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Niraltek Solutions: A Reliable Partner for the Development of Full Stack IoT & Dot Net Solutions

   Durai Murugan,     Founder

The Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining prominence worldwide owing to its ability to connect devices and transfer data seamlessly while enabling better device-to-device communication. It is not just allowing enterprises to enhance operational efficiency, but also reduce downtime and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

One company that is spear heading the IoT revolution by offering robust IoT-enabled products, solutions, and services is Niraltek Solutions. Niraltek provides IoT consulting, design, prototyping, and development. It also offers product development and integration solutions to small and medium businesses and corporations across the world to help them innovate faster. Apart from IoT products and solutions, the company also offers dot net development and e-Commerce development.

In an interview with CIO Insider Magazine, Durai Murugan, Founder, and Amal Raj, Head of IoT, Niraltek Solutions, share their insights on the companys value proposition and how they are contributing toward a connected future.

How have you established yourself in the IoT market?
Durai Murugan: Niraltek Solutions, a Start-up was founded by three people who have 20+ years of experience in the IT field. We truly understand the value of IoT and the impact it's going to make in the next 20 Years. We have highly talented resources in all the areas of IoT development to serve the customer with 100 percent satisfaction. We always align with the latest technologies and thus we provide IoT development merged with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence whenever it is required. We never compromise on quality neither the hardware design nor the software development. Our ultimate goal is to make our customer vision into reality.

At Niraltek, we firmly believe no one solution fits all. This is why our solutions are tailored to customer specific business needs. Backed by an experienced team of product engineers and domain experts, we deliver innovative, reliable, and scalable solutions that perfectly align with your strategic objectives. Our solutions enable you to drive digital transformation initiatives into a future ready state by delivering robust controls, connectivity, and performance.

Could you elaborate on Niraltek's Value propositions?
Durai Murugan: At this time, IOT faces many challenges since it is in the Beginner Era. Hence customers find

many difficulties in choosing the right solution beginning from choosing the IoT Board to Cloud Integration.

Since we already set up our expertise in the IoT Market we help customers to choose the right solutions. I guess there are our value propositions established in regard to service sectors of IoT and IIOT Industries.

Another factor that influences our value proposition is our unique niche product IoT Device Management which is going to hit the market very soon.
As an expert IoT Products and Solutions company, we understand that product development is a challenge that requires a different approach. Our proven processes, experienced teams, and industry orientation give us the extra edge to consistently keep up with the evolving requirements of new product development.

In the IoT product engineering phase, Niraltek transforms design and development by making it productive efficientand intelligent while emphasizing product quality by utilizing advanced hardware, cloud, and IT services. Our IIOT-OEE analytics drive the digital transformation of industries. Our IIoT backed OEE solutions help automate data collection, analysis, and reporting to reduce manual efforts and operational expenses.

Our RFID-enabled Smart Parking Management Solution provides insights into vehicle identification, payment calculation, free-slot deduction, and more. Furthermore, our solution allows you to optimize your parking management processes while eliminating human error.

With an IoT-based inventory solution, manufacturers can look at their business holistically, track realtime data on goods, and identify bottlenecks early on. With RFID and IoT solutions, companies can reduce operational costs and better track warehouse inventory.

Can you please highlight some of the key products and services you offer?
Amal Raj: As IoT grows, the number of connected devices will expand exponentially. And the next major challenge is to manage the devices. We already found a solution and created a unique product called DevsBot, an IoT Device Management Solution.

It has the leverage of hosting it on your own server. You are able to add n number of devices and can monitor and control remotely. You can update the firmware through the Over the Air feature if your device supports it.

We offer a multi-vendor platform to enhance and develop e-Commerce capabilities. Enabled with cross selling, upselling, and drop shipping capabilities, our customizable multi vendor solution allows you to receive orders, invoice clients, notify shipping and upgrade inventory all in a well optimized process, saving human effort and costs.

Our RFID-powered IIoT 4.0 machinery management solution helps to achieve more control over your machinery and equipment, eliminating the need for

human effort. Get realtime metrics by auditing from IoT devices to optimize the reliability, availability, and usability of your assets.

Our integrated facility management solutions help to streamline and optimize all facility operations. Stay competitive by embracing our IoT-enabled facility management solutions to delegate human tasks, maintain assets, increase the productivity of the workforce and enhance customer experience.

Amal Raj, Head of IoT

What are the major aspects that set you apart from the competition?
Amal Raj: According to me, in regard to the IoT Market we should not think of anyone as a competitor rather the IoT ecosystem requires many providers to work together for better products outcome. We can say our development methodology will be the major aspect. We guide our prospects in the right direction to make their dream into reality.

The team at Niraltek is a diverse group of knowledgeable and passionate individuals with years of experience in software development, product engineering and management, and solid project management abilities. Our staff is young and energetic and we have one clear objective to secure a prominent position in the rapidly digitizing world of the future.

Our unique approach is another aspect that gives us a competitive edge. In the development process, a proper framework is adopted that guides the software development process from requirement gathering to delivery, launch, and support.

What is the roadmap for Niraltek solutions in the future, and what advancements can we anticipate in the IoT space?
Amal Raj: Our vision is to be part of the future digital world by delivering smart products and services to make human life convenient.

In the next five years, we are working toward becoming the top ten IIoT Service Providers in India. We also want to be a complete product developing company. So we are expecting to roll out a few revolutionary products in the next two years.

IoT space has just started and it opens a huge market in every sector. The device along with the data plays a major role in improving production in some sectors, devices along with the controls will be helpful in safety aspects, and devices along with AI will be helpful in energy consumption. I can say the use cases are infinite and they cannot be predicted now. Like everyone, we are also keen on the features of IoT.

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