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Hodusoft: Enabling Business to Unleash the True Potential of Business Communication Systems

Bharat Lalcheta,    Co-Founder & CTO

Bharat Lalcheta

Co-Founder & CTO

There are a lot of internal and external factors that play a key role in the success of an organization. Although external factors are often seen as paramount, it is internal factors that play a significant role in efficiently handling external matters. One such aspect that can make or break an organization is ‘communication’. Today's dynamic business landscape requires an efficient internal communication system that enables ease of coordination between multiple departments within a company. This not only helps to efficiently resolve external challenges but also strengthens a team's relationship both internally and with other teams. As a result, unified communication solutions are in great demand in recent times. According to the research firm Marketsandmarkets, the global unified communication solutions market which stood at $76.7 billion in 2022 is expected to be worth $141.6 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 13 percent during the forecast period.

While there are a host of companies currently operating in the unified communications space in India, HODUSOFT stands out with its exquisite capabilities and profound knowledge of all aspects of the business. Based in Ahmedabad, HODUSOFT was founded in 2015 by Bharat Lalcheta, Kartik Khambhati, Maulik Shah, and Ruchir Brahmbhatt with a vision to transform the way people communicate through innovative, userfriendly and value-centric platforms.

In an exclusive interaction with CIO Insider, Bharat (Co-Founder & CTO) shares more information about HODUSOFT and the various aspects of its operations. Below are excerpts from the interview.

Tell us about HODUSOFT’s product portfolio, with emphasis on its flagship offerings.
As a specialist in VoIP, HODUSOFT mainly offers three solutions HoduCC, HoduPBX, and HoduBlast. Among these, HoduCC and HoduPBX are our flagship offerings.

HoduCC is a Contact Center Software that enables businesses to improve their customer engagement process by stream lining their customer interactions across various mediums such as Voice, Video, Chat, SMS,

WhatsApp, and Social Media. Some of the major advantages it offers to customers include omnichannel support, a user-friendly interface, intelligent call routing, real time monitoring & analytics, easy scalability, enhanced security & compliance, and easy integration with third-party applications.

HoduPBX & HoduCC enable businesses to improve their communication processes, enhance collaboration, & adapt to the evolving needs of modern workplaces & contact centers

What are some of the key factors of your company’s solutions that make them a notch higher than the rest of the products in the market?
With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, we started building our product portfolio around VoIP and unified communications technologies. We began developing our flagship products HoduPBX and HoduCC, to cater to the communication needs of businesses and contact centers, respectively. Both these products have been designed to offer advanced features, seamless integration, and cost-effective solutions that transform the way people communicate. Apart from this, HODUSOFT offers a robust multitenancy feature as part of its communication solutions. It allows businesses to serve multiple tenants or organizations on a single instance of the application, while keeping their data and configurations isolated and secure.

By offering these features and capabilities, both HoduPBX and HoduCC enable businesses to improve their communication processes, enhance collaboration, and adapt to the evolving needs of modern workplaces and contact centers.

Owing to our industry best practices and exquisite service offerings, we have also been recognized as the ‘No.1 Call & Contact Center Software' by Gartner’s Getapp as Category Leader based on customer reviews.

Briefly explain a case study depicting the efficiency of your company’s solutions
We provided UNICEF Afghanistan with HoduCC to address its organizational challenges. HoduCC offered auto and predictive dialers that auto mated the outbound calling process, optimized operations, and enhanced the process efficiency. Additionally, HoduCC’s IVR & Agent Survey Module automated the feedback and survey processes, thus reducing the turnaround time of feedback and survey collection by 23 percent and increasing the daily number of calls by 28 percent.

Additionally, our advanced reporting system provided customization, live agents, supervisor dashboards, and real time reports that increased agent efficiency by 18 percent. By integrating WebRTC softphone and call monitoring features, the software enhanced efficiency and reduced costs by 34 percent. Last but not least, recording inbound, outbound, and transferred calls improved quality assurance and increased satisfaction among mothers whose children were vaccinated.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for HODUSOFT?
Going forward, we will continue expanding our product portfolio by leveraging cutting-edge emerging technologies such as Cloud, AI, ML, and NLP, with special emphasis on data security and regulatory compliance. Additionally, we plan to make further investments to improve our customer satisfaction levels and develop more personalized solutions for niche verticals such as healthcare, education, and finance.

Also, we aspire to foray into international geographies and strengthen our stakeholder network by participating in international events, forming strategic partnerships, and offering localized product versions. Further more, keeping in mind the recent remote work and hybrid work models, we will focus on improving and expanding features that facilitate communication & collaboration for distributed teams.

Bharat Lalcheta, Co-Founder & CTO
Bharat, who holds an MCA degree from Sardar Patel University, has amassed an impressive career of over two decades in the Telecom industry. He began his journey working with traditional Telecom switches & Billing and has since transitioned to specialize in VoIP and WebRTC technologies. Throughout his professional tenure, Bharat has held significant roles at SAI INFOSYSTEM India and Ecosmob Technologies before co-founding HODUSOFT in 2016.

Bharat's responsibilities across these esteemed organizations have provided him with valuable expertise and insights. He has successfully delivered turnkey solutions to numerous Government, PSU, and enterprise clients, solidifying his wide-ranging experience in Telecom industry solutions.

With this extensive background, Bharat is able to leverage his knowledge and understanding to develop a highly successful product portfolio for HODUSOFT. His comprehensive expertise in Telecom industry solutions enables him to create tailored and innovative offerings to meet the evolving needs of the market and ensure customer satisfaction.

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