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Norden: Tackling Challenges With Intelligent Innovations

Sajan S,    Global Vice President, Research & Development

Sajan S

Global Vice President, Research & Development

Being in the market for over two decades, Norden is one of its kind manufacturer and supplier of ELV and Optical Solutions of all kinds that have been tried and tested. Norden caters to a wide spectrum of environments such as telecommunications, buildings, utilities, Health Care, Hospitality, Banking, Education, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Marine, Sea & Airports and Government. Their offerings include Surveillance Systems, Access Control Systems, Public Addressing Systems, Power Solutions and Passive solutions for all of these segments. Norden strives to emerge as the name synonymous with quality, performance and excellence. “We all know that technology changes within a snap and customers gradually cope. As a brand, we must keep in touch with the market requirement. If a product results in beneficial innovation, it can easily fill the gaps in the market of the concerned field. Norden has been doing it since the very beginning, and I think that has helped us to observe and stick with the customer’s changing behaviour”, says Sajan S, Global Vice President, Research & Development, Norden.

"We intend to focus on better solutions that are at the forefront of business and touch people’s lives by making them accessible to the evolving technology"

Below are the extracts of an exclusive interview of Sajan with CIO Insider.

Can you tell us what makes various major industries opt for Norden Communication's solutions?
As mentioned, Norden is a one-stop solution for all the ELV needs of any enterprise. Irrespective of the business verticals, everyone needs CCTV, Public Address Systems, Access Control Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, UPS, Emergency Signboards and the passive solutions. The connectivity can be of copper or fibre. It could either be a basic copper 2 wire connectivity to category 5, 6, 7 or 8 cables or a fibre 2 core drop cable to 288 core. All these are available under a single roof, ensuring that the customer enjoys hassle-free support and deliveries from one manufacturer.

Customers choose Norden as their preferred brand solely for such reasons. We assure the timely delivery of the correct quantity of our high quality products to our customers with our highly dedicated team. The aspiration to touch many lives by making systems easily manageable makes our company unique on its own.

We assure the timely delivery of the correct quantity of our high-quality products to our customers with our highly dedicated team

Can you explain the company's involvement with innovative technologies? How can you ensure that your clients' business problems are addressed with the finest solutions possible?
The new era is all about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT and Robotics. After understanding the technical paradigm shift, Norden launched its Smart Solutions division five years ago. A dedicated team is working on solutions that incorporate these technologies. Instead of modifying the core technology, Norden focuses on improving the customer experience with smart and intelligent feedback generated from the core technology through solutions such as CCTV or Access Control as the backbone. This assists the management in optimizing the process, resulting in a faster ROI for the customers.

For instance, security guards are appointed at the gate of a gated community or a corporate building merely to record vehicle entry and exit. Our ANPR/LPR technology, when integrated with a boom barrier, can perform total automation, lowering the manpower utilisation by 30 percent. They would receive their technology investment within 6-9 months, resulting in significant savings for the customer. Thus, we intend to focus on better solutions that are at the forefront of business and touch people’s lives by making them accessible to the evolving technology. The variety of security systems available aid in time and energy saving, thus resulting in a rise in the productivity of our client’s business. The attendance recorded by access control systems and security checks performed by cameras alters the business's traction. With the AI-based FRS solution, we are now developing a system that will be a game-changer in attendance monitoring. This solution will provide hassle-free traffic and far deep insight into the behaviour patterns that impact work.

How do you understand dynamic client behaviour while keeping up with an ever changing market?
We deeply observe our customer’s behaviour and employ transparency in our work to build trust among them. We keep in touch with our customers constantly, by regularly updating them with technologies and newly launched products of our company. Customers gradually cope with the swift changes in technology, and we always strive to keep ourselves updated with the market requirements. Norden Communication has adapted this policy since the very beginning, and that is how we observe and stick to the customers’changing behaviour.

Can you tell us about a recent challenging case study that reflects the success of the company’s solutions deployed to draw positive outcomes?
The word 'challenging' is tricky. If you aim at the complexity of the solution, yes, being in the enterprise segment, all projects are pretty large and have a very long period of execution. In that case, the fluctuations in the market during these periods are a big challenge for all projects. From prices to the supply chain to finally manpower for execution, everything was a challenge, especially during the pandemic season. But we could overcome all this meticulous planning with our vendorslogistics partners, engineering team and customers. Crucial projects such as Mecca City, Varanasi Smart City, and Da Lat City Vietnam, to name a few, have given excellent outcomes in terms of services.

Can you give us a glimpse of the Norden Communication plan for the future and how it will be executed?
With the help of technology, Norden communication persistently focuses on making our service accessible to everyone. Security systems are an absolute necessity in today’s world and to get them installed by non-experts is a very challenging task. To increase accessibility, our engineers have designed solutions that come with an easy plug and play feature, not requiring much technical assistance.

A classic example of the same is our recently released Smart Box integrated with ANPR technology. The new ANPR Smart Box can be easily connected to the already existing IP surveillance systems and helps reduce the total cost of ownership. This massive step can easily create an enormous difference for the needs of tomorrow, where a small business can easily have access to the ANPR systems with our device along with safely connected networks. We try to impact people’s lives more effectively by understanding and providing today’s purpose and the need. Norden Communication strives to promote sustainability and believes in doing things rather than just saying.

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Norden: Tackling Challenges With Intelligent Innovations