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HashedIn : Powers Digital Transformations with iSaaS

Himanshu Varshney ,CEO

The future is looking pretty bright for the Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery paradigm as more shops, both enterprise customers and SMBs, move beyond early experimental implementations and into more prolonged deployments of mission-critical applications. As the SaaS market gets more and more competitive with each year it becomes more challenging to get more people interested in any product. “In an Enterprise, I believe the major competition for SaaS is still the expensive, slow-moving, legacy incumbents. The SaaS advantages of low upfront investment and generally better customer experience is and will be the winning factor”, comments Himanshu Varshney, CEO, HashedIn Technologies.

Based out of Bangalore, HashedIn Technologies is a software development company that builds tech SaaS products with expertise in Analytics, Machine Learning & Integrations, built upon learnings and frameworks from a decadal experience of launching 110+ products so far.

While bringing in a solution-oriented approach and understanding the business nuances of clients, HashedIn, in a way, becomes the extended technology team for the client organization. This is in line with their belief to create impactful solutions for clients faster. In order to keep believing that, HashedIn has developed reusable modules, proprietary tools, and processes that help realize the client’s idea faster, giving them a competitive advantage. The company’s product portfolio includes MeetNotes and RDB tools. MeetNotes being a meeting assistant, while RDB tools optimize Redis (in-memory cache) consumption.

A Different Approach to Modernization

One of the main challenges for many enterprises today is to modernize existing software assets.

HashedIn’s modernization offering is focused on ‘Re-inventing’ existing software assets to make them more aligned to Digital Business needs. This is done by focusing on SaaSifying and Cloudifying the product, enhancing Agility through DevOps automation, transforming UI/UX and the complete rewrite of the application code by leveraging HashedIn’s RAPiD framework when required. The company also helps clients in Product Innovation. HashedIn’s Product Innovation offering enables customers to partner with HashedIn. Here, HashedIn brings in the value of Product design thinking, Agile delivery, Modern Software Engineering,
and DevOps best practices.These steps are coupled with a lot of experience in crafting Digital products for customers via an Agile squad as a service; to help conceptualize, launch and scale great products.

HashedIn brings in the value of Product Design Thinking, Agile Delivery, Modern Software Engineering, and DevOps best practices

Businesses also want to accelerate the realization of relevant business insights from their data sources, be it in traditional data sources or real-time data streams. HashedIn enables them to do so by smart extraction, transformation, analysis and visualization, all while leveraging expertise and strong IP developed in-house by Hashers.

The Four Goals to Build – Scale - Manage for Software Delivery

HashedIn believes in delivering a
product that satisfies the requirements
or aspirations of the customers. The Agile Product Development process is initiated with an aim to meet a list of 4 primary goals. The first is to put together an idea to a working prototype. Hashers focus on converting the product idea into a working prototype and comprehensive requirement
specifications. Next is about driving the MVP release early. The team collaborates with the customer and carves out the feature matrix for the most effective market release of the MVP and then develops using their RAPiD

framework to launch in the near 2-3 months. Following the MVP launch, HashedIn takes user and customer feedback to enhance the product for a GA release. In order to enhance the product for larger market penetration, HashedIn takes next steps that involve product scale and stability initiatives
as well as variants/ localization.

Unfamiliarity is not the Problem

Though unfamiliarity has haunted the SaaS models, Himanshu has a different perspective on the same. He says, “Unfamiliarity is easily solved. Talk about the big ones which have proven it - Netflix, Uber, Gmail, Amazon Prime i.e. because of the popularity of SaaS in our consumer lives, CIO's already understanding it. The bigger challenge is education and the way the transformation process is carried out. Now give a 3-5 step process that a business can use for Digital / SaaS transformation”. HashedIn invests a lot in building awareness about the Subscription model, and teaching customers about the benefits of the SaaS model by connecting the solutions to their current issues; like multi-tenancy for one application, modern UI/UX that are easy to use and intuitive, micro-service architecture for scalable and robust applications, cloud for automation, and data analytics for insights, etc. “Our main focus has always been to be a reliable technology partner for our clients to scale their business”, adds Himanshu.

Over the succeeding years, HashedIn has had strong partnerships with SalesForce, AWS and Redis Labs. Presently, HashedIn is one of the biggest contributors to Redis open source since its inception. Besides, the company is the only partner and competency center in terms of Consulting, Support and specialized Workshops from APAC for Redis Labs.
Moreover, HashedIn is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and is one of the few AWS Certified companies in India. HashedIn’s partnership with Salesforce has allowed the company to leverage the Heroku platform to create new olutions/platforms such as chatbots, analytics, and loyalty app in the software ecosystem.

While staying agile and nimble, HashedIn is focused on guaranteeing
business outcomes for their customers. In the years to come, HashedIn is will work towards and invest in developing
new technologies to make software
products more integrated, customer focused, analytics-driven, and AI led.

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Not Long before SaaS takes Over!