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InfoVision Labs: A One-Stop-Shop Digital Transformation Solutions Provider

Vinay Barigidad,Managing Director

Vinay Barigidad

Managing Director

The software industry now matters more than ever before. Only those organizations that can predict the emerging business trends and meet the changing needs of their customers quickly and accurately, can survive. The users will settle for no less than an impactful Software Experience, and that's exactly what InfoVision Lab (IVL) is known for. IVL believes in the power of possibilities of the human mind and is inspired by nature – the way it adapts to the changes around it and thrives. A team of 850+ people operating across Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai and expanding fast, the company supports and facilitates every touch point of digital journey for organizations.

Digital Transformation being one of its core service offerings, IVL has developed the capabilities around everything from UX Strategy, UI Design & Development to Responsive Solutions, Cloud based enterprise and consumer application development (mobile & web) across AWS, Azure and Google Cloud platforms, and Handling product engineering – from an idea to Production. Furthermore, it also has a strong foothold in emerging technologies in the areas of AR/VR, AI, ML, Robotics, Embedded & IoT, and Robotics – to develop enhanced and immersive solutions for the digital world. We recently got to talking with the company’s Managing Director, Vinay Barigidad.

In conversation with Vinay Barigidad, Managing Director, IVL

Industries today are largely driven by the customer experience, thanks to the digital realm. Where is IVL positioned in the current digital transformation landscape in terms of providing the complete advantage of ‘digital’ to organizations?
IVL has been a witness to legacy transformation projects, implementing transformations using varied technologies ranging from (but, not limited to) – Java to .Net Core; AWS to Azure and MongoDB; MySQL to Cassandra and Oracle; iOS, Android, and

many more. The SDLC processes have evolved over the time and we are adapting to the constant change. We have built process expertise around Agile Scrum and SAFe Agile to run and deliver large programs in a globally distributed development model.

Our expertise with the emerging technologies, adoption of agile processes, experience of completing large digital transformation projects with global customers, investments into innovation lab & research, constant endeavor to solve the business problems using the emerging tech, and being a flat and nimble organization, give our customers a huge advantage in their ‘digital’ journey.

What is the challenge that IVL solves for its customers? For most of the organizations, especially the SMEs and startups, there is no scope for a goaround/redo of digital transformation. How do you make sure that you get it right the first time itself?
We believe, almost every business problem can be solved using technology. IVL understands that there is no magic wand to success, but to work relentlessly to understand the customer’s business and their challenges in their market. Our engineers are challenged every day to research about the customer’s business & their domain and be a part of their business rather than developing technology solutions in silos. It’s in our blood that IVL works as a close partner of the customers, focuses on their business outcomes, and celebrates their successes, be it a startup or a large enterprise.

IVL works with large enterprises as well as startups – from idea to implementation

The repeat customers and the references are a testament to our abilities to understand complex business problems and deliver compelling technology solutions. IVL understands that ‘get it right the first time’ is the need of the hour. The knowledge management processes, Agile SDLC processes, training, innovation lab, research, very regular demos to the customers, daily standup meetings and good leadership have resulted in IVL getting closer to the ‘get it right the first time’ goal.

Tell us about your Solutions. On a technology standpoint, how robust, advanced, and secure are they?
IVL works with large enterprises as well

as startups – from idea to implementation. We also work with product development companies as their engineering arm. The experience of working with large enterprises has taught us to develop technology solutions to be scalable, high performing and secure, while our startup projects give us an edge to constantly learn about emerging technologies and develop the expertise to deliver robust solutions for their clients. IVL has developed various frameworks as part of the Global Validation Services spanning across security testing, automation, and performance. The teams are very well exposed to OWASP and security vulnerabilities management. Our strong, experts-driven code review process further ensures that our solutions are robust and meet the production needs of multifarious businesses.

Could you tell us about one of your most challenging deployment stories?
During the initial days of IVL, during a large enterprise project, the environment consisted of application servers, web servers, and database servers. After much effort, we created a pretty good checklist encrusting each environment; however, it had a loophole. If a developer missed mentioning the database or a code object that needed to be pushed into production, the deployment would fail.

We took upon this challenge to bring in automation at each step of the release management. The process of bringing in this automation took a few months, overcoming many challenges, fixing the processes in general, and improving the overall CI/CD process in particular. Today, the release process runs like a well-oiled engine.

What is the future roadmap set for IVL?
We, at IVL, are investing in building capabilities across emerging technologies ranging from (and not limited to) AR/VR/MR, IoT, Blockchain, Industrial UX, DevOps, Telecom, Computer Vision, NLP and Data Science. IVL’s roadmap will see us specially focusing on a few domains, including Telecom, Banking & Finance, Retail, Healthcare and Manufacturing, where we would be developing frameworks, collaborating with businesses to demonstrate technology capabilities for improving the enterprise systems, broaden our UX Services, strengthen our Validation Services, and work towards becoming the most preferred digital transformation partner. We believe we will be the invisible innovators for our clients’ end users, who use the new applications, products, and solutions built and delivered by our engineers.

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