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Novatium: Harness the Power of Technology for a Digital India and Educational to All

Ritesh Kant,CEO & MD

Ritesh Kant


Cloud Computing has gone from an obscure service to becoming an integral part of the internet ecosystem. Executives are not looking at the cloud solely as an infrastructure tool anymore, but are now exploring optimal ways to use cloud technology in order to strategize their business goals. Cloud computing has become a de facto platform for fueling digital transformations.

After being an innovator in using cloud technology for its clients in early 2011, Novatium, headquartered in Chennai, stands at the pinnacle of building managed computing solutions tailored towards India’s digital development. Novatium provides cloud based device management, mobility, education and content delivery solutions. Novatium works with a number of State Governments to deploy efficient managed computing solutions on Tablets, Laptops, Desktop PCs and Mobiles. Novatium is the largest deployed such solution in the government sectors in the country.

Novatium is a management and consulting partner for its clients. “We work majorly with large customers on large deployments at scale, and most of our sales and solutions cycles are consultative. That enables us to work with clients and client stakeholders in understanding what their needs are and how best can these be addressed”, says Ritesh Kant, CEO, Novatium.

Management of IT Infrastructure Cost-Effectively
Novatium stands at the pinnacle of building managed computing tailored towards the digital development of India in a cost-effective manner. Both Novatium products - MCaaS (Management control as a service) and Edugrid (an education dissemination

platform) is enabled with cost and operational efficiency virtues of the cloud. Novatium’s products leverage existing infrastructure investments. For instance, Novatium’s educational platform can run on old desktops & laptops at schools under low or no connectivity conditions. The company engineers its solutions in such a manner that end users can use the product depending on the bandwidth condition as well as on device capabilities.

"Novatium stands at the pinnacle of building managed computing tailored towards the digital development of India in a cost effective manner"

For its device management solutions portfolio, Novatium provides access to applications, manages and deliver applications, as per individual users’ requirements. These requirements might be role based or on the explicit profile of a user. The solution can also analyze and anticipate users’ needs, recommend applications and hence increase user productivity.

Technology Improvisation for Education dissemination
Novatium believes improved education is a direct factor to economic progress, and Novatium’s Edugrid solution is a great equalizer in providing education dissemination at scale, using digital technologies.

Most of the deployments of education solutions in schools are for school management solutions. Its decade-long experience in deploying cloud-based education solutions for various government initiatives spurred the creation of Novatium’s Edugrid solution. Edugrid is a comprehensive fusion of technology and services to transform historically chalk and talk institutions into the best digital versions of themselves. It is designed to bring transformational digital learning experiences to educational institutions, and at scale. While the solution automates and promotes efficiency in school operations, it does not compromise with the learning process and the learners (in these case students). Novatium’s Edugrid solution focuses on influencing learning outcomes in a contextual manner. Through this, the company brings stakeholders together (parents, teachers, students, content providers) as significant parties to the learning process.

Technology leverage for a digital India
The company has the largest deployments, by numbers and scale, of device management solutions in the government sector. Novatium influences the implementation of digital outcomes, working with the government departments. For instance, Novatium is a device management partner for the implementation of Aadhar based biometric access solutions in government schools. This project was implemented for a state government, policies, privileges and device management upgrades were pushed over the air, including for regions with erratic bandwidth conditions. When it was noted that the devices were probably being used for non education related purposes, access policies and privileges were managed and modified, device usage was ring fenced on GPS coordinates and the usage was managed and brought to keel.

Novatium’s device management solutions leverage a hybrid architecture; with server deployments at the state data centre and a management piece at the cloud.

Security of Data
On server side, Novatium leverages the inherent security capabilities of the cloud infrastructure provider/ vendor. Data is encrypted at transit and, at rest. Novatium leverages end user behavior and usage data for analytics and intelligence. However, the data is anonymized and privacy is protected. Admin functionality is highly restricted, and is only given to authorized users at the customer’s end. Furthermore, the end user’s usage data and other data is stored in a secured container and synced to the server based on a pre determined or intelligent sync interval. Novatium remotely purge data in containers that reduces any chances of pilferage. Novatium’s device management solutions keep personal data and enterprise or office data separate and secure.

Novatium is a harbinger in leveraging the cloud computing phenomenon in its products and services such as device management, management control as a service, and an education solution framework in the form of its Edugrid solution. With global presence in South East Asia, Africa, and other developing markets, the company looks to expand in enterprise and education spaces.

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Novatium: Harness the Power of Technology for a Digital India and Education to All