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  • Sunil N. Vadgama,    Sales Director

    Sunil N. Vadgama, Sales Director

  • FIFA World Cup ’22 was one of the best examples of how data was converted into information and information into actionable insight. One of the enablers to make ‘informed’ decisions was sensor enabled footballs that were used during the matches. With 12+ dedicated cameras to track the ball movement and close to 28+ data points for each player, 50 times per second, to calculate their exact position on the field, served as a great supporting tool for video match officials and on-field referees to call out ‘Offside’ for the players during the game. With the right amount of data-points collected and analyzed real-time; it reduced the need for lengthy replays to establish whether a player was offside. Sample datasets for similar nature were then fed into the AI system to prepare what the football industry now knows - SAOT (Semi-automated Offside Technology).

  • MicroStrategy: Growth Isn't Sustainable Without Democratization Of Information Within The Enterprise & It Needs To Be Complemented With Seamless Information Consumption

Company Spotlight

Granuler: Ensuring Effective Technological Transformations

By: Ravi Kajaria Founder & Digital Transformation Leader

Marketing & Experience Are Still Kings

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

Indian eyewear e+retailer, was one of the early entrants into the commercial AR space, introducing ‘3D Try On’, a feature that shows you what a frame looks like on your face. Besides the obvious benefits of the tech advantage for both B & C, something that worked

The Rise of the InsurTech Ecosystem for Frictionless Consumer Journey

By: Saurabh Tiwar, Chief Technology Officer,

Insurance has traditionally functioned through various offline channels. However, it has now evolved to a great extent and the technological innovation is taking it to

Spotlight Edition - Jan-Feb Special - 2023

Tata Communications IoT Lighting up Smart Cities & more in India

By: Praveen Arora, VP - IoT, Tata Communications

From connected streetlights to traffic control and parking meters, the Internet of Things (IoT) powers smart cities, promising safer, greener, and more efficient urban living and working


Rule the Data Democracy with an Intelligent Marketing Suite

By: Raahul Seshadri, Director - Engineering, WebEngage

Herb Kelleher, the founder of Southwest Airlines, once said, “I tell my employees that we're in the service business, and it's incidental that we fly cybersecurity". Instead, he attributed the success


Intelligent Automation

By: Sudhir Kanvinde, Chief Information Officer, The Supreme Industries

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence are established technologies. They have individually proven to be revolutionizing, finding application in almost every business domain. Robotic Process Automation


Quantum Computing & AI Revolutionizing Cryptography & Security

By: Utpal Chakraborty, Chief Digital Officer, Allied Digital Services

While the next big computer race is already underway, some of the biggest technology companies, including Google, Microsoft, IBM,


CIEM: The New Age Security Solution for Cloud Computing

By: Arun Kumar, Senior Architect, CES, Brillio

Currently, many enterprises are on a journey to adopt a multi-cloud environment in their IT landscape. To ensure robust cybersecurity during this transition, organizations are taking differenty


Digital Ecosystem Build

By: Srivaths Varadharajan, Global Fintech & Digitech Evangelist

Digital experience defines the need for engagement with 360 degree approach cutting across all interfaces.Usually business with traditional mindsets go with offline journey

  • Spotlight Edition - Jan-Feb Special - 2023

    Transformation of Industries through Digital Transformation

    Industrial Voyage

    Looking back to four or five decades, we can realize the tremendous change that swept the industries today,as some of the giant organizations, who are ruling over the corporate world today, are hardly two or three decades old. In these last twenty years and so industries have witnessed many trends but major trends steering the industries towards unmatched height are, developing growth of startup ecosystems composed by SMEs and amalgamation of worldwide oligopolies. These trends are gaining ground and spreading swiftly because of technology that paves the way toward digital transformation. Owing to the evolutions happening across the technology and business space, today industries are more advanced and working around adaptation to change and aiming for wholesome growth of organizations which is welcoming prosperity to the doorstep of the country.

    COVID: A Challenge or an Opportunity

    Though the pandemic has posed a disruptive period for almost every industry, in advertently it has unbarred a plethora of opportunities for growth of the industries. And bouncing back, industries have speeded-up the adoption of digital technologies, sustainability and change management as their new asset for potential growth. As a result of this digital revolution there are many companies thriving in industry segments like Creative Advertising Agency, Intelligent Transportation System Solutions, Digital Marketing, Interior Design, Logistics, General Contracting & Trading, Cloud Services, Sustainable Development, Technology Solutions, Database Management, Learning Management System Software, including others, who have been on the endeavors of growth providing the market with their innovative products, solutions and services.

    Acknowledging their dexterity in business across significant sectors, in this issue of CIO Insider magazine brings you a ‘Spotlight Edition - Jan-Feb Special - 2023’ list featuring a few companies which were selected by comprehensive examination by industry CEOs, VCs, CXOs and CIO Insider editorial board. We truly expect these organizations to meet your needs and we assure you that the list is prepared as we recognize the valuable contributions of the industries in the ever- expanding and competitive market.

Spotlight Edition - Jan-Feb Special - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
MicroStrategy: Growth Isn't Sustainable Without Democratization Of Information Within The Enterprise & It Needs To Be Complemented With Seamless Information Consumption MicroStrategy Sunil N. Vadgama, Sales Director Traditionally, Indian business users have kept increasing their demands from IT teams, especially when it comes to enterprise revenue generation.
Granuler: Ensuring Effective Technological Transformations Granuler Ravi Kajaria, Founder & Digital Transformation Leader Granuler encourages the use of technology for effortless workflow and also assists leaders to build a future proof IT roadmap for their company.
Datawise: Unlocking the Growth Potential of Business through Data Datawise Ranco Chakravarti, CEO our products is the result of deep-rooted research followed by an understanding of ground realities. It is this belief system that has enabled us to develop several products and services in the last few years
Info-Kin Solutions: Helping Companies Streamline Processes with Efficient Solutions Info Kin Solutions Kintan Gandhi, Managing Director We believe in innovations that take businesses forward and higher. We derive result-oriented outputs that reflect on the charts
Niraltek Solutions: A Reliable Partner for the Development of Full Stack IoT & Dot Net Solutions Niraltek Solutions Durai Murugan, Founder IoT product engineering phase, Niraltek transforms design and development by making it productive, efficient, and intelligent while emphasizing product quality by utilizing advanced hardware, cloud, and IT services.

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