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Ideassion Technology Solutions: Empowering Businesses with Innovative Technology Solutions

   Imthyaz Sheriff C, CEO,   Karthik Gunasekar, CTO

Imthyaz Sheriff C, CEO

Karthik Gunasekar, CTO

Set up with the vision to deliver an effective process of integrating digital technologies and bridging the gap between customers' expectations and business delivery, Ideassion Technology Solutions is a reputable company that brings innovative and customized technology solutions to businesses across various industries. With a deep understanding of industry-specific challenges and requirements, Ideassion enables customer success in the digital arena and aims to build long-term partnerships with its clients. The company's team of skilled professionals combines industry knowledge, technical expertise, and creativity to deliver solutions that align with clients' objectives and drive business growth. Overall, Ideassion Technology Solutions stands out for its commitment to providing tailored, customer-centric technology solutions that empower businesses to thrive in today's competitive landscape. Let’s dive into this interaction to know more about Ideassion Technology Solutions.

Can you provide a brief overview of Ideassion Technology Solutions' journey in the IT services field?
Ideassion Technology Solutions is a rising technology company that specializes in providing software development, digital transformation, and IT consulting services. We are dedicated to facilitating an exceptional digital transformation experience for our clients, revolutionizing the way their businesses operate and propel their success. Initially starting with a team of three individuals and guided by the motto 'Ideas driven by Passion,' the company swiftly expanded to over 140+ employees within four years. This growth was achieved by actively monitoring the ever-changing technological landscape and customer requirements, while also creating tailored and seamless customer experiences. Ideassion fosters a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning, empowering their employees to embrace change and explore novel concepts. By utilizing agile methodologies and forming cross-functional teams, the company ensures rapid decision-making and accelerates the implementation of digital initiatives.

Can you provide information about your primary products and the technological foundation incorporated in them?
Our primary products are constructed on a robust and adaptable technological foundation focusing on Industry 4.0, Governance Risk Compliance, Human Capital Management, and Digital Adoption. They encompass customized software development, seamless integration with mainframe ERP systems, cloud enablement, asset management, and maintenance capabilities, financial reconciliation solutions, and modern retail solutions. Our technological foundation framework encompasses a broad spectrum of cutting-edge tech from IoT/ IIoT, AI/ML, and Enterprise tech which empowers businesses across various industries to achieve digital transformation, streamline operations, improve customer experiences, and foster growth. We place emphasis on scalability, security, and flexibility in our solutions, ensuring alignment with customer needs and enabling them to stay ahead in today's digital landscape.

Our in-house skill management platform ‘Talent Search’ helps us achieve synergy between market needs & internal team preparedness

How do you enhance customer experience?
Ideassion has collaborated with clients across a wide range of industries, such as finance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and education. With a thorough comprehension of the domain-related challenges and specific requirements of each customer, we provide customized solutions. Our primary focus is on customer success and establishing enduring partnerships with our clients. Throughout the project lifecycle, we foster close collaboration with organizations, ensuring transparent communication, regular updates, and prompt support. Rather than merely being a service or solutions provider, we actively work as a technology partner to our customers. Ideassion's customer-centric approach enables us to deliver solutions that enable our clients' strategic growth.

How is the team constructed and what methods do they employ to extract valuable insights from the market in order to help the company thrive amidst its competitors?
Developing a robust digital transformation team necessitates meticulous planning and consideration. Our in-house skill management platform ‘Talent Search’ helps us achieve synergy between market needs and internal

team preparedness.

Research: Our initial step in building the right team involves comprehending customer needs, preferences, existing pain points, and target market. We conduct immersive surveys and interviews with customer teams, analyze the gathered data, and identify opportunities while keeping a close eye on competitors and evaluating their strategies to identify areas where we can gain a competitive edge. Formation of a Diverse Team: We have a team comprising individuals with diverse skill sets and expertise. Their domain knowledge enables us to provide a more comprehensive solution. Collaboration: We foster a collaborative environment where team members from various disciplines share ideas, collaborate, and work together towards common goals. Encouraging cross-functional communication helps break down silos and ensures that insights from different areas of the business are taken into account. Clear Objectives and Roles: We establish clear objectives for the digital transformation initiative and identify the specific roles and responsibilities required within the team.

This includes roles such as project manager, architect, data analyst, business analyst, and UX designer, among others. Additionally, team members are equipped to adapt and reskill themselves to work across roles when necessary. Awareness of Market Trends: Our team is encouraged to continuously monitor market trends, emerging technologies, and industry best practices. This is achieved through ongoing market research, participation in industry conferences and events, following relevant publications and thought leaders, and leveraging professional networks. Collaboration with External Partners: We embrace the involvement of external partners, such as consultants and industry experts, to gain additional perspectives and expertise. Collaborating with external partners grants us access to specialized knowledge, expedites the digital transformation process, and brings fresh insights from different industries.

What is the projected future path for Ideassion Technology Solutions? What are its goals for the next five years?
Ideassion Technology Solutions aims to be recognized as one of the top 50 industry leaders offering Digital transformation solutions. Our plan is to expand our team's presence in the USA, EMENA, and Australia, with a specific target of having a workforce of over 1000+ people. To achieve this, Ideassion is focusing on several key areas, including human capital development, product advancement, stream lining business processes, establishing strategic partnerships, and making investments in other companies.

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