. Along the same lines, the organization extends its 24x7x365 days Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) for Network and Security monitoring that aids customers to keep their data and IT infra secured.

With the rapid growth in the usage of connected devices in smart city initiatives, businesses are inclined towards providing intelligent security and mobility solutions while seamlessly integrating IoT technologies. To keep up with this ongoing trend, Inspira has built intelligent solutions such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Red Light Violation Detection, Speed Detection, Adaptive Traffic Control Systems –Traffic lights, Pedestrian Signals, Smart Parking, Smart Lighting, and Smart Pole. More so, Inspira uses IoT technology in a Smart City environment for solid waste management to track vehicle real time, weight and volume sensors, route coverage, and ward assignment etc. As Cloud and SDN offering has been disrupting the present

market, Inspira has launched its Security Operations Center to enable Cloud Security and Managed Security Services. While adhering to industrial standard requirements, the organization has designed structured work flow based delivery model in order to warrant seamless delivery across its Centers of Excellence. Inspira has been guiding organizational business transformation journeys by rendering industry-focused Hyper-Automation and NextGen solutions. Incorporating Real-Time Data Analysis in its smart city concept, Inspira facilitates Visual Analytics, Video Analytics, GIS solutions. The products are built on robust platforms that exploit the best-of-breed Big Data technologies thereby enabling meaningful and useful insights that predict the outcome with higher accuracy.“Real-time access to Hadoop provides the data pipeline not only for structured data but also to handle data types that the average data warehouse environment doesn’t support” adds Manoj.

Being a service provider to a concept that is changing the face of cities, Inspira is carving a niche in the market with its products and services. The company leverages its partnership with reputed OEMs that are heavily investing in R&D rather than just the box selling. Looking forward to expanding its customer base across financial & government institutes and healthcare, Inspira proposes to significantly contribute to the smart city projects.

Smart City Core Solutions:
Design & Build Smart City Operation Centre -Video Wall, iBMS, Networks, Workstation and Desktop

City Wi-Fi, Networks, Data Security - Designs and offers Wi-Fi Solutions along with Controller

Cloud based DC and DR- Delivery of computing services over the internet, auto software update etc.

Traffic Management- Adaptive Traffic Control System (ATCS)– Traffic Lights, Pedestrian signals

Smart Elements - Public Address System, Environmental Sensors–flood sensors, emergency call box – SOS, variable messaging display, mobile apps, ERP and utility.

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