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Ingram Micro Cloud: Enabling Infinite Possibilities via a Singular Platform

Harish Laddha,Executive Director- Cloud BU & Sales

Harish Laddha

Executive Director- Cloud BU & Sales

When Cloud computing first arrived in the market,the initial set of consumers were attracted by cost savings as the most significant benefit. But as the industry matures and cloud offerings become more diverse, organizations seek to leverage added benefits such as simplified IT management, scalable IT infrastructure, enhanced collaboration and productivity etc. How ever, not every Cloud enabler can lead businesses to true digital transformation.The real potential of cloud can only be realized when organizations take a holistic view of their IT infrastructure. The move to the Cloud can seem daunting to organizations embarking on their digital transformation journey. That’s where Ingram Micro comes in – helping partners and customers leverage the infinite possibilities of Cloud.

Headquartered in Irvine, CA with offices in India across major cities, Ingram Micro has established itself as a key player within the ecosystem of technology solution providers, resellers and retail partners by delivering customized and highly targeted applications. Ranked number 62 in the 2015 Fortune 500, Ingram Micro serves over 200,000 customers worldwide, offering products from over 1400 technology solution providers.

The Indian subsidiary of Ingram Micro is

the leading IT distributor with a nationwide presence and market share of over 35 percent. With experience of over two decades in technology distribution, Ingram Micro India’ has established it self as the leading solution aggregator of IT Hardware, consumer accessories, enterprise Software, Cloud Applications, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Ecommerce and Logistics solutions as well as Technology Consulting Services.

"Over the past few years Ingram Micro has invested in building a state-of - theart platform backed by a comprehensive cloud solution portfolio"

Expertise in Cloud Enablement
Over the past few years Ingram Micro has invested in building a state-of-the-art platform backed by a comprehensive cloud solution portfolio, which gives its partners and customers access to the ecosystem of cloud with minimal investment. The fully automated platform helps partners and customers provision, manage, invoice and support cloud services through one single control panel,thus substantially reducing the complexity around deploying multi-vendor cloud solutions. Harish Laddha – Executive Director Cloud BU and Sales, says “In addition, Ingram Micro also helps partners focus their efforts on engaging customers and driving business volumes and profitability, while taking care of the heavy lifting associated withmigration,
integration, deployment and support.”

A direct result of Ingram Micro’s acquisitions and investment in the Cloud business is the Cloudblue platform - a powerful Cloud commerce engine, that drives Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace,as well as more than 200 of the world's largest cloud marketplaces in over 45 countries with more than 27 million enterprise cloud subscriptions under management. The infinite ecosystem of cloud that Ingram

Micro provides empowers businesses to easily adapt to industry changes while monetizing any servicein a subscription model, automating end to-end operations and reducing time-to-market.

Ingram Micro offers POC credits to customers which prove beneficial to them as they can test their applications before fully migrating their workloads to cloud. The technology solutions aggregator has built strong capabilities to consult, assess, architect,manage and migrate cloud solutions. They work with partners and engage with customers in order to provide them with multiple options in terms of solutions, by giving them access to a wide range of cloud vendors both on the IaaS and SaaS side of the business, as well as offering different modes for technology delivery. Trained technical consultants help customers choose the right cloud adoption model, be it lift and shift, refactor or re-architect, thereby preventing customers from making expensive mistakes in their cloud adoption journey.

Ingram Micro is focused on achieving customer satisfaction through innovation in the Information Technology supply chain. With the cloud industry in India poised for explosive growth, Ingram Micro is well positioned to continue being the IT provider of choice for partners and customers alike. Ingram Micro strongly believes that cloud is integral to all businesses and technologies of the future. Regardless of whether you are in Manufacturing, Finance, Logistics or any industry,and whether you want to use BigData, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, AR/VR or any new cutting-edge technology, cloud is the most efficient way of delivering technical innovation to your business. And Ingram MicroCloud is the right partner to help your business Realize the Promise of Technology.

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