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Info-Kin Solutions: Helping Companies Streamline Processes with Efficient Solutions

 Kintan Gandhi,  Managing Director

Kintan Gandhi

Managing Director

A software driven solution enhance capacity of data handling functionalities of any business and aids in the automation of various processes empowering organizations with a unified pace to accelerate ahead. By adapting to such technology driven solutions, companies can position itself for better decision making, smarter operations, and more profitable outputs.

Info-Kin Solutions is one such software company that provides customised software solutions specific to your business to simplify your business operations. One of the top 10 DMS solutions providers in 2022, Info-Kin Solutions is an Ahmedabad-based Software Consulting, Development & Application Company that mainly focuses on generating one-stop futuristic IT solutions to suit the client’s requirements.

In an exclusive interview with the CIO Insider Magazine, Kintan Gandhi (MD) at Info-Kin Solutions talks about the his company’s offerings and its journey to success.

In conversation with Kintan Gandhi, Managing Director, Info-Kin Solutions.

Tell us about the inception story of InfoKin Solutions and the benchmarks it has set in the industry so far.
Info-Kin Solutions, founded in 2010, was just a dream until I got rejection from MNC due to my low percentile in 12th Grade. That rejection forced me to set out my own destiny in the field of IT. MNC rejecting me merely on my 12th grades, it felt terrible. However, it worked out to be the best turning point of my career.

I set out to prove my worth in the Software industry space by deriving smart, innovative yet simplified solutions for the complex business

operations. Today Info-Kin Solutions stands strong because of our customer centric products. We are a team of professionals and experts who are dedicated to provide multiple services to various domains such as Education, Automobile, Banks NBFC, Financial Institutions, AMCs, Share Broker, Loan Companies, Micro Finance, CKYC/KRA/DMS, Pharma, Hospitals Government Tendering & many more.

We believe ininnovations that take businesses forward and higher. We derive result -oriented outputs that reflect on the charts

So apparently, that one rejection worked like a foundation stone for my journey toward entrepreneurship. On my way up, I ensured to build a strong team while fine tuning my capabilities. Our product solutions & services have worked wonders for businesses and positively impacted multiple organizations.

What is the expertise of Info-Kin Solutions? How does it work in the system?
Info-Kin Solutions holds its expertise in simplifying all sorts of data. We lay our proficiency in CKYC/KRA Processing, Document Management Systems, Bulk Scanning, Data Entry-related projects, OMR-based Result Processing, and Online/Offline Exams. This complex data scrutinization aids the said domains to perform better each day further in overall businesses and gradually turn them into a profit making organizations. Our solutions are directed towards enhancing efficiency and performance at work, hence giving our clients the best ROI (Return on Investment). Info-Kin Solutions & its team takes pride in under taking various prestigious projects nationwide.

What are the major factors you take into consideration when catering to various sectors while keeping up with the changes in the market?
We offer to cater OPERATIONAL SIMPLICITY in the most innovative and process driven manner. And that is what we all have been looking for getting out of the complexities, isn’t it! Our ultimate goal is to provide result oriented solutions that will notch up the profit

charts irrespective of the market trends. The team of Info-Kin Solutions is determined to derive head turning core results for our prestigious clients. There are no shortcuts involved in our process, it's pure hard work and diligence that let us climb the rock. We ensure to involve ourselves in studying the client’s current work process and setup. Our team works algorithmically to identify the optimal solution that would ease the process and at the same time make it most effective. That consistency in providing a more refined and precise solution to our clients makes us a leading choice resulting in higher client retention ration.

What are the services provided by the company? What kind of solutions do you provide?
We have a vast and varied services and product portfolio at the display. To name a few we have OMR Sheet Printing, Scanning and Reading service, Financial Account Opening Services For KYC, Central KYC Records Registry (CKYC) and KYC Registration Agencies (KRA) Management System, National Automated Clearing House (NACH) Data Scanning Software, School GR Digitization, Results Processing System, Tempered Proof Solution For NSDL & CDSL, Data Management System (DMS), Roadways LR/POD Scanning System, Turnkey Data Scanning & Entry Services.

We offer customized software solutions as our services to any organization that needs to simplify complex data in a much smarter, precise, and logical manner. Info-Kin Solutions offers a Data inception solution that is capable of undertaking data of any language or quantity. It takes care of the required validation and assists operators in order to effortlessly improvise efficiency and accuracy. Our Bulk Scanning Digitization service empowers organizations in handling large collections of data. The OMR Printing, Scanning & Reading service is highly scalable from client to client.

What are the future plans of Info-Kin Solutions? How does it plan to execute them?
Info-Kin Solutions and its team stand by our motto of keeping the complexities out of processes and bringing simplicity back to businesses. Our futuristic plans revolve around being consistent in catering our services while evolving in our customized innovations. We are aspired to be the next big thing.

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